Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frizzy Mess, part II.

Gimme a head of hair...long, beautiful hairrrr!

Friday was the day that I finally got to wash my hair after I used the at-home Organix stuffs I talked about last week.

I give the overall process and results: A-

It took me under ten minutes to dry and style my hair this morning in what is probably theeee hottest and most humid day this year. And I didn't have the central air on. And I only used my car microphone comb.

Why the minus? As the product requires, you have to let that ish sit on there for a few days...and blow it out straight to touch it up. That part wasn't bad but you know what was? The itchy scalp. I felt like I had plats in for a few days and I had to slap the itch out of it. I knew this would happen because in the directions, Organix clearly states not to let the product get on your scalp or slight irritation would occur.

Seriously though? Is that a real request? "Here, take this product and put it all over your hair and rub it in...but don't get ANY on your scalp." I can barely reach the top/back of my hair to blow dry it let alone pull of this feet.

And...the sulfate-free shampoo I chose smells a little like B.O. Ick.

I'd still do it again, but next time I'm getting the Organix shampoo- it smells derrrishoush.

Week 3 marathon training.

TBone after the 5K we ran in Maui on our honey moon.

Here’s week 3 training a day late- I did about 6 loads of laundry and something tells me that since I was home with my husband, he didn’t mind not having a workout to ignore.
Hit it hard this week!


1.       Use this three times this week
a.       Timed 6k
b.      25 yard sprints/hills if possible - sprint up to 25, back pedal (walk back down if you take the hill), rest 10 seconds
2.       2 days pyramid training interval
a.       3-5 minute warm up
b.      30 second sprint, 1 minute recovery (working up to a jog, walk if you have to but keep MOVING!)
c.       45 second sprint, 1 minute recovery
d.      60 second sprint, 1 minute recovery
e.      90 second sprint (at this point, it’ll be more of a run at 75% but take this as HARD as you can!!) 2 minute recovery
f.        90 second sprint, 2 minute recovery,
g.       60 second sprint, 1 minute recovery
h.      45 second sprint, 1 minute recovery
i.         30 second sprint
j.        3-5 minute cool down
3.       1 day of unmeasured SPEED WALKING for 45 minutes- walk as FAST as you can. Make sure this is the last workout this week- recover on the day after because this will REALLY activate your shins. If you don’t rest/stretch after it might trigger shin splints.

Repeat week one of plyos:

Weight Training- 4 days
For week 1, please complete each exercise 3 times, for 20-30 seconds each, resting 20-30 seconds between each

Core 2 days out of 6:

Arms- 1 day out of 6:

Legs- 1 day out of 6:

Squat thrust into star jump- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6VxBHBdrJA

Friday, May 27, 2011


Remember how I mentioned Groupon yesterday? Well folks, it's time to sign up if you haven't already.

Sign up for Groupon here.

For those who don't know, you sign up, enter your zip code and then get sent deals everyday. This weekend is all about burgers. Most places are offering 50% off- $7 for $14, $8 for $16 or $10 for $20 worth of grub.

Remember how I told you I was a cheap date?.

and, uh, can someone please make a blogger for iPad app? My HTML knowledge is limited so writing it myself is cumbersome.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frizzy Mess.

My hair don't has been a frizzy mess for the past few weeks. I don't know if it's the weather, my bangs, that I dyed my hair a few weeks back or a combo of all. It also don't help that I have a terrible haircut that's growing out.

I really, really wanted to try a keratin treatment and every time I get a groupon offering a deal I salivate. I still haven't been able to bring myself to actually buying one because even at a discount, it would still cost around $100. I just couldn't do that.

I was in CVS the other day trying to shop myself in a good mood. I was replacing all of the items lost that were in my wallet that was accidentally donated to the Goodwill. I saw the box to the left.

All for $15ish. After use, you also have to use Sulfate free sampoo and conditioner so I figured for a total of $25, I could give the treatment a whirl.

So far, so good. I washed with the shampoo they provided, combed the treatment through and then plopped down for the last half hour of Oprah. (tangent...I thought the whole episode was a little self-righteous...I know, I know, please don't stone me for saying bad things about the O.)

After my hair set for the half hour, you have to blow it completely dry and then flat iron with a minimum of 400 degree flat iron.

