Getting clear on what I want!

This week's assignment in the Manifest 10k course is to live as if, put something into our lives that our future self would have. Last week was to come up with our super hero name. 

I've been living at the beach by wearing my beach clothes- loose, comfortable, islandy. I've been living as my super hero manifestor Expert Exeriencer- I CONSTANTLY find opportunities that my family and I get to enjoy for free. Meals, vacations, discounts, freebies, I love it all.  

I've been working too hard to figure out the how of my super hero name- trying to get clear on what it is and what I want. Through journaling and meditating on it- I had an epiphany! It's been another level of getting clear- what I'm able to to currently vs. what my future self is. I was putting off this assignment because I'm currently only able manifest coffee and lunch. What a limiting belief!! Those things are awesome and expensive- but I also do it so much more. 

So right now, my super hero power is a Creative Culinary Manifestor but I'm becoming my future self and I'm the Astonishing Abundance Architect! I see opportunities in my life all over and I'm able to build the life that I love. I love the freedom and flexibility of my life! I build money and experiences that are AMAZING- and most of these just plop right in my lap! It's so fun!