Monday, January 30, 2012

Resolve- month one.

Hey dudes, happy new week!

So I noticed a trend with this blog through my morning pages I've been keeping...I talk about a TON of stuff I want to do and only rarely do I follow through. I'm tweaking this- instead of listing all of the the things on my wish list, I'm putting into words what I will do and follow through on a plan. So far? I'm seeing progress. I don't think I'm going to be able to put up my mission accomplish flag just yet- but we're moving and shaking and I think that's an important step.

Back in December I talked about resolve and doing things for New Years- and we started up our monthly arts and crafts.

I read in some mom blog somewheres that it's important to lay the ground work for writing early- by this I mean the physical task that includes digital dexterity, not the art of writing. I love watching little hands at work and having handwriting that changes with the tides, I appreciate that there is SO MUCH MORE to writing than just picking up a pencil.

So we started our monthly arts and crafts with...Cheerio Bird Feeders!

1. Gather supplies: All around the house and Big Lot for us: plain Cheerios, thin string, scotch tape or a child's plastic sewing needle, pencils or pens or a stick, scissors, and a surface that's clean-ish (we did this on the living room carpet which is deeescusting in our house, so we just used the back of our Thomas the Train map.)

also pictured- but not used, paper clips- I would've used them as a needle if the tape didn't work.

2. Tie the string cut to desired length and tie to pencil. This is awesome for two reasons- first, creates a loop for later to turn string into a necklace and two, Cheerios don't fall off.

3. Thread needle OR tape end like a shoe lace to thread Cheerios- the longer the tape stretched over the sting, the easier for little hands to work it. 

4. Thread away! Yea, we're still, at close to 21 months rockin' the bib. We drool a ton. We don't like to change shirts more than once a day. Bibs are cool. 

5. Eat Cheerios. Everyone, and as you can see, EVERYONE enjoyed this part. 

 6. Thread a few more.
7. When you're tired of threading Cheerios, or when it's taller than your little person, remove the pencil and make it into a necklace-ish thing. 

8. Hang outside- this was our first spot, on the neighbor's fence. We moved it quickly after because their dog started snacking- and I don't want to have to pay their vet bill if he decided he liked the string too. 

9. Scamp kept an eye on things- thanks Scamp. 

10. And then we celebrated our Arts and Craps Sundee with the important science lesson of the day- changing cookies from solid to liquid by dunking them in milk. He loved it. 

Todd said he looks like he's saying, "whhhhhuuuuu?"

Moral of the story- don't spend a ton on arts and craps when you have little people. Most of this stuff you have around the house- sewing thread will do, any kind of round/holed cereal works. What was the most fun, just chillin' with my people. And although I hope the birds enjoy the snack, it wasn't the priority. We'll check tonight and update if I remember.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unsolicited advice.

You know what I like about Starbucks?

It's the same cup of coffee 99 out of 100 times. And in the countless years I've been a patron, I've had ONE bad cup of coffee at the 'bucks.


Also, they're engaging and friendly but only if you're engaging and friendly. If you're not- and I'm often not even though I'm a regular at the joint in Media- they leave me alone unless I engage.

Twice this week, I was hit up with passive, albeit harmless, unsolicited advice. Once at Saxby's at Plymouth Meeting Mall and once at the Dunkin' in Aston.

At 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant with an approximate 45 days until I deliver, I'm CLEARLY pregnant (and still debating if I should subject Dos to pregnancy shots like I did with Fancy Pants.) Twice this week the person at the counter asked me if I was sure about my coffee order.

Let me preface this rant- I get it world; thanks. I'm pregnant and you're trying to save my unborn child from the horrors of caffeine. As far as you know, I probably take my coffee home, drink it, chase it with three Coca-Cola Classics and after that, shovel in a whole tray of chocolates only to top it off with a Red Bull to help me wind down.

But guess what?

I don't.

I have one 16oz caffeinated beverage most days. Otherwise, it's water or milk for this lady. And, if I'm feeling fancy, an occasional (one each week) orange soda OR (not and) root beer. Neither are caffeinated.

And that's it.

Again, I get it. You don't know me. And, you're trying to make sure my crazy, hormone-controlled, forgetful, pregnancy brain didn't let my mouth slip up and say regular when I SURELY meant decaf.

But seriously, after I see you look my pregnant form up and down, and I sweetly and politely reaffirm my original order with a smile and an affirmative nod (and no sass) after you ask, "are you sure that I don't mean decaf?" keep the condescending and judgmental looks to yourself.

This post is brought to you by the Oxford Comma. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Hair.

