Monday, September 18, 2017

More and more money is coming into my life

Day 80 in the Manifest 10k journey and more and more money is coming into my life in awesome and unexpected ways.

I love living like I'm on vacation- we did it again this past weekend by getting out early to the skatepark and then heading to the local music and art fest. It was another awesome day for my family.

So many more days are spent like this. I'm getting great sleep. I'm working out early in the morning and getting stronger every day. I'm eating delicious food. I'm having so much fun.

I love the mentality that I'm bringing to work as a result; I'm happy to dig in and complete tasks and not to take it personally if things don't go my way- because it's often not personal. The relaxation that I'm bringing to work then spreads out into my organization and projects and they're just naturally successful.

When I act  like the woman who's on a life long vacation, the universe responds and it's amazing.

More money, coming from more places, in more ways. It's always awesome.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New School Year!

Two kiddos are going back to school today- I'm so glad for them and the prospect of a new year! We love getting up early and having so much time to relax before heading to school. It allows us to get into the car or on the bus in a relaxed state and kick off the day ready to learn.

Setting up the day for my kids like that allows me to continue living like we're on vacation! We have so much time, we are able to make informed decisions, and with a life like that, amazing opportunities present themselves to us. We have so many wonderful things in our lives- people love to give us assistance, gifts, and help. We love it.

Since we're relaxed when we start our day, we can be relaxed throughout the day. I love getting to work and scripting (like I am now!) I'm able to flow through the day and give our students the kind of collegiate experience they deserve! People want to support our department and they want to support our students.

I love being relaxed, I love paying in cash, I love having time. I love saving. I love having the flexibility to work when I need to and relax when I need to. New year. On track. Always on vacation.