Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can I get an amen!

I'm reading Choose Yourself! Right now. James Altucher's quick and dirty guide to doing what really matters in life: yourself. Before anyone jumps all over me- yes! Husbands matter. Babies matter. Parents and siblings matter. But I can't be in a good relationship with any of my homies unless someone takes care of me. And who better to do it? Hence all the writing. 

I'm trying to do just one thing all the time. Write a quick page on the old blog. Send a card. Practice the Uke. Do a puzzle with the babies. Rub the husbands back each time I pass him. Fifteen minutes of yoga after the babies are in bed. Etc. I don't want to bore yous...All of this somehow makes me feel better and let's face the real reason I'm doing this all: to Internet shop less. Seriously, it's a problem.

Lauren's wedding is this week and the festivities began today- TKurp went out with TT and his crew to the links. Todd hasn't teed up since his tween days. I've gotten a few texts here and there and he sounds exhausted but I think he's actually enjoying being out doing all the athletic things. He's been playing squash at lunch- I KNOW he enjoys that. 

And as for me- I'm enjoying the indoor oasis of my living room while these two soak up some Zzzzzs. 


Royboy = baby Dos. 

Momnesia is a real thing folks. It's the reason why we have more babies after all. 

It's happened more times than I'd like to admit. I forgot (and then remembered) about swaddling, sussshing to soothe, how much 12+/- months babies do gymnastics during nursing, and so many other things that I can't remember ;-) enough to write about...

Poor RoJo has had diarrhea all week after Maks had it last week. The poos in toddlers is bad because they don't know how to verbalize what's happening to them and we often end up with accidents. "My belly is rumbling" could mean any number of things, for example. 

Long digression to say that I forgot what we used to do about diaper changing shenanigans. I can't speak for what baby girls do but boys cup they hand, cover up, NWH say grab. they. junk. And it's been so bad this week with the messy dipes. We're trying to stop poop-face from happening, for goodness sake! I've wanted to just put RB in a tub every poop but his rash was so bad (diarrhea + maybe a pineapple allergy?!) that a bath seemed to hurt him more. 

Then today- a toy! A toy was the answer!! They can't grab their business if their hands are busy! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Use your words!

We have been working overtime to get Maksim to use his words to tell us what he wants. Verbalizing needs makes life so much easier. He's been regressing recently because Royal is starting to communicate with grunts and finger pointing and Maks thinks it's HI-LARIOUS! 

I noticed the pattern after some time and now we're telling both children to use their words. RoJo gives us the side-eye and grunts louder as if to say, "Sure Hold on while I get right on that..." Maks usually complies. 

Knowing what people want is nice. I can only respond to requests I'm aware of. 

Guessing is hard.

I need to take my own advice. :-D