Monday, February 27, 2012

Busted Lip.

Sister and I joked that most stories that end up in the hospital or a doctors visit start like this: I was finishing up in the shower and Todd... (I kid!)

Coincidentally, this is how this one began. 

Todd was out of the living room for a FLASH. I was upstairs. In the time it takes a gentleman to relieve himself BB busted his lip. It was enough to warrant a second opinion at our peed's office and it was split enough for them to send us for a third opinion to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP.) 

BB is in great spirits, is a fantastic patient and I hope that's because Todd and I stayed calm and collected the entire time. 

Since I don't like to do things more than once, here's my review of CHOP on

Part of me secretly hopes that since this laceration is in the soul patch region that he gets a scar and can't grow one...fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Morning Picture Dump

My little Valentine's Thomas present.

The swimsuit edition came this week. I photoshopped it for TBone. 

We got Maksim a new jungle gym. 

Pretty sure Todd is writhing in pain. 

Learning to jump!




Daddy's are the best trampolines. 

We got this stud a new jacket from ebay for $8...

...and he hasn't taken it off yet. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

She crafty- No Sew Pillowcase

Hey dudes!

Happy Monday!

Keeping my News Years Rez- we got our craft on. Maksi didn't do a lot of helping with the actual process, mostly because he SCREAMED the entire time with excitement because he loves Da-bop (Thomas).

IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH: fleece (solids a patterns) are on sale this week at Joanns.


1. find a pillow you need a new case for OR get a new one.
2. cut out fleece to fit around pillow with about 2" clearance on each side. Mine was one yard total from Joann.
3. I traced the pillow on the wrong side of the fabric- using the jazzy prints are good because you can tell which one is the "wrong side" because it looks a little blurry or fuzzy.
4. lay on top of each other.
5. Cut tassels.
6. Tie tassels.
7. Snuggle with little boy and pillow.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birth Plan; Part Dos

Happy 37 weeks Dosie!

I'm through about the second or third draft of our birth plan. I thought I'd offer it up for the world to see to help get us ready for your arrival.

Dudes, offer ANY suggestions if yous have any.

This one is MUCH more thorough than the last. Last time it said, "Go with the flow, TBone will announce the gender." Experience will do that to a lady. After a slow slope and failure to progress, meconium in the fluid, a chord around the neck, a pretty nasty muscle tear, a hospital transfer, two doctors trying to pull Maksim didn't go like we thought. 

Here's a MUCH more thorough plan...and Maksim- if/when you read this...we're so happy to have gotten you here safely. You're our happy, healthy, hilarious, awesome baby boy. And we're glad to have had the care we had to get you here safely. 

BACKGROUND FOR READER who doesn't know us: we're going to a birth center and are hoping for a natural birth. I hope you're caught up. 

Now, part Dos:

Sarah and Todd Birth Plan- This birth plan is intended to express the preference and desires we have for the birth of our baby. It is not intended to be a script. We fully realize that situations may arise such that our plan cannot and should not be followed. However, we hope that barring extenuating circumstances, you will be able to keep us informed and aware of our options. Thank you!
Emergency Contact-

Margaret - Sarah’s mother- ***-***-**** cell, ***-***-****
Lauren - Sarah’s sister- ***-***-****

First Son, Maksi will likely be with Maternal Mother,  please allow him to visit with Sarah and Todd if they want to see him if he is present.

We believe that it is vitally important to keeping Sarah calm, which would then in turn, greatly increase her progression. She wants to do a lot of the work in the comfort of her own home. (Thanks, Dewee!)

All parts of labor
-          We want to know everyone who is attending the birth- and we’d like their names and how and why they’re assisting unless in a true emergency and there is not time to communicate this information. Same if we transfer to the hospital. Also we’d also like to be made aware of why various medical teams may need to be present.   

-          Please update us on the progression of the labor- if Sarah is not progressing, or if Sarah progressing nicely- please tell her of the progress. If there’s anything we can do to help facilitate the process, please make suggestions- this is only our second rodeo- we know you've done this a few more times before.