You know why a keratin treatment costs up to $400? Blow drying deep, deep, deep conditioned hair sucks. I felt like a bird that was caught in the BP oil spill- trying to be scrubbed clean. The good news? My shoulders and biceps are a little sore. Oh, and I have no frizz, straight hair.

So what's next? I have to let this ish sit for 48 hours. No putting behind the ears, no clips, no hair ties. I can blow dry or flat iron to restyle. Then I can wash it with the sulfate free shampoo and it should remain un-frizzed for a month.

Someone remind me to update yous about it...I promise, I'll try to remember!

I'll leave yous for the long weekend with proof that I'm screwed.

ain't they cute?

Only one week left to vote (click the disc below)! I'm not doing very well but it's all relative- I'm getting some sweet new folks stopping by-  say hello while you're here!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clyde the Glide

Being in between seasons I get to dress up for work a bit. I don't have to spend 2-3 hours outdoors so I toss on my heels, a skirt...I look like a real lady.

Of course, my feet aren't ready for all of this strappy shoe abuse so something has to be done to try and prevent all of the blisters and callouses. Enter Body Glide, the marathon runner's anti-chafing balm.

I don't buy this on the regular. Remember, I only run when chased. But you know who does buy it? TBone. He's on a mission to run 50 marathons in 50 states

these normally would have me bleeding at the ankle after the walk from my car to the office, right, Rick the gnome.
I slathered this stuffs all over my feet around the straps. I have VERY sweaty feet so usually putting anything else on them makes for a soupy underfoot and possibly rolled ankle. I have no complaints about the Body Glide thus far. Silky smooth feet with NO bumps, bruises or broken skin. 

Another product that gets the Candy Stamp of approval is the Cami Secret. I've been eyeing this guy up for a bit and I was in family dollar last week and took the plunge...or eh, covered the plunge, I suppose. They were only $8 or $9 at Family Dollar and they're really easy to use.

me, today, getting all artistic with Picasa.

Please note- I DO NOT have a deal with As Seen on TV products...but I sure would like one. Have I told you lately how much I love the stuff?

And Bango? Yes, please!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three Dog Night

Well, actually four.

When Todd and I went on our first date we thought a good one would be to see the pre-2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies play in for Dollar Dog Night. Let me remind you, if I'm not anything, I'm CERTAINLY a classy lady **she says as she tries not to soak the crowd with her dripping sarcasm...**

Ok, classy? Maybe not, but at least I can be a cheap date. Beer and $1 dogs.

Dollar Dog Night and baseball games in general has always been a special thing for me and TBone. We try to get to one or two a year, different cities, different leagues- our travels (both alone and separate) often include a trip to the park. On the due date of Maksi BB, rather than sit around and wait for the sack of waters to break, we climbed up to the nose-bleeds hoping the exercise and the sodium overload might induce some contractions.
(It didn't.)
We stopped going to dollar dog nights (DDNs) after Opening Night 2008. The Phillies Marketing Department thought it would be a great idea to have the first night game of the season coupled with cheap food. It was amateur hour. I imagine that at least 43,000 of the 45,000 in attendance that night sat in the parking lot all day doing keg stands and eight balls while saving room for all of the hot dogs they wanted to slaughter Joey Chestnut-style later that night. I never saw so many fights in my life. It was awful. 

But last night- was pristine. Not too crowded (which doesn't make sense because they claimed it was the largest regular season crowd in park history. It wasn't crowded. At all.) 

The Phils made a change (for the better!!) offering DDNs on games when nothing else is going on, when they're playing a team out of the league or division and on a weeknight. 
Sunset behind the boys.

BB and TBone in the kid's section in the Majestic Store.

Shirt that I want. Can't tell if it's Ed Hardy ugly or Wildwood Boardwalk Air Brush Ugly. Both ugly, but one is acceptable. 

Daddy's magical rocking gets BB every time (even in a crowd of 45,000+) AND seats on the end of the aisle.

 I love me some live games. And, thanks to the 4 hour body rules, I had 4 hot dogs. Minus the bunz. I. LOVE. HOT. DOGS. 

Two more items:

1. Thanks to everyone who's stopping by from Shannanigans. I think all of you can agree that actually getting pics of yourself on your own blog can be difficult since you're the one telling the story most of the time. BIG UPS to Shannon for being the Photog for my dress up sesh and providing evidence that I exist.

we were having a yard sale. epic fail on the making money part- huge success on the fun part. all costumes were re-purposed items for sale. go to her blog to see the whole story. 

