Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shrunken Head!

I have never really taken astrology too seriously- always sort of looked at them in a pedestrian sort if way. A lot of horoscopes could apply to 80% of the population- we pick and choose what fits, right?

I've often read them and gotten some hindsight info and facepalmed- but some of that stuff could be just coincidental, right?

So I've been following along recently and I'm going to take a yes-man horoscope approach. Go out with friends? snuggle with your sweetie? My horoscope rules 2013. Jupiter is in Cancer until next year so it's supposed to be my best 'luck' year since 2002. Aside from pop-pop croaking, things fell into place for me in 2001-02. It was a good year!

I kicked off the year with winning Phillies tickets on twitter. EVERYTHING'S COMING UP CANCER!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Can I get an amen!

I'm reading Choose Yourself! Right now. James Altucher's quick and dirty guide to doing what really matters in life: yourself. Before anyone jumps all over me- yes! Husbands matter. Babies matter. Parents and siblings matter. But I can't be in a good relationship with any of my homies unless someone takes care of me. And who better to do it? Hence all the writing. 

I'm trying to do just one thing all the time. Write a quick page on the old blog. Send a card. Practice the Uke. Do a puzzle with the babies. Rub the husbands back each time I pass him. Fifteen minutes of yoga after the babies are in bed. Etc. I don't want to bore yous...All of this somehow makes me feel better and let's face the real reason I'm doing this all: to Internet shop less. Seriously, it's a problem.

Lauren's wedding is this week and the festivities began today- TKurp went out with TT and his crew to the links. Todd hasn't teed up since his tween days. I've gotten a few texts here and there and he sounds exhausted but I think he's actually enjoying being out doing all the athletic things. He's been playing squash at lunch- I KNOW he enjoys that. 

And as for me- I'm enjoying the indoor oasis of my living room while these two soak up some Zzzzzs. 


Royboy = baby Dos. 

Momnesia is a real thing folks. It's the reason why we have more babies after all. 

It's happened more times than I'd like to admit. I forgot (and then remembered) about swaddling, sussshing to soothe, how much 12+/- months babies do gymnastics during nursing, and so many other things that I can't remember ;-) enough to write about...

Poor RoJo has had diarrhea all week after Maks had it last week. The poos in toddlers is bad because they don't know how to verbalize what's happening to them and we often end up with accidents. "My belly is rumbling" could mean any number of things, for example. 

Long digression to say that I forgot what we used to do about diaper changing shenanigans. I can't speak for what baby girls do but boys cup they hand, cover up, NWH say grab. they. junk. And it's been so bad this week with the messy dipes. We're trying to stop poop-face from happening, for goodness sake! I've wanted to just put RB in a tub every poop but his rash was so bad (diarrhea + maybe a pineapple allergy?!) that a bath seemed to hurt him more. 

Then today- a toy! A toy was the answer!! They can't grab their business if their hands are busy! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Use your words!

We have been working overtime to get Maksim to use his words to tell us what he wants. Verbalizing needs makes life so much easier. He's been regressing recently because Royal is starting to communicate with grunts and finger pointing and Maks thinks it's HI-LARIOUS! 

I noticed the pattern after some time and now we're telling both children to use their words. RoJo gives us the side-eye and grunts louder as if to say, "Sure Hold on while I get right on that..." Maks usually complies. 

Knowing what people want is nice. I can only respond to requests I'm aware of. 

Guessing is hard.

I need to take my own advice. :-D

Monday, April 1, 2013

Treat Yo Self.

Last day of Easter Break and I got to go into work to run a credit check for student athletes. It's been a weird day. Royal is sleep crawling so we rearranged the bedroom as best as we could to get the pack and play up and running for him. It's bitter sweet for a few reasons- 1. I like to snuggle him. 2. If he's not in my bed that means the likely return of my period. That's right girls- sleeping next to your baby (in some!) keeps thier hormones migling with yours. I didn't get my lady bits back with Maks until 14 month post and tomorrow is 13 months post with Royboy. I bought some OPTs to see if I can  catch the first egg.

We're nuts. We're living like GDs Sweedes up in here with four people to our one bedroom and we're thinking about nugget # three.

It all stems from going to a funeral last week- family of four boys- one was killed in a motorcycle accident. I'm pretty broken up about it- he was the boyfriend of a former player of mine- she was also my assistant for two years. Really fuggin tragic. I was in line waiting to pay my respects and thinking about what I was going to say- one of the versions was going to be about I just wish my boys have what they have- but I scrapped that for obvious reasons. I bumbled my way through the line and ordered the tests on the blue route back to work. Here's to being nucking futs.

Roy just woke up. MWK and Roy were  sleeping soundly for about an hour- I stopped at Dunkin for a turbo hot as a treat. And I got to drink it in silence.

Even after half of a bag of Cadbury mini eggs yesterday (boy are they good) it was the best treat of the weekend. Silence and coffee. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Pouch Jello Bars

My sister made BANGIN' chocolate chip cookie bars for her favors last week at her wedding. Brides out there- go with the favor that's food. Always. Unless you're Oprah and can give every guest his or her own engraved iPad, I think it should be food or drink. But what do I know?

