Thursday, February 14, 2013

succulents are really in now.

...say both Jackie and Uncle Mark!

I want to write about something but I just got nothing. Since we went away last week the papers that need grading have stacking up, plenty of emails have stacked up and I've suggested to my boss that I take one more work- "I have this great idea about a compliance blog!!!" "I LOVE IT- let me know when the first one is posted!"

I'm having fun at least.

Stomach flu tore through the family this week. I really had a moment during it all evaluating which end to aim at the toilet. For a minute I thought if I had to continue emptying the rear tank, it would be better to spew in the sink and keep my tookus parked on the loo.

I've been pretty happy recently- as result, extra chatty and therefore, extra butty-innie when I'm having a conversation with someone. It's my way of demonstrating my enthusiasm- think JoJo the idiot circus clown. I've been trying to remember that most people like to talk too so interrupting cow, although funny at first...doesn't usually get a chance to jump over the moon.

I'm nearly fully rehydrated after my complete and total fluid loss this week but my lips are chapped. I could really go for an aloe vera plant up in this B. Where's the plant kiosk in Springfield Mall when you need one?