2. Are we all voting? I'm not in love with parading myself around the internets begging for votes but I think I can crack into the top 25. All of these birds' blogs are about running...and I'm trying to hit up fitness for the whole person. Moms, God Bless all of you who enjoy running. But...if you're like me (want to be in shape with the most minimal effort) you'll do anything NOT to run. (I can run doing another activity, ex ultimate frisbee, but just running is for the birds.) Click on the pic below to vote. and...while you're at it...comment  or something, while you're here, would ya? I see that you stop by...but I love me some comments. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

We can work it out! (Week 2)

Here's week two of my husband's marathon training. I'm 90% certain he's not using it. I'm 100% sure he donated my wallet to Goodwill. Maybe that will guilt him into actually using these training suggestions.

I hope yous enjoyed the weekend and your "voluntary" marathon workouts too.

-One day of 5k (3.1 miles) in 25 minutes or less 
-One day of 10K (6.2 for you math majors out there) in 52 minutes or fewer
1.     -  Two days of 200 meter intervals (run at 80%, rest) x 10 (two more than last week) on the 2 minute no slowing more than 2-3 seconds
2.     - One day of 3x800 meter (2 laps around a traditional track or 5 around Neumann’s track.) Run at 70% speed the 800, rest for 3 minutes three times.

Agilities: Use this video – the following is listed from the beginning of the video. 3 rounds each (up and back over cones, towels or pillows) with 30 seconds rest in between:

1.       -Step over (landing with alternate food)
2.       -Step over (both feet in between each cone)
3.       -Lateral step over up and back facing the same direction
4.       -Run through diagonal, touch ground
5.       -In and outs
6.       -Two feet hop over with weight about head
7.       -“Walking” push-ups in cones

Second half of video uses ladder- only use the first part- repeat 3xs!

STRETCHING- the FOE of the runner- see this site- most important are hip flexor (psoas), calf, and ham string stretches. 

How was week 1? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Coach K (see what I did there? If you don't think that signature is ridiculous/hilarious...please google it. If you still don't get it, never mind.)

Some people's trash...

...is still trash.

It must've been a record setting yard sale weekend. There was a HUGE one at the Granite Run Mall, me and my buddy Shannon had one and it's the only other reason I can come up with why no one showed up for ours.

I was invited to a blog hop party that's held on Sunday nights- it's for creative people. Check it out here. Seems like a pretty cool idea. Everyone links up their best idea and we all hop around and look and borrow and follow other blogs. (I can't take credit for know about these. I meekly asked Shannon to explain...) Anyhoot, I'm not really sure why I was invited...I don't really produce anything except for unsolicited advice and insight about how I got my period back after 12 months of cosleeping and breastfeeding. Oh, and semi-productive fitness advice. (Isrut- there's GOTTA be a sculpy blog hop.)

So anyway, I saw this blog and was BLOWN away at the finding and then refurbishing of this couch. It makes me get all, "Ok, I know I don't have the patience to do something to this level of coolness but I have to be able to produce something."

So on my way to work I saw this big, wicker basket bowl. I pulled a U on Old State Road and pulled into the drive way to check it out.  It looked like this minus the lid. I had visions of hosing it down and spraying it with some high gloss vibrant color like red, burnt sienna or a deep brown. So, I got out of the car...and quickly got back in. What if these people see me out of their window and they know me? My shame got the best of me and I scurried off to work. But it sparked an interest (this blog does an awful lot of that...I have a ton of ideas...I need to start executing!)

I'd really like these creative juices to start flowing. My hobby has been yoga and I suppose blogging. I'd really like to produce something other than some costumes created from odds and ends found at our own yard sale (pics to come.)

I'll keep trying to think creative thoughts.

...and vote for me if you think of it! Last night I was in 38th place. KthanksBye.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party Foul

25 year old me would throw a "Let's have a case race with skunked beer" party.
30 year old me missed the expiration date and got a sip of a skunked beer so we dumped them out on trash night fellas.
Most expired in November. Others in April. The Rockies never expire.
Goodbye, 20 craft brews in 4 flavors from three breweries.
Adios, 6 ice cold cans of Mom Light from our 30th birthday party, July '10.

