Friday, April 27, 2012

I prefer being called an artist.

...but my kindergarden teacher would likely say I have difficulty following directions.

Note: I'm typing from my phone using the Swype feature. Any bizarre word choices are courtesy of my little buddy.

My homie Shannon rose to local fame this week when the official Tasty  Kake Facebook page posted her recipe for their very delicious and locally famous treat.

I la la la love Kandy Kakes and had all of the ingredients on hand so I gave it a whirl.

I'm a pretty decent cook- I like to play in the kitchen and put things together to see if they work. This week's obsession is baby arugala and blue cheese dressing.

I don't care for Rachel Ray but I finally get why she calls herself a cook and does NOT like baking; baking requires following directions where cooking allows for quite a but of improvisation. And my kitchen ADD loves that about cooking. My kitchen ego gets stroked and I serve my family a delicious, original creation similar to the likes of the folks on Chopped who only have a basket of food found in a gas station to work with (or something like that.)

But baking? The spirit who resides over the kitchen- a woman scorned- and demands all who enter heed her meticulous instructions lest cooks everywhere end up with a pie that's too sweet or a cake that won't rise...

So the bright idea I had? Subbing the four eggs with the equivalent of four egg whites.

Completely unnecessary. And although it wasn't terrible, just not awesome.

And a motto I surely follow: life is too short to eat mediocre desserts.

The peanut butter and chocolate tasted like the faned kakes. (I used white. It was what I had on hand.)  The actual kake part...extra sweet and damp. Not moist...but damp like a rum-soaked cake. Meh.

Life lesson? Until you have basic truths figured out in your baking kitchen (ie subbing baking soda for powder? Don't add additional salt, etc.), listen to the kitchen witch.

Notes about pics: 

1. I LOVE warm peanut butter.

2. Iced.

3. Mamma tried.

4. Cutting chocolate is funny. Fortunately boys don't care what they eat most days. Hunger is the best spice.

Mental Picture

I've found mental pictures don't last long. What did I do before my cell phone?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mommy the grooming monkey.

When I first meet Todd he lived in an awesome apartment in Society Hill. It was a huge two bedroom that he shared with an acquaintance (the very best kind of roommate) and it was $800 a month split between them. The owner of the building was an older lady who lived outside of the city. Her only request was that tenants send a little life update with the rent check. Although she was glad Todd "met a girl," she would miss his letters.

Also living in the building was her aging son.

I saw him regularly in coming and going or while he would shuffle down the steps or hall or wait on the stoop for a ride. When I saw him coming I would provide a slightly larger buffer between he and me comparative to the space one might provide a blind person as they pass in a narrow hallway.

He was what Todd refers to as "off": the blanket term he uses to describe someone who has enough tools in the shed to live on their own, but not the kind of mental acuity to maintain the tasks that society at large would consider normal. He was the kind of guy who would qualify to live in a group home but since the rent was so low tenants jumped at the chance to live in the brownstone in the sought-after neighborhood if they agreed to look after him.

The extra hallway space was necessary. This man had the absolute very worst psoriasis I've ever seen in my entire life. The kind of stuff only Hollywood makeup artists could dream up. He looked like an older version of Charles Schultz's Pig Pen except instead of dirt, he was surrounded by a cloud of dry, flaky, deeeescusting skin.

Enter the fickle skin of a newborn. Roy so far has had a tough shake in the skin department. His baby acne was so bad his puffy little chipmunk cheeks were opening and then scabbing. And his little receding hairline was something only his mother noticed and quietly wept over. This past weekend, I was reminded of our friend from the city when I saw the patchy, scaly noggin of my RoJo. I had to figure this out.

I was seeing a trend on my guy's dome that products used tended to produce more buildup than yield results. I dug around Mommy boards and blogs and the unanimous suggestion was fewer products and a natural oil combed through. Many suggested Chasymn and although I love me the smell of baptism I opted for the extra virgin olive oil I have on hand.

My Mommy grooming monkey thirst was quenched big time. I got to bathe my dude, towel him off, dipe him up, and then spend nearly an hour rubbing oil on his head and combing out the dry and dead cells. It was deeeeeeacusting and AWESOME. And now, his head looks so nice.

His little head looks like the fuzzy peach it should resemble and not some weepy, gerrrr-oss flaky mess.

Hallelujah hollar back.

Please Touch today with mom-mom and my birds.

tl;dr: Royal's head is deeeescusting. I fixed it with no shampoo, olive oil and a fine toothed comb.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catchy Title.

Sup, dudes!

Vitals: big Roy: 12lbs 7oz @ 6 weeks. 86%tile for other scooters his age.

So, this maternity leave is a little different. Certainly more fun. As I already indicated, with the second baby and an awesome birth (4 hours natural labor at a birth center) things are more enjoyable. Not because of the birth, but rather the confidence.

I read a blog this week about tips to first time moms. I felt like I needed to do things "right" all the time the first time through. That my baby would be upset with me if I didn't do things a certain way. But we all realize after doing this for a few years that there is no right. There's only right for us.

Our children will remember what we do as the way mom or dad did it. I try to consider how I want their memories to be as I do things~ makes it a little more fun. I want them to remember me fondly ;-). As long as they're safe, fed and cleaned semi-regularly, whatever you do is right, regardeless of how you do it.

Other differences:

1. Less blogging but more internet surfing thanks to my tablet and awkward telephone keyboard. Amazon Prime has me set up for subscribe and save for 20% off all dry goods from pasta to dipes to paper towels to vitamins. And speaking of, I realized I was spending close to $100 a month on paper towels. Trying bar towels instead. $25 for 25...we're going to wash them instead. Hopefully not another hairbrain idea of mine.

2. More staying at home. I live on a busy street with no sidewalk or parking. Although I can throw Maksi in my Moby and Roy in his car basket and muscle my way up the street to my car... mamma likes to stay safe. We play at home.

3. Round two is just like riding a bike. 
4. Sometimes babies juat cry to cry and it can't br fixed.

Some finds while on leave:

Just finished seasons 1-3 of Parks and Rec. LOVE. Ron, Leslie and Tom? I feel like I li-trilly know them. Excited when I can see season four for free.

Found Gaiam TV via my Roku. Streaming yoga classes for $10 a month. (See above, it's hard to get out...maks and I can squeeze in Sprout Stretches daily this way~ and Rodney Yee is my homeboy.)

Potty training a pre-2 year old is worth it. Cleaning poop out of a bowl is way less gross than cleaning poop dipes. And nudie pre-2 year olds are hilarious to watch. I'd be happy to tell anyone about it who's curious. But typing on my phone is like living in sucksville.

Maksim singing pony boy while riding his Phanatic pillow pet naked right now. See? Hilarious.

I just feel good this time.

Enjoy some pics.