Friday, December 28, 2012

Sup dudes!

I'm really trying to do my best to not starting this post with, "welp, it's been a while!" Whatevs, it has. Much has happened but there's no time to talk about that. I used to be obsessed with trying to get a post up. Now, I'm obsessed with online communities that make me coffee money (with the end goal of being a part of Amazon Vine...they owe it to me.) and taking crappy cell phone pics. 

To be honest, I'm even slacking on the latter. I just wrapped up a motley crew of a dinner- this and that from Trader Joes and a BANGIN' cayenne chicken burger that I topped with cranberry sauce and mayo- try that ish, it's real good.

Yesterday was a break-through day for Mr. Roseph. He drank from a straw, rolled from belly to sitting and is all over trying to play with his big brother at the train table. We also are killing it on Just Dance 3 and that Wii Grover game. I love this week- after we get home from Christmas night, I get to stay the heck home and play with my kiddos. Lots of mommy time. 

Todd pointed out that on the days that he's had to work (Wednesday and today) that they slept until 830 or 915. On the days he's been here, 615 and 710. Score one for mommy. 

So I've had a long day on my iPhone between nap times so my hands are about to cramp up. I'mma get ready to nurse Roseph to sleep and scour ebay for some sherpa ponchos and buffalo check flannels. They're on my hot-girl must have list for the month.