Thank goodness tomorrow is recycling.

Yard Schmard

This is the last of three blog posts from this weekend that didn't make it...blogger email wasn't correct. Boom- now it is. Also, this was BEFORE I noticed that we donated (by accident) my wallet with my credit cards, debit cards, checking acct numbers, SSN cards (for me and the baby)...etc.

Got to spend Sundee recovering that.

What the heck?!

I'm in the hole $13 for our yard sale. (We bought lunch.)


-it's the first nice day in the last week.
-we live an hour from local beaches
-people are too concerned about the Rapture.

Hardly anyone came out to our yard sale...but Shannon took some funny pictures of me dressing up like and idiot.

Stay tuned for those.

Month 5 Measurements

Arms- 22" total (at bicep)
Waist at navel- 31"
Hips- 37.5"
Legs- 41.25" (half way between groin and knee)

Total inches- 131.75

Original measurements- 12/26
Arms- 24"
@Navel 35"
@ hips- 39.5"
Legs- 44"

Inches lost 10.75"

Hot damn! And I cheated a bit this week. I'll reflect more later. Time to get out to a yard sale! Woot!

Article I picked up on the Twitter: 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer | Altucher Confidential

------Original Message------
To: kurpels.medalofvalor@blogger.com
Subject: Article I picked up on the Twitter: 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer | Altucher Confidential
Sent: May 21, 2011 8:28 PM


We didn't catch the first egg...

I read that article that I posted yesterday and it got me thinking- post things that people all are thinking but no one wants to talk about. In my case we've been trying for baby number 2 for a few months without knowing if we'd actually make said baby since I still haven't returned to the ovulation world. 

We had our one year check up with BB lasts week. Everything went great. We asked about breast feeding and co sleeping because I'm a little self conscious about it. I'm going to let BB self-wean for his remaining nursing sessions (about 3 a day) and we're co-sleeping because it works for us. Our pediatrician said, "more people co-sleep than will admit it because it works but they're afraid of the criticism from society...and continue nursing until it doesn't fit your lives anymore or he loses interest. When BB asks, nurse if it's an appropriate time." 

Work never allowed for on-demand nursing and BB stopped taking the bottle in the middle of the spring season. Now we're down to three or four seshes a day, mostly at night. Yesterday we were out at a yard sale all day and I saw another opportunity. So sometimes nursing to comfort happens- and why shouldnt it? I'm his momma, I kind of want his security objects to be me or TBone - not his favorite tractor. He's still just a baby.

Seeping arrangements have to be a family to family thing. We have a small house. The only room thats a vialable option for us to use as a nursery is basically a bathroom/dressing room. And BB didn't like it. He's been sleeping with us in our bed since he was about three weeks old. And we all sleep. 

Long digression. We wanted to already be 3 months pregnant now. Guess what we didn't factor in? Cosleeping and such. Reason for this post is to have one out there. The only info I could find on my searches about ovulation and the like while were in forums- there are books but many are out of print. I wasn't even in love with what Kellymom had out there so I thought it was worthy of a post.

We talked about it with friends and others. Conception is basically a miracle so we didn't want to compromise what was working with BB for Dos since Dos doesn't exist yet. Co-sleeping had to be the reason for not getting my first post pardem period back. I was pumping when needed but not much.  

So here it is, my guide for getting your period back: forget about it. Relax. Stop thinking about it. And then when you're in a rush to get to work on a Sunday morning 12 months post, it'll just appear!

Now the next step is to not be too excited about it and try and take the same approach with the baby making. Wink, wink.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Archetype Hype.

Let me start off my saying that The Rhyme Zone is a great way to come up with a catchy bloggie title to make me feel a little sma-hhhat.

Before I get all deep on your asses, let's start out with my new creep-tastic glasses. Guess what those bad-boys do? Turn right into sun glasses. BOOM.

Another point of house cleaning...are we still voting? I'm getting killed...and it might be because I don't have much of a following.

Help out if you can. Tell yer friends...and leave a comment for me...I'm talking to you, everyone (except isrut, gobble's mom, itsKITE! and Shannon.)

To help out before I talk about archetypes, I'll define it first- An archetype (play /ˈɑrkɪtp/) is a universally understood symbol[1] or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. Archetypes are often used in myths andstorytelling across different cultures. (thanks Wiki!!)

