Monday, September 19, 2011

A Rose by any Other Name

My vegetable gardening escapes don't usually go as planned but you know what I can grow? 


When I was younger my mom took me to Styers WAY before it turned into Terrain at Styers and bought me a rose bush with coral roses. Bee-utiful.  And the guy told us the key to keeping your bush blooming all summer (that only sounds a little dirty): trimming them after they bloom.

See the reddish stuffs up there and below? That happens after a good snipitty-snip.

After a bloom when the flower has lost its luster or if you want to take them inside to enjoy 'em, find a place on the stem where there are five leaves on one shoot and slice it up right by it, leaving the five leaves- see above- some leaf clusters have three, some five- snip before the five.

This encourages more growth and just days later, more buds will be a-growin'. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeds, scattered and sewn, update!

I know you've been dying to find out...

a cucumber?

some sort of pepper?


So I let the one at the bottom vine ripen an extra find a worm made a feast of it. D'oh!

fingers crossed for cuke sammies in under a week. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fourteen Weeks

Yo dudes!

I love/hate the fall and for the same reason- being REALLY busy.

Pictorial update:



Today, 9/9/11, 14 weeks.

I get the Groupon/Living Social deals each day. I probably buy one in a fortnight. This is the best photographic evidence I could come up with to show my complete satisfaction for the deal. It set us back 50 bones for $150 (two hours) of house cleaning. What the camera could not capture: I came home to a first floor that smelled like a hotel...and looked a little like one too. It was still a little expensive BUT during field hockey preseason when I worked 48 hours that week, it was well worth the splurge. 

We got BB new boots. He fancy, huh?

Mr. Maniac at 7am yesterday. He learned how to use "uh-oh" properly. Hilarious stuff.