When I came across her favors, I was starving. My MOH duties were done and I had a sleeping baby in my arms. Dinner was underway, my entire table was in line for the delicious buffet. For the record Dad, I thought the beef was better.

So, Royboy was deeply snoozing. I scarfed down this treat. It was the equivalent of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

They were awesome, so I was disappointed I only got to have one. Subsequently I've been day-dreaming about them all week.

Also a problem all week? Mercury has been in retrograde. While transferring five years worth of pictures onto an external hard drive, I accidentally deleted seven years worth of documents from my computer. I sent wrongs dates to my field hockey team not once, but THREE times. I also didn't finalize my grocery order and got a load of stuff I did't intend because I didn't pay close enough attention to the drop dead order time (or....mercury.)

So, I dug around the cabinets and made my own. She made cake mix chocochip bars, I went this route. Bon appetite.

1 pouch Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix
1 3.4 oz vanilla Jello pudding mix
1 stick butter
1 egg
2 TBSP brown sugar
1/3 cup extra chocolate chips....because. I had these laying around- not necessary, but why not?
4 TBSP water
squirts of olive oil.

Preheat oven to 350.
Cream soften (NOT MELTED.) butter and egg.
Stir in Jello, pouch of cookies, brown sugar, extra chips, water.

I was using my stand mixer and the dough was sticking to the paddle- so I squirted in single squirts on olive oil until that shizz loosened. I keep my oil in a 16oz. all purpose Sprayer from ACE hardware. wuuuuuut.

Grease 9x12- I used coconut oil- and spread the dough around with your fingers or a spoon if you're afraid you'll lick too much off your fingers.

30 mins in the oven. BAM.

You should probably let them set and cool...but I didn't because I'm an animal when it comes to cookies. I burnt the roof of my mouth.

They're good. And chewy.

A few notes- my sister shared with me the more brown sugar, the chewier the cookie bar. More white sugar, the crispier. Listen to this. She bakes cup cakes and shit for cash.

If you cheat and melt the butter in the microwave you risk overcooking and then burning the cookies, or bars or whatever you're baking because they won't set from the melty butter. Then you'll be an animal, like me, and refuse to throw away burnt cookies and be sad about it the whole time but still eat them anyway because WHO THROWS AWAY COOKIES?! Not me! Digression. This is also a sister tip. Have I mentioned she went to culinary school?

YOLO. St. Pat's.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I was feeling pretty emotional last week. Gram got sick when I was in Florida and I didn't visit her until last week because we all were taking turns with the stomach flu.

I was feeling a certain kind of way about it since when olds go into the hospital with pneumonia they don't often come out. She seems to be on the mend but I was really jarred by it all. When I talked with mom after the social worker planning meeting she explained that right now, it's unlikely that grandmom will be able to live on her own- so that means either 24 hour care or nursing home. She's not terminal so we're only left with a few choices.

This isn't a shock. She's 93. But it's still hard.

I went to visit her right away. I was coming from work and was going to spend lunch with her so I stopped at the grocery store to get lunch. I picked a lane to check out that looked like it was the least crowded- I wanted to maximize my time with her. But the little man in front was rearranging his basket. Then he was rebagging things. Then he was digging for his money.

I was starting to feel anxious.

He was counting out his money. His bill was $114 and some change. He only had $55. He started digging in his change purse for more. Didn't have enough. The cashier was getting frustrated and was raising her voice- not out of anger but the way people do to people who don't speak the same language.

He got a little mad the way older men do when they're embarrassed- barked at her, what do you want me to do?

She was going to start rescanning things and get him back to $55 and change but then I got choked up. Grandmom would NEVER let me pay for her. Even for Christmas if I get her something, she returns the favor with some kind of check, grocery store gift card, a box of candy- or just plain money.

But this guy- he was a stranger.

I asked the cashier if she knew anything about him- he got there on community transit, she sees him from time to time. He didn't seem like he had much of a clue about what was going on so I told her I was going to pay. I wanted him to have his six packs of store-brand soda pop and BOGO Entenmann's chocolate donuts with a little less grief. I don't have $50 to throw around all the time but I was feeling sad about Gram so I did it in her honor...and then ran to cry in my car.

I told her about it...she offered to pay me back.

Here's a video of her talking about her mother- she lived most of her life trying to please her...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

succulents are really in now.

...say both Jackie and Uncle Mark!

I want to write about something but I just got nothing. Since we went away last week the papers that need grading have stacking up, plenty of emails have stacked up and I've suggested to my boss that I take one more work- "I have this great idea about a compliance blog!!!" "I LOVE IT- let me know when the first one is posted!"

I'm having fun at least.

Stomach flu tore through the family this week. I really had a moment during it all evaluating which end to aim at the toilet. For a minute I thought if I had to continue emptying the rear tank, it would be better to spew in the sink and keep my tookus parked on the loo.

