Friday, November 18, 2011

The hand you're dealt.

This week I got to enjoy one of the perks of working in higher education and attend a conference by a locally, if not nationally renown psychologist. My office is in the Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development that houses the Athletic Department and the Institute of the same name (ISSCD). The YouTube video inviting peeps:

And it was so awesome- first of all, I would be remiss if I didn't thank TBone for moving mountains and taking off from work to help me get to work early/at all. I double booked myself to help Lauren with the twins for an appointment- and TBone helped his lady out and went in her place.

So I got to attend- and I was so glad. I'm a collegiate coach. I pride myself in being different/ I try to inspire them to be better than me. Because, it's not about me- I've already played. I often remember my experience- I was a decent player, but struggled with distractions- grades, diet, training, the fear of not being the best. I waited until my senior year to email my lacrosse coach a LOOOOOOOOOONG rambling email about how I think too much on the field. His reply- stop thinking. Just play. 


Among the topic of Alienation and Ostracism in Sports, Dr. Gottlieb talked about children. He said something in the lunch that the Institute organized for us that was well worth the price of admission. He was talking about parents on the side lines of games and how they fly off the handle at pee-wee games, "you have to raise the kid you get, not the kid you want." 

I put so much pressure on myself as a player/kid/student that I never felt like I was doing enough. It's gotten better over the years but I still feel it- not doing enough. Living up to an imaginary standard that I sometimes get caught up and forget to enjoy the life/work/play that I have.

What a metaphor for life, eh? 

And perhaps we can apply it to life too. Live the life you get, not the life you want. And sure- there are some problems with that alone- we all want to work toward something. But...chasing the dragon won't get us to happiness. Gratitude just might. 

Cheers, y'all. I have yoga school all weekend. 

If you have a minute, browse around on my new Thirty-One website. I'm starting to sell these jawns and if you'd like to host a virtual party on your blog, please EMAIL ME for details!

You would get some SWEET gifts based on the sales of your party (that we could do a giveaway for and have the "party" last a week(s).)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting into the Bag Game.

What up dudes.

So. It's finally happened. I'm getting into the bag game.

As I grow older, I'm finding, rather, accepting certain things about myself. I used to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a purse at once. Coach was my jam for a while. They're pretty. And the smell of leather, OH! The smell of leather...and they made such a big deal out of them. By they, I mean other women. I LOVE your purse- is that the new Coach bag? One of my former students: Where'd you get that? 52nd street? Me: Uh, Macy's. It's real. <<her eyes widen.>>

I can't lie, those compliments always made me feel good- but you know what didn't? Spending $300+ to make it happen. And the BACK PAIN!! OH! The back pain from all of that HEAVY leather and metal hardware. I get really bad back knots...and those sporadic compliments did NOT alleviate the pain that was caused by carrying around 30 pounds of crap in a 25 pound leather purse.

A few months ago my MIL was sitting at work and a coworker approached her about a fundraiser- she was selling Thirty-one bags. She was guilted into buying two- one for me and a personalized lunch pail for BB (since  it's likely we'll NEVER walk into a Hallmark and find a prefab kid's key chain/mug/shirt with 'Maksim' on it.)

So long story short- no matter how much I like the feeling I get from people being SO JEALOUS they can hardly stand - because my bag was $300 and awesome (dripping with sarcasm) I much prefer getting a $30 bag, the same compliments and have it be light as a feather. With a hundred pockets. To carry all of my things. Because Mama needs her things. 

So, with Christmas around the corner, hollar at me if you want to get something- here's my site.

I'd love to host a part on your blog too- so creepers who read and don't comment, get your asses out of the creeper closet and say hello! Hostesses get FANTASTIC free gifts...AND we don't have to actually have the party at someone's house and worry about all of the mayonnaise and cream cheese based dips. Unless you want to throw a party- I'll be happy to do that too!

Article about TMoney

Todd moved to Philadelphia in 2004 after graduating from the University of Scranton with a degree in Marketing. On their honeymoon in 2008, Todd and his wife, Sarah, decided to sign up for a 5K in Maui. After completing the 5K, Todd decided it was time to get back into running and decided to sign up for some races in Philadelphia. Somewhere around this time, Todd read a story about Back on My Feet in Runner’s World magazine. He also noticed that the SunTrust National Marathon (now Rock and Roll) in Washington DC had links for fundraising for BoMF on its page to help raise money to start the DC chapter. He signed up as a FundRacer and was pleasantly surprised to see the support from friends and family. In addition, Todd noticed the BoMF presence at a lot of the races he was running, including the Broad Street Run and the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon. At this point Todd was interested in seeing how he could become more involved.
In June 2011, Todd signed up for the non-res orientation and went to the morning run at New Jerusalem Now the next day. From day one, Todd felt welcome at NJN and was excited to add the morning runs to his days. He took over as team leader in November 2011 and hopes to remain involved with Back on My Feet for as long as possible. The BoMF experience has enabled Todd to grow as a person and he enjoys feeling a part of the community.
In addition to running with BoMF, Todd enjoys going to Phillies games with his wife and son. He is also in the process of collecting as many graduate degrees as possible and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awesome snacks.

hey dudes.