First Stage (Labor):
·         We would like the bag of waters to break naturally if possible. Please discuss this with Sarah and Todd why breaking it might be necessary.
·         Please do not offer pain medications- last birth Sarah had an adverse reaction.
·         Want to be able to eat and drink as tolerated throughout the natural birth
·         Maintain mobility (walking, birth ball, bathroom, water)
·         Heat or Cold packs
·         Massage (back, foot, counter pressure, etc.)
·         Please inform us if internal fetal monitoring is necessary
·         To help Sarah with pain management please be direct and use facts, “take deep breaths; get up and walk around; movement facilitates the birth; the stronger the contractions, the closer we are to delivery; you can do this; etc…” Sarah is a yoga teacher and college coach, and responds well to athletic-style coaching.  Please do not use metaphors “ ex: imagine you are a flower, imagine your body is opening…”-
The Gender is a surprise! We do not want to know the gender of the baby until he or she is born. Todd will announce the gender.

·         I prefer natural methods to start labor

·         I prefer to walk and move about to speed labor- I should be encouraged to get up and walk around (no matter how much I’m might try to shut down from the intensity of the pain.

Second Stage (Birth):
·         Todd (husband/ father) would like to announce sex of baby
·         Choice of position
·         Birth / squat bar
·         I would prefer to tear than have an episiotomy. Please use compresses, massage, and positioning
·         Slow, controlled pushing w/ mineral oil to help avoid bad tearing
·         Should an episiotomy be absolutely necessary or stitches are required as a result of tearing, I would like a local anesthetic prior to stitching
·         If there is a tear, please tell Sarah the degree of tear after the birth and approximately how many stitches were needed to repair the tear.
·         If baby is healthy, no separation of mother and baby, please place baby immediately on mother’s chest for skin-to-skin contact and breast feeding
·         Todd does not want to cut the cord.
·         If any artificial means of getting the baby out (vacuum, etc) please talk with us about why this might be necessary

Baby Care:
·         If a pediatrician is required, I want to meet this doctor as soon as they are present in the room.
·         I want to be updated by the pediatrician after the baby is born and they have seen the child
·         No separation of mother and baby, please place baby immediately on mother’s chest for skin-to-skin contact and breast feeding
·         Breast feeding ONLY, no formula, glucose water, pacifiers, etc.
        If the baby is a boy, we want him circumcised

Possible hospital transfer:
·         Todd with me at all times
·         Please discuss the option of pitocin. We would like to try and progress naturally.
·         Please keep me informed of pain management drug options. Although I want a natural birth, please tell me when we reach the last possible time to get an epidural
·         In the event we are considering cesarean but it is not definite, I want to be awake for the birth. We can put the epidural in and not turn on the medicine as a precautionary measure.

Cesarean Birth (if necessary): only in an absolute emergency where baby is in distress and we need to get the baby out immediately.
·         I want to be awake and alert during surgery
·         Epidural anesthesia
·         Todd present at all times
·         Breast feeding as soon as possible
·         Spinal anesthesia is only done if Sarah and/or baby is in distress and the baby needs to be removed immediately and the epidural is no longer an option.

Sick Baby:
·         Continuous updates from attending pediatrician on baby’s condition
·         Mother consulted regarding all tests / treatments
·         Father to accompany baby to all tests
·         Breast feeding as soon as possible

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anxieties leading up to birth of second baby and Valentines gifts.

I'll tell yous what, dudes; yoga school is some good stuff.

If you're in the Philadelphia region- I implore you to check out YogaLife in Devon, PA- be it for teacher training or just for weekly classes; they are awesome. I've had countless experiences where the course material applies directly to my life- and my needs. I suppose that's what any good therapy does. I've had countless amazing self-realizations and the best part about them? Self realizations promote the most lasting change.

This weekend was my last teacher training seminar. We were doing a listening exercise. When you listen to someone, and really listen, you're giving them a gift. They feel loved. They feel heard.

We were paired up and had to play one of two roles- the talker or the listener- and then switch. The listener had to do two things- 1. keep quiet. 2. pose questions to clarify what the talker was referring to. The talker- come up with a problem and be guided through the experience.

