Tuesday, July 24, 2012

(Not) Yer Grandma's Skirt Suit.

Look at that! I'm two for two! So I scored a skirt suit from the thrift store the other day- please see huurrrrr for the original post from yesterdee

Here's the basic jist- except pattern on the top AND bottom.

I tried every which way to make the top work, too. But every time...I felt I looked like a really shitty version of this (and not in a good way):

So I just turned the skirt...into a dress. And what's that? CINCHED THE WAIST. I love cinching waists- it's the easiest way for a no sew upcycle. Cheers. 

I felt like I was really being a little silly with these pictures so I took some serious liberties with color editing. If you think I'm being ridiculous, you're right. I am. But I'm having fun so go scratch!

PS- I miss myspace blogs where you get to write what you're listening to- I'm bangin' out to Skrillex right now. It's fun. 

EEK! Skirt!

plus one belt and sweater. 

some shotty photography.

minus the jacket. 

plus the mirror. 

Thar she blows!

note: these photos were taken on my lil' lunch break at work. I like tiles. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wearing a Nightgown at Work Today.

And what?

I was super inspired by this chick a few weeks back- she upcycled 366 pieces- one each day- of thrift store crap into cute, wearable gear. Pretty impressive. It helps a little that she appears to be petite with a good figure so a medium men's shirt already looks fantastic. Good on ya, sister- keep up the awesome work.

So what did I do? I quite possibly, had the best thirft store score of MY ENTIRE LIFE this past Friday. I was waiting around really late at work so I took a later, longer lunch and hollared at a local Goodwill. Since I'm 5'9" and fluctuating between a buck fifty and sixty any given day, I don't look quite so cute in a potato sack that I sewed darts into. So...I improvised and am fugging THRILLED at my come-ups.

I'll draw this out all week (or who am I kidding, I might only be able to get up one a week) since I can't seem to get around to blogging.

First, I went to the jammies section of the GW. I found two of the very same item- both with tags. I don't need two beeee-you-tiful dresses, so I picked out this green one.

Pro-tip: I started in the jammie section because PJs are $2.49 at the boutique as opposed to $4.99 for dresses.

...two bathroom choices for your viewing pleasure. Waist cinched with American Apparel's Sash- $4 on Amazon.

Light green, lined, embroidery at the top. I like to call it Grandma chic. 

My boss told me I looked very nice today. I said thanks on the outside and cracked up on the inside. I'm wearing PJs. With heels.

And note to reader: there were three college boys lounging downstairs in a little student area where I ducked in to take this picture in a locker room off the beaten path. I bet they TOTALLY thought I was going in there to take a smash. HA! If they only knew. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Photo DUMP!

Such a busy past few weeks.

Visited some internets buddies IRL.

Went to Dallas.

Missed our flights.

Did some arts and craps...and started sewing again. I like to make things.