Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lady on a mission!

Last month I was really hating on my travel coffee mug. I got it at a beanery in Hersey and I really like it but my coffee was tasting plasticy. I like my coffee not to taste plasticy. I was in Starbucks, as I often am on my way back from dropping off my little homies and mentioned it.

I explained my plastic problem to the man and he told me they were running a special for January. He said, "Here, this is a good mug." Me, "How much?" Him, "$30." Me, "WHAT!? There's GOOOOOOLD in there right?" Him, "No, but the coffee is free for all of January."

Me, "Challenge accepted."

I'm playing a fun game with myself with math and coffee. It'll take me 14.49 cups of coffee to break even, every cup after that is free. Technically, since I'm only supposed to get one cup each day, I'd be limited to only 15 free cups or $31 in free coffee but I'm going to really work this here. I like games. And coffee. As the days and coffee opportunities tick on, I'm going to try and keep track.

1/1- didn't go past a 'bucks, thus, no coffee.
-9am, Media, $30 cup of coffee!! It was the best $30 cup of coffee I've ever had- but it was a little bitter and highly acidic. I was thankful to have water with be because I was getting dehydrated as I drank.
-11am, Media, $15 cup of coffee ($30/2 cups so far) Opted for the blonde roast. Didn't needthis but since I missed 1/1, I had to make up for it. I HAD TO.
1/3- 10am, Foulk Rd, Safeway. Wasn't brewed yet, had to wait for it. Also, it looks like they don't grind their beans right before they brew it- but this is unconfirmed. I ordered the Christmas blend, bought some fabric sheets and greeting cards while I waited and went to work. It wasn't very good- tasted more like the blonde from 1/2.

Looking forward to $10 cup tomorrow!

The cards I got from the store were for sympathy and my anniversary. I couldn't believe I found a card with wood work in it. Five year anniversary is Saturday- the wood anny! Score! The others were for word pals- A work buddy's pup and my assistant's stepbrother both passed. Sympathy cards are fucking bogus. Pardon my french but yea. I know that everyone grieves differently but they were all mopey, wallowy, and almost morbid. Even the pet one. "I know you couldn't possibly smile in this time of sorrow...because you are lost without them,..." They all had really negative undertones.

I opted for the thinking of you section instead of the sympathy. They were cute, light and although hinted at hardship, both made me smile. Take a look next time your in the card store. Just bad. What do I know anyway, right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year!

New Years 2013 resolutions:

1. Wear more lipstick. My eye has been CAUGHT by all of the red lip hues I've been seeing around. Two are on the way from my favorite cosmetic/skin care joint, Lush.

2. Read more substantive stuffs. After I nurse Royboy to sleep every night I browse facebooks, twitter and reddit all night until it's time for bed. I need to be reading better stuff. Sure, I enjoy all of the cats the internetz has to offer but I can either produce substance or consume substance. The aforementioned sites don't allow me to do much of either.

3. Save dinero. Operation get ready to move into bigger surroundings with the hopes of expanding the family. Again. Get yer popcorn ready :-D We got a great deal on a refi so the only people to blame are us if we can't do this. I've been really irresponsible with shopping recently to this one it two-fold. Consume less. Stop it with the internets buying. Amazon is TOO easy but contributes to having less money. Just because it's a deal, doesn't mean I need it. I save 100% of the money I don't spend. I need to do that more. More, I tell you.

Last night we threw a toddler house party after we got back from the 6pm Phila fireworks. Pizzas and desserts from Seasons and glow sticks and noise makers from the Dollar Tree. Maks made it to 930. Royal to 9. They had a BLAST. Overnight poor Roseph had the croup- thanks to internet spending we have essential oils on hand so I cooked up a homemade croup humidifier fix- tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus makes for a fresh-smelling room. And today- Maksi has a case of the cabin fever. Even though we got out last night he was still strapped into his seat for the duration- my homie needs to run around uninterrupted.

I'm going back to work after a LONG vacation- I've been home since 12/20- it's been wonderful. What I'm not looking forward to is the smell of my car. My sunroof is leaking so it STANNNNNKS up in there. What I am looking forward to is working out- the work day allows me to build it in. Being home all day hasn't. I also wasn't really motivated so there's that.

I'm excited to see Todd taking interest in food- he's gearing up for the 20 in 24 in July so he's reading some ultramarathon books. They talk a TON about nutrition. This is exciting for me.

Roy has awoken from his nap. We need to get these birds out to run.