I was the talker first, the listener second. This is a challenging exercise because as the listener wants to empathize with the talker- to share an experience, or to "make" the talker feel better by doing something. My teacher explained to us when we do this- we're not really listening- we're not really doing anything for our talker. When we do this, we're actually talking about ourselves- becoming the talker- and that shifts the focus back to us, when it's our friend is the one who has the problem. This makes us feel better by telling them how to fix their problem- but usually doesn't fix their problem. And it usually doesn't make them feel better.

When we actually listen- and not talk- they can fix their own problem by coming to the solution on their own. We'll naturally become closer.

So that was a challenge. And just in time for Valentines, folks. Go and listen to your significant other or a friend as a REAL gift.

BUT! Guess what I found out by being the talker, dudes? I'm really scared to give birth again! Let me explain...a little set up before I describe my experience as the talker:

First, I'm not shaking in my boots scared but I'm nervous.

Maksim's birth did not go as I "planned" it. Truth be told, why should it have gone that way? I didn't plan anything. My birth plan said: go with the flow and Todd will announce the gender.

I'm nothing if not thorough (insert HTML code for sarcasm font.)

For those of you who are new, my first experience went like this:

Awesome gestation- only 28 pounds gained, very active throughout. No morning sickness, no headaches. Only minor pubic synthesis. No big.

...and the actual labor and delivery? Not the worst, but not what I wanted. Wanted: a natural delivery in the birthing center coached through by my loving TBone.

Got: a delivery in the hospital across the street from the birth center after I failed to progress because of a slow slope, a chord around BB's neck, meconium in the waters, an epidural, and some of those things were likely because I was too sedentary in the center before the transfer (read: paralyzed from the pain/fear of contractions with no progress.)

The past two weeks or so there have been little milestones I've needed to get past before I was "allowed" to have the baby- finish yoga school (almost check), finish teaching my last yoga session at school (check), Todd coming home from Florida (check.) I joked that I'd be allowed to deliver on February 12th.

Ok, enough set up- so back to the "talker" exercise.

My question/problem:

ME: I've been experiencing anxiety and chest pains from time to time. Sometimes breathing exercises help, sometimes they don't.

Partner Dave: When does this happen?

M: usually when I get in the car, sometimes when Maksi is on broken record mode. (pause...thinking.)

PD: looking at me silently and smiling, sees that I'm thinking/processing

M: these are two stressful times for me when I'm trying to control things.

PD: you mentioned being in control. is that something that's important to you?

M: I'd love to say no, but I think it is. I know there are times of high stress for me- getting Maksim into the car and when he's on repeat mode. I'm not in my best shape to handle carrying a toddler to the car and "controlling" a toddler is like herding cats.

PD: are there other times when you don't feel in control when the anxiety happens?

M: ooooh! good question! Hmm. Well, I don't feel in control of  my body at all right now...I'm starting to have flash forwards and flash backs of child birth, last time didn't go how I planned at all. OHMYGOODNESS! I'm scared to do this again and I haven't dealt with my last experience.

And since then, I've been dealing with it. I don't think I ever actually processed the last experience. Sure, I've talked about it, but I don't think I've actually told anyone that I was disappointed with myself. I know, I know, healthy baby. We're all supposed to believe that if we have a healthy baby, the means justified the ends. But I don't feel that way- and I'd like to be better.

I don't think it's too much to have my spinach brownies and eat them too.

So, I've been talking with TBone and prepping a real birth plan- things to say, things to do to get me up to walk around, get on the birthing stool, the ball, get in the tub, massage my back/arms/ego. Journaling that some things (meconium in the fluid, chords around necks) are completely out of my control. Other things (getting up, walking, telling Todd what I want, my reaction, etc) ARE within my control.

I feel better- still a little apprehensive- since I'm starting to play everyone's favorite game: Labor or Gas?

But again- better.

Thanks for reading. Happy birthing. And Valentines day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky Sir: Brownies

Yo, dudes!

Happy Monday.