This kid has put the kybosh on plenty of good hair days. Only eight and a half short weeks until Dos makes his/her appearance- and if I'm anything like my sister who delivered an 8+ pound baby three weeks early (it was her second birth, third baby, first were twins) then perhaps Dosie the magical baby will help me get my tresses back to normal a little sooner.

I mean, it's not that bad, but a cowlick in the middle of my bangs? Seriously? I have to tease my bangs to get them into place. Tease them; 1987 called, they're gonna need their Aquanet back.

Oh, yea, then it'll start to fall out.

I need to set a blackberry calendar reminder to start take more Biotin IMMEDIATELY- last time that was deee-scusting. Clumps of hair.

Don't worry, I'M REMINDING MYSELF DAILY HOW MUCH EASIER AN INSIDE BABY IS TO TO CARE FOR THAN AN OUTSIDE BABY...but I'm still looking forward to have the option to go planking if I so choose.

Since I'm having a nice hair day, or at least, not a bad one, I thought I'd freeze the moment in time for all of your viewing pleasures. It looked awesome in the bathroom with the beauty of florescent lighting- got to the office with the natural light and the webcam- not quiet as good...but not terrible.

SEE!? Not terrible!

And here are some pics I need to get off ma'telephone:

Decided to wear shoes that don't match when I have the chance. No one noticed. 

 Bought and made cake pops...because I like my kitchen gadgets to ONLY be able to do one thing. 

Directions said:
1. Make cake batter with no water, + 1 egg (btdubs- I might do this all the time. It was bangin'.

2. Get some Styrofoam to allow for "easy" decorating. Note to reader- the word "easy" is directly proportional to how many times you've practiced decorating cake pops. Since I've decorated with melted chocolate zero times, on a one to ten scale of difficulty with one being a cinch and ten being the equivalent of climbing from the depths of hell, I'd say it was a twelve.

No Styrofoam meant improvisation. 

Egg carton:

Cut holes with GIANT razor blade:

3. Preheat oven and put that shit in there for like half hour, take it out and put it on the stove-top to cool slow like... 


What happened was magical- you might see an overflow of baked-on cake batter...what we turned it into was cake-scoops a la Tostito Scoop. Since it's suggested you use flour based cooking spray, the overflow cake chips pop off just like the Scoop...and I used them just like the scoops, too (like saying scoop), except instead of salsa, I subbed icing. Please believe they were delicious.


4. Remove lid- and bask in the wonder of perfectly symmetrical balls of cake. 

5. Heat cherclate, dip end of sticks in cherclate, jam sticks in pops, put in fridge to set the cherclate. As you can see, I didn't read that far into the directions- see the one missing?

He got done first. By his lonesome self. 

And guess who forgot to take a picture of the finished product?!

ME! Here's a Microsoft Paint version of what happened when I tried to put them in my cake carrier and took them to my sister-in-law's that night: 

Look good they did not. At least they tasted good.

I'm available to destroy your desserts for your next party- be sure to email me and I'll make it happen. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Me and my mini-geetar.

When me and Todd went to Hawaii for our honeymoon we bought him a ukulele. Until Maksim started taking and interest in Todd's regular guitar playing, it's basically stayed in the case- not for lack of trying though. We weren't aware of the ins and outs of vinyl strings and how finicky they can be to tune in the first few days of use (read: constant tuning necessary.)

I tried to teach myself how to play the guitar years ago- but I stopped playing due to crap boyfriend reasons. 

I decided last week that it would be a fun anniversary gift for me to prepare a concert for Todd including the our wedding song on the uke. So, on Sundee, I bought the kindle ipad edish of Ukulele for Dummies and found  a few other awesome sites to learn chords, strumming patterns and other easy beginner techniques. 

I posted on Reddit because I was so excited and wanted to tell someone about my plans.

I was being all funny and weird to him while I practiced- telling him that I was preparing for a concert and not playing whole songs in front of him because I didn't want to spoil the performance later in the week. 

I thought I gave it away the other day when TBone was all, "Sweetie, you're not exactly being very secretive about what you're going to play at your concert, I know what songs you're playing." 

So a little deflated having tipped my hand, I carried on with my rehearsals and played the ditty this morning for him, sans lyrics (I was too nervous!!)

TBone was cute: Very good sweetie.

Me: It's our song Sweetie!

TB: What song is that?

Me: Repeat performance WITH lyrics.


Me: Sweetie, you told me you knew!

TB: Sweetie, I'm not very observant...

So there we have it. 

Maksim the Super BB wasn't very happy to share his Uke. Most times when I would play in the living room, he would approach waving his hand in front of him "no, no, no!" Take the Uke and put it down out of my reach. 

So Todd got him his own. PS- heart melts every time I hear Maksi say Da Bop (Maksim speak for Sponge Bob.)