I just left this comment on a friend's bloggie after she talked about the fear of success:

We were talking about archetypes in a yoga seminar the other night. We were standing in mountain pose and were asked to imagine ourselves as a mountain. It was really interesting to hear all of the responses- mountains are strong, sturdy, both unchanging (rocks and all) and flexible (climate change from top to bottom.) Me? Being a mountain scared me. If I'm a mountain, I can't hide (potential change is threatening...)

I'm dealing with a tumultuous time in an area of my candy land.  This area as I know it could either be left completely intact OR be completely SMARSHED to pieces and I'll get to explore how I fit in OR it can all be wiped clean and I'll get to start over completely a new. 

Yoga is a great way to talk about archetypes since many of the names of the poses are archetypes- warrior, tree, mountain, frog, etc. So I'm imagining myself as this mountain, and it scares the s-h-you-know-what out of me. I feel like I've defined my life in this area (pardon the vagueness with the "area" I might share when the dust settles...) for a long, long time. Starting over clean OR starting over a new might mean I would have to swallow my pride and possibly hurt some feelings. Staying exactly the same? I think I'd hurt my own feelings. I'd feel stuck. Stagnant. Not the good kind of mountain- in this area, I think it's time for growth one way or the other.

I don't want to bog you all down too much with the Yoga Philosophy but one of the four parts to Karma yoga is non-attachment (to results, in this case.) 

So I'm working from a place of Karma Yoga the acceptance (of change), concentration on what I can/cannot change, excellence of my actions for excellence's sake, and non-attachment of the results with my image of a mountain. I'll focus on the positives: the unwaivering, sturdy, flexible, VISIBLE...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My best shape.

I've been contemplating fitness and weight loss my entire life.

Things were rocky junior year in high school and I ate. Gained 20 pounds. Worked a few off after I resolved issues from junior year- or rather, got back to normal.

I had a taste of freedom freshman year in college- drank and ate my face off. Eating and drinking carelessly begets eating and drinking carelessly. (Playing two collegiate sports OBVIOUSLY didn't help.) Gained 20 pounds. 

Junior year of college I tore my medial meniscus after I tried to slide tackle a player during a game early in the field hockey season (I'm a reformed goal keeper ;-) I didn't prepare for the season at all and I got to watch someone try to steal my spot. 

Got on the HerbaLife bandwagon winter of junior year to drop some lbs and saw success. Was it the HerbaLife or that I lost 20 pounds? I DIDN'T CARE! I was running better, fitting into smaller sizes- the whole deal. 

First year post college (basically freshman year of life) another taste of freedom led me to eating and drinking my face off- and I gained another 20 pounds. I've been working ever since to do anything for some stability.

And then I got pregnant. 

I've gotten so many wonderful comments post baby about how much weight I've lost, or how great I look- and believe me, I relish it- because when there I'm not tracking it, or I have too much freedom- my health and numbers used to measure such things- it all runs a muck. I have NO self control when there aren't rules when it comes to food and drink.

Post baby I dropped weight asap- you know how I did it? I wasn't eating for 1.5 anymore, I was breastfeeding exclusively for five months, AND most notably I wasn't drinking case of beer that I used to drink pre-pregnancy each week (the beer I enjoyed ranged from various crafts to coors light so let's use Blue Moon as a point of reference. One, 12 ounce bottle of Blue Moon = 171 calories. x 24= 4104 each WEEK. That's an extra two entire days of food.)

This Christmas, I read the Four Hour Body dropped another 15lbs after following the slow carb diet. With hardly any exercise- only the eating plan. I do yoga (pretty vigorous- I'm in teacher training!) twice a week but nothing other than using my shake weight or grabbing 70 kettle bell swings once a week. I also measured body parts once a week, upped the water intake and stayed honest to the plan until I reached my goal of 15 pounds.

The upside is the obvious effects on the scale. 

The downside- I'm scared to not follow it. Seriously. Scared. 

How many of us don't trust ourselves to be off of a strict plan? I go hard...or I go home and eat on the couch. I know I can't be trusted without rigorous restrictions because I'll sit on the couch and eat 80% of the left overs from this tray. I did it this weekend. I'll eat and entire container of spinach dip and the bread that's needed to get it into my mouth. I can go on serious binges. And as I mentioned earlier, snacking begets snacking. 