Dosie-Doh is moving right along, gestationally speaking, TBone is safely home from his PhD residency in Florida (after forgetting to book a hotel room, mind you...another story for another day), and I made some brownies this weekend.

Let's talk brownies:

The set up- I've been feeling crappy for the past month or two and I found that it was related to my diet. I was on the seefood diet. I saw it, I ate it.

Last week, I went on a no-white-foods diet Monday-Friday and had a few treats (read: potatoes and melted chocolate and strawberries) Saturday and Sunday.


I didn't feel crappy or get any heart burn last week (except last night when I polished the inside of the melted chocolate container with my tongue.) On some level, it makes me a little mad, of course, since I consider cake icing to be a food group in itself. But I know it's better for me and the Dos.

I don't want to completely shut out brownies like this kind of diet does, so I broke out the Jessica Seinfeld cook book- you know the one- she hides fruit and veggie purees in food. I won't try to tell you they're the best brownies I've ever had- because they're not- if you want brownies so sweet your cavities hurt, stick with Duncan Heinz or Mrs. Fields. But they are pretty good and serve a good purpose. Maks liked them, Todd liked the, I liked them. They satisfied the choco craving, the cake craving, and I didn't really want more than one at a time- which is NEVER the case with me and brownies. Oh, yea, and at 133 calories and 3 grams of fiber per brownie? I'll take it.

Here are some pics and the recipe from

Notes about the recipe: I subbed 1 large egg for 2 egg whites and unbleached whole wheat flour for the oat or all purpose.

This is the greatest pain in the tookus- the puree-ing.

Carrot puree and spinach puree. They were really pretty and vibrant colors.

 Yep- melted the chocolate chips right there in the SAME measuring cup I had the carrot puree in. Let's not make more dirty dishes than we need to, OK?

Stand mixers are so expensive- but so awesome.

 Pour in the pan. Cook.

 Doesn't have the same glaze a box brownie does...

What up, fresh strawberries and melted choc? Say "Hi," to your mutha for me.

There we have it. Cheers, y'all. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

How I Met Your Father...but with directors cut missing.

So I read this post today from People I Want to Punch in the Throat about how she met her hubs. I don't know this lady- I just like the title of her blog. And after I read hers, I was all, Welp, replace AOL with Myspace, NYC with Philadelphia and you have the story of Sarah and Todd. And before Myspace deletes all my love letters with my husband, here they are.(Read from bottom top top.)

hey sarah,
glad to hear you had a good time. i had a GREAT time myself. we should meet up again and do something where there isn't a baseball game distracting us. unless you want to drive to the bronx and see a team win a game. well have a good time at work tomorrow, i'll talk to you soon!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: SashaDelgato
Date: Sep 6, 2005 7:54 PM

i had a smashing time -even though we didn't catch a ball or sit in lawn chairs on the field. there's always next time. and you were right. i was in the parking lot for a half hour. lots of horns and shouting e-a-g-l-e-s! thanks again. now it's bed time.


sarah e.
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Todd
Date: Sep 6, 2005 4:39 PM

think i just tried to send you a message. but i also think i forgot to hit send. i do that sometimes i guess. UMMMMM. so yeah, i'll go get tix soon and then perhaps i'll see you at 6:30 outside the stadium, in particular by a giant phanatic billboard which i assume is near home plate. souuuunds good. well i'll see you shortly. unless you aren't able to go, then i guess i won't seeeee you at all!

ok, bottom center works. i'll find you at the phanatic sign around 6:30 and if their is confusion i'll call the bat phone. see you then. let me know if you can't make it.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: SashaDelgato
Date: Sep 6, 2005 3:24 AM

i'm not particular at all. frugal seats are where it's at. and 630 will be just fine. i'm pretty sure that you'll see the phanatic it's enourmous. you can kinda see it in this picture. bottom center. 

610-716-3672 is my batphone. 

