Monday, April 1, 2013

Treat Yo Self.

Last day of Easter Break and I got to go into work to run a credit check for student athletes. It's been a weird day. Royal is sleep crawling so we rearranged the bedroom as best as we could to get the pack and play up and running for him. It's bitter sweet for a few reasons- 1. I like to snuggle him. 2. If he's not in my bed that means the likely return of my period. That's right girls- sleeping next to your baby (in some!) keeps thier hormones migling with yours. I didn't get my lady bits back with Maks until 14 month post and tomorrow is 13 months post with Royboy. I bought some OPTs to see if I can  catch the first egg.

We're nuts. We're living like GDs Sweedes up in here with four people to our one bedroom and we're thinking about nugget # three.

It all stems from going to a funeral last week- family of four boys- one was killed in a motorcycle accident. I'm pretty broken up about it- he was the boyfriend of a former player of mine- she was also my assistant for two years. Really fuggin tragic. I was in line waiting to pay my respects and thinking about what I was going to say- one of the versions was going to be about I just wish my boys have what they have- but I scrapped that for obvious reasons. I bumbled my way through the line and ordered the tests on the blue route back to work. Here's to being nucking futs.

Roy just woke up. MWK and Roy were  sleeping soundly for about an hour- I stopped at Dunkin for a turbo hot as a treat. And I got to drink it in silence.

Even after half of a bag of Cadbury mini eggs yesterday (boy are they good) it was the best treat of the weekend. Silence and coffee.