Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shrunken Head!

I have never really taken astrology too seriously- always sort of looked at them in a pedestrian sort if way. A lot of horoscopes could apply to 80% of the population- we pick and choose what fits, right?

I've often read them and gotten some hindsight info and facepalmed- but some of that stuff could be just coincidental, right?

So I've been following along recently and I'm going to take a yes-man horoscope approach. Go out with friends? snuggle with your sweetie? My horoscope rules 2013. Jupiter is in Cancer until next year so it's supposed to be my best 'luck' year since 2002. Aside from pop-pop croaking, things fell into place for me in 2001-02. It was a good year!

I kicked off the year with winning Phillies tickets on twitter. EVERYTHING'S COMING UP CANCER!!