Day 45 of the Manifest 10k course with Cassie Parks was exactly what I needed. I spent the weekend living like my future self- my life is a vacation. We went to the pool two days in a row, played tennis in the morning, went on a walk, really enjoyed our leisure time! My oldest son and I kept saying like it felt like we were away- but we were mostly just one town over from our house.

I had a sinking feeling all weekend though. And no coach to ask (I paid for 10k with $100 up front and that does not include the coaching...which I manifested later...more to come). And today the day 45 lesson is....forgive yourself for your past money sins. This manifesting stuff works because this was exactly what asked the universe for- to address that feeling. I needed help. I'm normal.

I have a load of debt. It's because I paid for stuff, some we needed, some we didn't, with credit. I also stress shop and it goes back to the feeling about money the my old self dealt with- not enough, hoarding, feeling greedy, etc. Most times I didn't have the money and I love fancy things so I would buy something expensive because I deserved it!! I would rationalize that buying it with a card with points was a deal!!

I forgive myself my future self for my old self's money challenges. The new me handles things differently: I...

1. invest in things with cash.
2. level up by looking for opportunities where we can get a reduced or free price.
3. invest what we need on a sale and in person.
4. deposit money monthly into savings so when larger expenses come up, I have money to draw from.

I am smart with my investment.

I appreciate the chance to see my journey and know that I'm on a track to be abundant and wealthy!

I choose to create a life that enjoys space. Enjoys being generous. I enjoy being relaxed with money.