Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am the 1%!

Noooooooo, not that kind, silly! I'm not rich. BUT, I am the 1%. Many of my friends are too with bloggies like this or this

Go ahead. Go read this for an explanation. 

Are you the 1% too? What about the 10%? How's about that other 90%?

You know who you are, lurkers. I see you come here to my little blog here. You Google things like "male moose knuckle" or "spaghetti fanny pack." I'm not judging. Whatever gets you here. 

But I know you're here...lurking. 

And I'm okay being the 1%. I like to create. After all, I AM an arteeeest. 

Please don't think a day passes when I don't look at the eleventh post I've made for the day on the facebooks or the reddits and I think...who's going to care about this? Are people going to unfriend me? Block me? TALK ABOUT BE BEHIND MY BACK?

The answers: no one. yes. yes. and YES. 

And that's totally ok. I over share. I do. I know it. 

and I wish you would too. 

Here are some pictures of my sweet, sweet boys and such. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See you in church!

I HAD to get a post up just for the sake of posting. I'm tired of looking at shitty peanut butter kandy kakes that I screwed up because "I'm an artist."


1. I'm back at work. blerg.

2. I'm selling stuff on ebay and it's both fun and not fun. Surprising to see how much people will pay for weird stuff. Annoying to see people's habits of paying or not paying for an item they bought. I didn't realize people didn't pay for things they bid on and won. Assholes.

3. I feel like and think I look pretty good! This is 100% attributed to babies who sleep very well. I work out every night after Royal falls asleep in my arms. I put him on the floor next to me in his boppy and hollar at either Kurt Johnsen or Sadie Nardini on the Veria cable jawn. Don't tell they boys I told you that they sleep well, though. If I know anything about being a mom...once we start patting ourselves on the back all hell breaks loose and someone pees on your heels. No lie- it happened to me today.

4. My hair SUCKS. Totally sucks. I was no-pooing for a bit and that looked nice and then got a color job and it really sucks. Fortunately I've been taking biotin so I have not been suffering from postpartum alopecia just yet...but it's just crappy. Crap, stringy waves on the top, sweat on my brow- the kiss of death in the bangs world...and, I've been asked to be my sister's matron of honor and I'm pretending that she said I can't cut my hair for her wedding. But what I really what to do is this:

but I want it to look like this (waves, not color):

5. Going to HOTlanta for work this weekend. Roy boy gets his first plane ride. 

6. That's about it. I guess. Just needed to break the blogging seal.