Two awesome snacks I thought I'd share with you. One quick and easy with ZERO clean up, the other minimal clean up.

One: CHOCOLATE GRAHAM CRACKERS and yogurt. Crumble them up, dip them, eat them separately- with fruit, without- awesome.

Next- I've been on a quest to recreate my gram's pancakes. I like a thin, floppy, heavy pancake SOAKED in butter.

It took me having the internet for twenty years (yea, since 1991) to finally google, "make pancakes more like crepes" to find out the secret. More milk.

That's IT?! I've screwed around with butter, with trying to flatten the jawns, everything. No dice.

And here are some pictures of this little pip eating hummus and chips. 

And a video of him being awesome. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

23 Weeks

Man. You stop working out for a mont (two weeks, back on the wagon at this point) and stop taking weekly pics... And the belly size sneaks up.

Happy 23 weeks, Dosie-do. So far, you're a nice baby. Pokes and kicks at night. And just like BB, you fall asleep during yoga. Your movements are starting to actually move the blankets, bed and pillows around when I'm reclined. You're VERY strong.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scat Mat Update aka How Twitter Might Improve My Marriage

So, @onpets started following me on twitter today- and on a desperate whim I asked them for a free scat mat- and they sent me this:

Holy SMOKES!!! Just for me?!

Up Vote!

writer's block.

writer's block writer's block writer's block.

I've been a busy little bee and this is the first time in my life I've been able to wet AND dry Swiffer my living quarters three or more times a week- something I'd love to pat myself on the back about. Alas, I'm in a writing rut. I'm even sensing it in my class. I read the kiddie's second draft of a paper about cell phones and civility and...I must be doing something wrong. NO FIRST OR SECOND PERSON, I've said. MAKE YOUR POINT IN FEWER WORDS, I've said. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, I've said.

Second drafts? First and second person. Questions. Weak, wordy arguments. There has to be something I can do.

Today in class I'm going to have them do a fun exercise I found on teacher assigned partners, they had to park themselves in front of email one night and take turns writing a story. One student was a male gamer, other a hopeless female romantic. Hilarity ensued. I'm sure I won't get exact results but I'm really in the need of a laugh...or blog inspiration...or something. I'm going to tweak it- assign partner, write for two minutes, switch. Repeat 8 times. Read aloud for extra credit. Turn in for class credit.

Shannon's post today was a topical one for me. She's giving away a Scentcy (that word looks so wrong) gift from a buddy of hers. My MIL gave me a thirty-one bag that I fuggin' love. A former player started selling Mary Kay. Another bud of mine did those sexy-time parties before. We've alllll been suckered into going to these. I don't want to sell door to door. I don't want think I want to host parties. But I like this idea (selling fun crap I don't need...but still so DESPERATELY NEED.)

In other giveaway news, I won my very first one this week. Back in August, I signed up for a Yoga Journal giveaway- the chances looked good 78 overall winners...and I was one of them! I won a pair of these. Pretty excited.

Funny note side. All of my players (women aged 18-22) are ALL OVER Pintrest. All over it. They've told me that they've planned their weddings, dream date, future home interior. I found it funny that me and my buds were ahead of the curve. Great news: We're not losing our coolness, girls. However, someone asked me who WuTang was the other day.

To keep my good giveaway karma going, I tweeted a pet company about the need for a scat mat. You see, I have a cat who is still mad, 18 months later, that he'e not allowed upstairs. When I was about 8 months preg with BB we decided cat hair/vom/general yetch was a no-no in the crib. So, between the hours of 2am and 6am the cat DIGS, CLAWS and scratches at the door because he misses us. I've tried using bed of nails mat to keep him away. He'll just push it aside and get to work on the door. So, my husband leaves our marital bed every night to sleep on the couch because it bothers him too much. And I miss him. I want him to sleep next to me. So, if anyone out there is listening, please send me a free scat mat. Or adopt my slightly used but very lovable, and great with kids cat.

Finally, going to yoga class tonight for the first time in over a month- I've been to seminars and such but haven't made class since I've been VISIBLY pregnant. Last time I was there teacher tried to remind the class to lay on their backs for final relaxation...I think the prompt came because I was on my side. I think this time he'll probably just let me go about my business...and SPEAKING OF WHICH...WTF heartburn? Can't lay on my right side (or back now) at ALL.

This B needs a la-z-boy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shannanigans/Shabby Apple Giveaway

I'm trying to get back into blogging. I SWEARS I'm having a girl. I feel like an ugly duckling.

This necklace might help me feel less that way. One of my besties Shannon is having some giveaways this week. Go to her blog.

Follow her directions.

Help ME win.