Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I only cried once... far.

I know it's pretty common to have babes' hair fall out but I was really hoping the odds would forever be in my little ginger's favor.

Alas, his lovely locks are falling out. And it makes me sad.

He sorta looks like a 25 year old suffering from a receeding hair line.

Frown face.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Right this very second...

Maksim is asleep in his crib. Royal is asleep in my armpit.

Roy's diaper is full...and he's been peeing up his back for an hour...but if yous think I'm going to wake two sleeping babies, you're nucking futs.

I'd rather lay in piss.

Royal Joseph

Wrote this three Weeks ago. Just realized it didnt post.

Royal Joseph


8lbs 2oz


Active labor from about 1030 until natural, vaginal birth at 12:56am.

I know babies don't really smile until 2ish months but when we rub noses or I "eat" Roy's hands...he smiles.

Maksim is an awesome big brother and gives Yoyal (how he says it) kisses all. The. Time.

I know Todd has been home with me all week so this is obviously premature and I'm likely to eat my words...but I don't really remember why the first baby was so hard. All I want to do is snuggle this baby all day. I'm typing from my telephone so I'll leave the synthesis of this thought/idea out. But yea, so far so good.

I like these boys.