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Todd
Date: Sep 5, 2005 11:03 PM

cool. i'll figure on finding you somewhere around 6:30 if that sounds good. i think it'll be fun. i don't know where that giant phanatic picture is, but i'm sure i'll find it. or we can use the ol' telephone devices! cool, so i'll just go over and buy whatever tix i can get. hope you aren't particular to seats. i figure the further away from the game, the better (wish i was joking but i'm frugal.) cool, maybe you can email me tomorrow as if you'll be there or not, and perhaps a phone number, but if not i'll just plan on meeting you at 6:30. i'll be wearing my face which looks like some of my pictures.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: SashaDelgato
Date: Sep 5, 2005 7:25 PM

7:05 is the normal start time, right? i get done school around 3. any time after that would be good for me. 

as for meeting place, under the giant picture of the phanatic is usually where i head in (that picture makes me smile.)

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Todd
Date: Sep 5, 2005 4:56 PM

i don't know the details. should we just get tix there? what time does it start? oi vay i'm so confused. i'm down to go though. enjoy the bbq. i guess we can just meet at the stadium at whatever time you can get there. i'lll go early and buy two tix. we can have a meeting place and a meeting time, and that'll work out and i'll give you my telephone ... 845 551 0789. 
lemme know what you think.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: SashaDelgato
Date: Sep 5, 2005 1:52 PM

your weekend sounds quite nice. i like picnics. i like parks. i'm a little confused about the whole couch thing. is it in your bedroom? was your rommmate on the couch? i guess clarification is irrelevent in this situation though.

my weekend was ok. i spent most of it getting reaquainted with boone's farms and bbqs. i'm on my way to one right now, actually. they better have hot dogs. i love them. i'm quite sure i mentioned that.

tomorrow is a-ok with me. what are the details?

i'm going to have a dog now. 

sarah elaine. 

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Todd
Date: Sep 5, 2005 4:22 PM

it was pretty nice. i went to my friend's place in nyc, and we had a picnic in central park (me, my friend, and his wife,and this other kid.) i came back last night, and then today i've been reorganizing my bedroom, which has become real frustrating because my roommate is sleeping, and i need his help to move a couch. and i can't really do any more organizing until i get the couch into my room. oi vay. how was yours?
did you giver any thought to the game tomorrow?

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: SashaDelgato
Date: Sep 5, 2005 12:43 PM

how was the weekend? 


I deleted my How I Met Your Father post.

Who can get me a cached version?

Here's the link:

French Onion Chicken

French Onion Chicken
Yo, Dudes! Made an awesome dinner last night- thought I'd share.

I like to think of myself as more of an artist in the kitchen. I can't be bound my measuring devices. So- there won't really be measurements here.

1. Turn on Broiler
2. Cook chicken in pan with olive oil.
3. Dump 2 cans on Campbells (or whatever) Onion Soup in Pyrex- add 1.5 cans of water (each can usually calls for one each, I'm making up for this with Sherry and the chicken juice.)
4. When chicken is cooked (165 degrees internal temp or juices run clear...usually I cut one piece and use my eyeballs.)
5. Dump in about a 3 count pour of Sherry and cook off for about three-ish minutes.
6. Dump frying pan of chicken into soup pyrex mixture. Throw it all in the oven- 5 minutes (to warm the soup.) I put it on the shelf closest to the broiler.
7. Open oven and empty contents of shredded Gruyere on top or chicken onion mix.
8. Broil for five-ish more minutes- but keep an eye on that ish. Broilers can be tricky.
9. Slice mutli-grain bread to serve with- I'm SURE you could put it in french onion soup style, but I liked it to dip.
10. Pull out and serve- but take head! This is HOT.

Salt and pepper to taste- this was an AWESOME freakin' dinner.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yoga and Nutrition

Yo, dudes. This is my month 11 journal for my yoga teacher training. It's long, but I wasn't interested in cutting and pasting.

There are also a few typos- and it jumps around a little. And I talk about me. A lot.

Cheers and read if you're interested!

