Scripting- my morning routine.

I love waking up early in the morning and heading to the gym. It helps me get in a solid morning routine and then come home and have a load of down time before I start my day- it's like a minivacation in the morning! I get to use my muscle roller, watch the news, drink coffee and check my feeds. Love how relaxing it is!

After I sufficiently roll out my muscles I get up for a shower and get going for the day- since I have our house on auto pilot, the Hue lights are already on upstairs and the kids wake themselves and get dressed- it's the BEST. We get downstairs and have so much time to get them ready for the day- breakfast, school lunches, and even some time to relax before I get them where they need to be.

Because I've given myself time to relax in the morning I get to live like I'm on vacation.

I love my mornings- and feeling like I'm living that vacation life. It helps me feel wealthy and is some evidence of living a life of space, freedom and relaxation. It also helps me go to bed early- I make better health choices going to bed early since it's important to me to get up and get moving. I really, really love that part of my life.