Living as if.

I'm getting clear on what I want. I want freedom, flexibility, relaxation, abundance.

I have been working getting clear for a few months and looking inward. The best piece of advice that I've found is from a Money Manifestor, Cassie Parks, and it's telling her clients to not only get clear on what we really want, but then forget the how and live as if.

I want my life to feel like it's a vacation
...all the time. People on vacation wear different things. They act differently. They take walks for treats in the middle of the day- or any time. That lifestyle is what I want. I want to enjoy what I'm eating (calories don't count on vacation!!) I want to invest in a little souvenir here and there that reminds me of this trip.

I'm so thankful to have so much of this in my life already- supervisors who see my vision and let me execute it, a supportive family, kind people in my life who appreciate what I do.

I'd love to work with you to help you see all of the good in your life too. Come find me on social media- and let's find out more about you. We can start with a text or phone call to see if what I'm able to do is right for you.