As per usual, the topic at hand for the month is timed well for me. Being nine months pregnant has made me very uncomfortable with my weight gain. Most times when I’m feeling crappy (physically or emotionally) it’s easiest just to eat something to feel better- and that’s gotten me into a vicious cycle. I think I’m feeling blue about the weight gain because I was doing so well right before I got pregnant. I was on a diet high in protein, veggies, and beans and legumes- and little to no white foods (except at a birthday party here or there…I like cake J) Getting pregnant means the craving for bad carbs were ignited and I used the excuse that “my body needed them” to rationalize all of the junk I was putting into it. I’m up to about 40ish pounds gained and I don’t feel well. I know our bodies do what they need to do when we’re in these phases of our lives however, I think I was taking advantage of eating for two.
In the Yoga of Eating – and just as in every other aspect of study- I’m really excited to find that there isn’t a cure-all for anything we do. The ‘go hard or go home’ doesn’t work for real-life integration and real change anyway. Everything needs to be in balance to make real, lasting change. I’ve been practicing taking time and being present and thoughtful when I shop for food, cook, and eat and to be present and eat lovingly. It’s been really good timing too- I’ve been shopping for my groceries online and since my willpower to stick to my list is lacking I’m able to only buy what I need for the week AND make better choice. I’m tempted MUCH, much less to make impulse buys Doritos or white foods from the bakery. Although it can be challenging to plan, I’m saving money and I’m staying out of the store. It’s worth the cost of delivery.
Throughout this year, I’ve been paying attention to the energy in and surrounding things in life. It’s easier to see and feel- and better yet act- when things don’t feel right. Our instincts are good and using the self a barometer for action and change is good.
As I’ve said, I’ve felt pretty crappy about myself recently. I know weight gain is inevitable but I haven’t been feeling good about it. I’m getting pains, heart burn, difficulty breathing, really low energy, I’m bloated, and I’m sluggish. I know that most people would look at this list and tell me to relax and that I’m 35 weeks pregnant- I’m supposed to feel all of those things. But I can’t seem to shake the idea that there’s NO WAY I’m should feel this zapped. My first pregnancy was a BREEZE. I felt great, I worked out vigorously the whole time and I gained only 28 pounds. Now- I KNOW that my greater weight gain was because I was at a MUCH lower starting weight- somewhere between ten and fifteen pounds lower. I also know that maybe this is the weight where my body needs to be, but since I’m not eating like a model citizen there isn’t something I could be doing better.
I’m experimenting this week with food- since I’m feeling pretty good- I’m eating similar to how I was before I found out I was pregnant. Lots of fruits and veggies, beans, meats, and if I feel like I need them, multigrain breads or other things that might help supplement a more balanced diet. And TONS and TONS of water. I already feel better, less bloated, and more regular.
In retrospect, I think I was overeating and reverting back to old habits because I was given a license to since I was “eating for two.” I know I could’ve done a better job. I really liked the part in the Yoga of Eating and the talks about Karma: when we buy/do/live certain things/ways, what are we saying yes to? I was saying yes to good things like fruits and veggies and the like but also to pastries, candy, white breads and things that I knew doesn’t really fit into a balanced and healthy diet. I could take this farther and consider what else I was saying yes to- from poor harvesting, fruits shipped from across the country, to heart burn to all of those things.
The hardest part about eating well is the preparation. Just with everything else, it takes time, planning and slow, gradual change for it to work. My changed diet worked before because I got into a habit and routine- I bought certain things and planned. It worked. Discipline is challenging but the payoff is great.
So I was talking with my field hockey team the other day- I’m making a captains’ training mandatory for anyone who wants to be nominated for the job- and we were talking about living a life of falsehoods and conflict and truthfulness. With each topic we discussed that people don’t choose to lie, cheat, steal, etc because they want to be liars, cheaters, or thieves. Instead, it’s motivated by something else. They cheat due to unrealistic expectations and lack of preparation and so on. Same has to go for eating- at least for myself. Sure- there are sometimes when I want to slightly overindulge. But to feel sick from eating? To gain weight from eating? I never sign up for that part. In the Yoga of Eating Eisenstein discusses that we’re too busy and don’t focus on eating and digestion and what’s actually happening to our bodies. We don’t pay attention to what’s on our plate, shovel it in- likely over conversation, have second helping because we haven’t noticed we’re full and then transplant ourselves right to the couch to become submersed in television. We don’t notice what we’re doing. We aren’t present in the experience. So we over eat, gain weight, have heartburn and all sorts of other negative problems. So more presence. More balance.
