Monday, September 10, 2012

No one likes a stick in the mud.

Not even me. Seriously. I've had a looooong weekend filled with work, trips to the ER that I should've been at, more work and mommy guilt.

Saturday games are not new- I was headed with the team (who is hanging on my a thread physically...) and about ten minutes away I got a call from TBone that BB fell down some steps at the Arboretum. GET THEE TO THE HOSPITAL!! TBone called the peeds office who shooed him off the ER- and even though it's out of the way for us, CHOP is the only place we take our birds.

So there I was, coaching a team who was trying, God love them, but not doing well on a grass field (we're turf princesses), against my college's coach's team...and my husband and sons were in the ER. I got home by 4pm (the fall happened around 10am) and everything was in order and the prescriptions were gotten for acetaminophen for little dudes.

I still felt like a shit. I reneged on a shower invite to a good buddy because of the mommy guilt- which made me feel like a friend shit- and we went back to the scene of the crime (I think since Todd filled out an incident report we're members for life, btw) to check out the tree houses. They were cool.

We went to some stores then I had to be at work for a department dinner and mass...and then two people who I've worked with for six years (and have known for longer) said something that I'm sensitive to...but in reality, wasn't that bad. Since I've got a case of the 'poor mes' it made me cry....working mom blues.

Can someone please, please, please, just hit the lottery and give me a healthy slice?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Why is Limp Bizkit stuck in my head?

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'.

I'm writing now instead of reading. Just about every second of my time is accounted for from now until Thanksgiving and finding time for me is going to be a challenge. Right now, I should be grading the three completed assignments I have in my inbox. I have a case of the monkey mind and trying to quiet it is a little more important.

I'm on a bus. A cold one. Planning in these next three months is paramount. Example- I didn't realized I'm making more milk than Royal is drinking- not a bad problem to have...except, he's not on the bus with me and I only have one eight ounce bottle to pump into until I get home in seven hours. He's ahead with Todd and Maksim. I'm a smart lady. With advanced collegiate degrees. I can figure this out, right? So the planning wasn't great for this weekend.

Todd is awesome. Supportive and easy going. My schedule is so much better than it used to be but still not easy. A little slip up like not having enough bottles equals either pouring GOOD BREAST MILK OUT!!!! or putting it in a water bottle that I just drank. I know, I know. First world problem.

Whenever I'm in season, I'm haunted/motivated by what was said to me seven years ago when I was hired to be a coach, "Honey, I don't know if you're cut out to be a coach." Super. So, yesterday we had a tough one (after a SPECTACULAR game and heartbreaking loss the day before) and the girls are asleep behind me. They're good sports and so far I'm encouraged by their collective spirit. Now it's my job to keep them moving in the right direction. (googling/amazoning how to recover faster.) We don't have a ton of subs. I lost six would-be retuners to transfers or injuries or otherwise so what would've been 24 is 18. A HUGE difference in the field hockey world. How do you teach college kids to not let youth be wasted on the young?

I've practice yoga once since Thursday- and for a few minutes in the hotel room yesterday when Todd took Maks to the pool at 8AM (oh, to be a toddler) so I'm feeling sore and tight. Could be why my monkey mind is acting up. The competitor in me is a little pissed that I wasn't able to complete the 30 day yoga challenge I committed to for 8/1-30- but I did start on 7/30- made it 8/22 and then preseason field hockey with two a days got in the way. Mamma tired. I was motivated by Kurt's encouragement that taking an hour for yourself each day for meditation and exercise is just under 5% of the day. Todd reminded me that number is skewed and doesn't account for the sleeping hours. Whatever. 6%.

So there we have it. My toes are cold, my milk ducts are swelling and my Starbucks is empty. Time to head to the bathroom in the bus and make a bottle. Lord knows I'll have a record producing milk day and need to do some problem solving or, God forbid, dump some out. Any nursing mother out there knows how this would not be an option.

Happy Labor Day y'all. I've been working 24/7 since Friday at 7am. Is that ironic? Or coincidental? Those of you who have them, enjoy your eight hour work days and vacation and thank the unions that make that work for you (if it does.)

This works for me. Busy, busy. Then chill, chill.