Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's mine is yours.

When I had Maksim, the most challenging thing for me was maintaining my own identity. I didn't what to be just Maksim's mom. A few years later, I'm not as worried about that. 

As a mother of a two year old, you start to clearly understand the idea of tantrums and possessiveness. For a two year old, it's not bratty, it's not mean, they just want what they want. That's fine too (as a bratty adult, it's hard to remember sometimes.) BTW, awesome and funny read about self-help from a two year old. 

I make bribes with Maksim all the time. I don't use food, I don't use toys, I use mommy's special things. 

If Maksim doesn't want to lay down for a nap, I ask if he wants to use Mommy's special scarf as a blanket. 

If Maksim doesn't want to take a bath or shower, I ask if he wants to use Mommy's special powder after he's done...and we just cannot use it until after bath time. (I'm really trying to mimic my toddler voice with it working?)

If Maksim doesn't want to eat his dinner, I ask if he wants Mommy's special chicken.

Whatever I need/want him to do, I can usually entice him with something special. And what makes that thing special? My invisible magic Mommy wand. He's going to catch on at one point that nothing, is in fact, that special BUT hopefully he'll still remember that I helped make him feel special and safe with a little trinket here or there. 

Of course, I'm a little peeved that he's decided to make Mommy's special scarf his blankie. But, I can't blame him. It's pretty special. 

Fun mom tip of the day that my friend/family/on lookers might not agree with? I like to wear Lush's glitter bar. I smear it all over my face, arms and chest. By the end of the day, if the boys aren't covered in it, I get upset...because it means I haven't touched and hugged them enough. It's mommy's special glitter. 

Maksim dressed up like a ghost in my scarf. 

Roy (front) and Maks asleep after Ava's birthday party. Blankie on lap.