This is hard, too- I still have that nagging tendency to jam as much fun into my day as possible. So if I’m sitting and enjoying but consider that a burden (to slowly eat and enjoy food because it’s keeping me from doing a hundred other things) then I need to reframe it. I had an epiphany yesterday- that has nothing to do with food- but maybe it’ll help me come up with a good way to reframe eating. I’ve been annoyed with my husband since we’ve moved in together- he only does 90% of his household jobs- if he takes out the trash, doesn’t put the bag in, scoops the cat litter- overfills it and it gets all over. Empties the cat water bowl when a few kibbles get in the bowl- doesn’t take those lone kibbles out of the sink. I thought about this long and hard- seven long years- and realized I’m not going to change him. BUT! Then I realized that I’m the jerk- and I better not screw this up. He does all of this awesome stuff around the house for me- he’s like the starting pitcher. I’m the closer- sometimes I only have to throw three pitches to get the win- and sure- sometimes I’ll have to throw 25 pitches, send us into extra innings and earn the loss…but most times- game over, chores done. So similarly- maybe I can make this fun and reframe eating so I’m more present. I haven’t quite figured out how yet. Hopefully it won’t take seven years of being annoyed either.
What’s nice about living in balance is that we have the chance to listen to our bodies. We don’t need to live by strict, fad diets. Instead, if we feel our bodies craving oranges for a few days it’s more important to listen to those needs. Sometimes I get in bad habits of “punishing” myself if I’ve gone off the wagon for a few days or even weeks. I’ll talk pretty poorly to myself and just feel bad about enjoying the food- even if it’s not good for me.
I really enjoyed Dr. Terry Wahls’ TED talk about nutrition. She was wheelchair bound from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and by eating for her body’s needs- more whole foods and no processed foods- she’s now able to walk, run, and ride a bike. This also reminds me of other people who, through the power of their diet and an exercise program, have been able to stop taking various medicines that they once “needed” to survive. I don’t like it any time a doctor prescribes pills without counseling or lifestyle management skills. We have so many natural resources to draw on- and of course, it takes planning and work. Neither are easy but over time are manageable.
Since I’ve been getting the groceries delivered, the fruits and veggies from my grocery order have been a craps shoot- so I’ve been relying on a local famer’s market- Wolffs- to buy my fruits and veggies. Just like any other store, whatever is out of season is really expensive- but whatever is in season- and they have an abundance of- they want to MOVE- so it’s priced to sell. Until last week, I’ve never had a grapefruit- but then I saw the 6 for $1.25 sign and I got a few. I’m not in love with them- but I get filled up and they are cheap. I also really like what Wolffs does- whatever they have left over they usually use that to make soups or salsas so they’re using  what they have on hand to make really great specials. Often, they’re a little more expensive but it’s nice to know that they aren’t being wasteful. And it makes me feel good- I suppose this is what I was referring to earlier with karma- I’m saying yes to using our resources, eating what’s in season, buying local, and saving money.
From when I was little eating wasn’t ever a focus of my mom’s house. Although we ate every night together, mom bought what was cheap and easy to make. I can’t blame her- three kids- single mom- processed foods like store made chicken patties and hot dogs and mac and cheese might be something I’d turn to as well. I remember my favorites would be when she would make stew from scratch- you could taste the love in those dishes. I think the feeling I have about this is sympathy- I know mom was doing the best with what she had but I want more than that for me and mine. I could make us easy packaged foods but just looking at the “chicken” is a turn off. When I first moved in with my husband, we ate dinner on TV trays in front of the TV every night and watched Sports Center or whatever- now, it’s become important to me to eat at the table, talk about the day, wait until everyone is done and really try and enjoy the experience. I know we’re not perfect- and some nights dinner is much better than others but I’m enjoying using the local tools that I have to make things better for me and my family. Fun story to close- my kid and ¾ of an avocado this morning- super cute. He got half way done his half and said, “more, more, more cado!”