Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Yo dudes!

Two days of drowsy crap weather (Sue Serio's only been giving them 2 out of 10 Netflix stars...) and I've had enough!


The good- season is winding down. The days I work outdoors this year are numbered. As a coach, this can be viewed as bad- losing stinks- or good- more Maksi and mommy time.

Two pics (that many have seen already.)

One, Dos.

Since we nick-named the babe Dos, it was funny hearing people's reactions- peeps thought we were having twins. I see how that can be confusing. 

Second- pic of BB. People tell me all the time that he looks like Todd- no DOUBT he has features that belong to my loving husband...but seriously? This kid looks like me- especially when I was a kiddo. 


Going to pick up a Primo sammich.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Overkill

I don't know about you dudes, but I really look forward to the fall. Shorts and longins' (long sleeves,) getting snuggley in my Forever Lazy, fall leaves, not sweating all day, the smell of cinnamon and spices in the air, coming up with great costume ideas for my husband, son and friends (but not for me)...all of those things.

But this year, I felt assaulted by the season when Starbucks started a contest in JULY for patrons to vote which store cared more about pumpkin flavor so they would be the FIRST to get it in September. This made me think of of the Christmas decos being set up the week of Halloween. I was THRILLED when I saw this on about Nordstrom and the 2011 holiday season:

Someone finally had some sense...but um, are these poor Nordstromers coming in to work on t-Giving  to decorate? Boo hiss!
I feel like the marketing machines are taking advantage of us. Pumpkin everything. And guess what, folks...they're tricking you. Pumpkin is a squash. You know what they do to achieve the awesome fall-like flavor? Use spices. So, really...they should be called Spiced ______. Sorry if I'm a buzzkill. Whomp, whomp.

In the last two months, I've used/consumed the following in pumpkin flavor:

Cream Cheese
Atlantic City Boardwalk Fudge
Cup cakes
Funnel Cake (this was BANGIN')
Ice Cream (at Brusters)
Tasty Kake Pies

And of course, I've seen the beer...but haven't had any. :-/

Otherwise, they're all very desserty 

It's a WONDER I'm not a thousand pounds.

Some unconventional pumpkin flavored stuff that I'm interested in trying...but not really:

So I don't know- it's all a bit much- and I'm almost pumpkin'd out. 

Does anyone have or has anyone seen a good pumpkin dish or treat? Hollar at me. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mommy Tricks

I'm so burnt and bent out of shape. I've been trying to send myself email ideas of blogs to write but I don't even remember where I wanted to begin.

I've been trying a little experiment with BB- playing the same songs at the same time of the day.

Bedtime Mix- low-key songs: Beautiful Boy, Lennon; All I need, Air; and Broken Heart, Eddie Vedder (his ukulele album.)

Same as meal times- which isn't as consistent since I only see him for breakfast- I've been coming hope past 8pm on most nights. Ugh. Mommy guilt in full effect.

Meal Times Mix: lounge-y but up-beat, lively and happy. Afternoon Delight (I smile every time this comes on. I can't wait until he realizes what this song's about) Clocks, 50 Ways to Leave your Lover, Another Sunny Day (Belle and Sebastian), Baby I Love Your Way, Kokomo, Blackbird, Could You Be Loved, Is this Love and Three Little Birds.

Results- Bed time- after the third song, he's OUT. This could be because he's run ragged by the time I bring him up at 8:30. I hear some discussion about people who insist 7:30 is bed time...but Maksi doesn't go down until at least 8:30- and if we see the tell-tale tired-boy signs (he turns into 25 year old Sarah after 3am and 7+ Busch pounders- falling all over the place) maybe a little sooner.

I think I have to tweak the meal time mix- I've been shuffling the songs so with 10, there are 3,628,800 possible combinations.We aren't really getting into a rhythm so I think we'll just play from start to finish from here out. For all of you math nerds out there, there are only 6 possible combinations of songs with the 3 (10! vs. 3! = BIG difference.)

I learned this at some teacher's training some time ago- playing songs to set your student's mood. I don't like to think of it as tricking my kid into eating time or sleeping time with the use of some Pavlovian theory...rather, I'm helping him learn how to transition. My parenting theory goes like this: if it's too hard or there's too much resistance...shit ain't right. There's GOT to be an easier way. Most times there is.

Any of you birds do anything to create a more mom-friendly routine for your little birds?

I'd LOVE to hear them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

PhD Widow

TBone was away this past weekend in sunny Fort Lauderdale for his bi-yearly PhD residency. That means...I'm a PhD widow.

I've been spending many nights and weekends alone watching movies after I put BB to sleep since Todd has been so wrapped up in school work. It's been difficult but I'm insisting that he get's it done since there will be negative time once Dos makes an appearance. I'd rather this famine now so we can feast when babies will remember this kind of stuff.

Here's my weekend in pics I sent to Todd:

Friday night din-din with all of Maksi's buddies. 

Friday night GChatting with Daddy. 

Saturday morning bus ride to beautiful downtown Scranton, PA to play FH there. 

Maksi and all of his buddies- and the last place Grove was seen. 

Mat to stop the damn door scratches. I bought one of these mats weeks ago. It HURTS like hell to sit/lay on it. Scamp and the 5am door digging was relentless and since I didn't have time to get to the pet store to get a Scat Mat (that shocks the animals when they step on it) I improvised. Scamp does NOT like stepping on this. Door digging minimized. 

Aunt Jackie held on to BB on Sunday morning while I taught yoga at Olde Mill Yoga and he was tuckered out after the trip.

And he got tatted up thanks to Ava and Aunt Jackie. He loved it. Kept saying taaaa-tooooooo. Hilarious.

And this morning, we had a break through just as I hoped we would. He's only addressed two people in his life by their first name thus far: Da-eeeee (Daddy) and Emmmm-o (Elmo.)

And this morning...he called me Maaaaah-meeeeeeee. I could've cried. 

Just when I was so tired, so overwhelmed with work, so overwhelmed with the house and just about everything else...Maaaaaaah-meeeeeeeeee. 

Good boy.