I've been pretty happy recently- as result, extra chatty and therefore, extra butty-innie when I'm having a conversation with someone. It's my way of demonstrating my enthusiasm- think JoJo the idiot circus clown. I've been trying to remember that most people like to talk too so interrupting cow, although funny at first...doesn't usually get a chance to jump over the moon.

I'm nearly fully rehydrated after my complete and total fluid loss this week but my lips are chapped. I could really go for an aloe vera plant up in this B. Where's the plant kiosk in Springfield Mall when you need one?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lady on a mission!

Last month I was really hating on my travel coffee mug. I got it at a beanery in Hersey and I really like it but my coffee was tasting plasticy. I like my coffee not to taste plasticy. I was in Starbucks, as I often am on my way back from dropping off my little homies and mentioned it.

I explained my plastic problem to the man and he told me they were running a special for January. He said, "Here, this is a good mug." Me, "How much?" Him, "$30." Me, "WHAT!? There's GOOOOOOLD in there right?" Him, "No, but the coffee is free for all of January."

Me, "Challenge accepted."

I'm playing a fun game with myself with math and coffee. It'll take me 14.49 cups of coffee to break even, every cup after that is free. Technically, since I'm only supposed to get one cup each day, I'd be limited to only 15 free cups or $31 in free coffee but I'm going to really work this here. I like games. And coffee. As the days and coffee opportunities tick on, I'm going to try and keep track.

1/1- didn't go past a 'bucks, thus, no coffee.
-9am, Media, $30 cup of coffee!! It was the best $30 cup of coffee I've ever had- but it was a little bitter and highly acidic. I was thankful to have water with be because I was getting dehydrated as I drank.
-11am, Media, $15 cup of coffee ($30/2 cups so far) Opted for the blonde roast. Didn't needthis but since I missed 1/1, I had to make up for it. I HAD TO.
1/3- 10am, Foulk Rd, Safeway. Wasn't brewed yet, had to wait for it. Also, it looks like they don't grind their beans right before they brew it- but this is unconfirmed. I ordered the Christmas blend, bought some fabric sheets and greeting cards while I waited and went to work. It wasn't very good- tasted more like the blonde from 1/2.

Looking forward to $10 cup tomorrow!

The cards I got from the store were for sympathy and my anniversary. I couldn't believe I found a card with wood work in it. Five year anniversary is Saturday- the wood anny! Score! The others were for word pals- A work buddy's pup and my assistant's stepbrother both passed. Sympathy cards are fucking bogus. Pardon my french but yea. I know that everyone grieves differently but they were all mopey, wallowy, and almost morbid. Even the pet one. "I know you couldn't possibly smile in this time of sorrow...because you are lost without them,..." They all had really negative undertones.

I opted for the thinking of you section instead of the sympathy. They were cute, light and although hinted at hardship, both made me smile. Take a look next time your in the card store. Just bad. What do I know anyway, right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year!

New Years 2013 resolutions:

1. Wear more lipstick. My eye has been CAUGHT by all of the red lip hues I've been seeing around. Two are on the way from my favorite cosmetic/skin care joint, Lush.

2. Read more substantive stuffs. After I nurse Royboy to sleep every night I browse facebooks, twitter and reddit all night until it's time for bed. I need to be reading better stuff. Sure, I enjoy all of the cats the internetz has to offer but I can either produce substance or consume substance. The aforementioned sites don't allow me to do much of either.

3. Save dinero. Operation get ready to move into bigger surroundings with the hopes of expanding the family. Again. Get yer popcorn ready :-D We got a great deal on a refi so the only people to blame are us if we can't do this. I've been really irresponsible with shopping recently to this one it two-fold. Consume less. Stop it with the internets buying. Amazon is TOO easy but contributes to having less money. Just because it's a deal, doesn't mean I need it. I save 100% of the money I don't spend. I need to do that more. More, I tell you.

Last night we threw a toddler house party after we got back from the 6pm Phila fireworks. Pizzas and desserts from Seasons and glow sticks and noise makers from the Dollar Tree. Maks made it to 930. Royal to 9. They had a BLAST. Overnight poor Roseph had the croup- thanks to internet spending we have essential oils on hand so I cooked up a homemade croup humidifier fix- tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus makes for a fresh-smelling room. And today- Maksi has a case of the cabin fever. Even though we got out last night he was still strapped into his seat for the duration- my homie needs to run around uninterrupted.

I'm going back to work after a LONG vacation- I've been home since 12/20- it's been wonderful. What I'm not looking forward to is the smell of my car. My sunroof is leaking so it STANNNNNKS up in there. What I am looking forward to is working out- the work day allows me to build it in. Being home all day hasn't. I also wasn't really motivated so there's that.

I'm excited to see Todd taking interest in food- he's gearing up for the 20 in 24 in July so he's reading some ultramarathon books. They talk a TON about nutrition. This is exciting for me.

Roy has awoken from his nap. We need to get these birds out to run.