Here's a good little article talking about it. 

So, there's no silver bullet to weight loss- but from my experience, it really starts and ends with food. I was convinced when I was in college that since I was playing two sports I could eat as much as I wanted. Now I see (at least for myself) that exercise and fitness should be about fun- doing something we enjoy. I enjoy yoga so that makes it easy for me to do. I like the way it makes me feel and think. But running? I HATE running. It's boring, tiresome and I get hurt every time...so NO THANKS, I say!

I'm working on my relationship with food with this plan. What are you dudes doing? What works and doesn't work for you?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Encyclopedia of ME!

The letter J.

Let's start off with the obvious: Jorts and jeggings. 

TBone and I had ourselves a 30th birthday party last year. It was a jort themed party. There's our family jortrait. Jealous?

Jail Break. 

When our weee ones are smarter or quicker than we think...and they get out of containment. JAILBREAK!


At night, I like to retire to the bed room with a "cup of juice." Yep. It's a cup of wine. But I think juice sounds funnier. 


Todd and I do what we can to be absolutely hilarious. Adding a good (or bad) pun and tallying (or revoking) respective points for said jokes is all part of the fun. The baby has recently started making jokes by playing peek-a-boo with oversized spoons. #todiefor



This store has other things I love. Jerky (didn't make the J list. Sorry, sucka), gadgets, funny state paraphernalia...but more importantly, STUFFED LIONS HEADS. 

Pardon the  brevity, friends. I feel like my life is being sucked from me during the day...

Trying to get back on track. Hey- to help me with that, click below and vote, mmmkay? Also- please remember to stop by and link up at the original post of Encyclopedia's at Shannon's place!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yoga on the Steps

I'm in the back, left of this photo, laughing up a storm with my new friend, Sara from Vitamin Water.

I'm working toward my 200RYT teacher training and came across Yoga on the Steps (YOTS), an amazing event via Facebook. This is the 9th time Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has ran Yoga on the Steps in Philadelphia and are taking it on the road to Washington, DC in October.

There were 1,100 people signed up for the outdoor, rain or shine class and they raised upwards of $200,000 and are keeping the donations page open until June 30 (to the left is a link...it's not underlined for some reason!)

I wasn't sure what to expect with the class. There were yogis of all shapes, sizes and ages so that usually makes for a very basic class. Although my suspicion was dead-on from a physical standpoint, I could not have been more wrong with the emotional impact of the experience. 

Just like many yoga classes, it was basic but it was easily the most moving class I've even been a part of. There were ten women who shared their experience with breast cancer- we held poses for about two minutes at a time while they told us their tale. I found myself becoming so emotional and even tearing up during their stories. Specifically when one woman, just 38 when she found out about her cancer had to have all of her female reproductive organs removed- her breasts, and a complete hysterectomy. It made me think of my son, my husband and my family. How devastating the loss of any family member is.

There was a tent with a healthy living expo where I bought 6 bras for $20 from Olga, one of their sponsors- it would've easily cost me $200 for the same merch if I purchased them in a department store. 

LBBC has committed to running YOTS on the third Sunday in May each year in Philadelphia. 

Hey! While you're here, can you vote for me on this? kthanksbye.

We can work it out!

So, Todd ran his third marathon yesterday with similar results of the first two- nearly debilitating pain in his hip about three miles into the 26.2. I keep pestering him about training differently- running WITH weight training so I'll take this the passive-aggressive route. I'll put up a weekly workout for him (or those of you training for a marathon) that includes the following equipment: you and a stopwatch.

Go get it.

You should work out 6 days a week with 1 day off. 

3 days of interval running:

1 : 1 interval for 20 total minutes

Run: 30 seconds of 65% of your maximum speed (you’re slightly winded at the end)
Walk/slow jog: 30 seconds

3 days of 200 meter runs (200 meters at Neumann’s indoor track is 1.25 laps) ps- 8x200m=1 mile
1.       Start watch and run 200 meter run as fast as you can
2.      Note time
3.     Rest until watch reaches 2 minutes
4.     Repeat finishing each 200m within 2-3 seconds of 1st time
-Repeat this sequence 8 times (8, 200 Meter runs)

Weight Training- 4 days
For week 1, please complete each exercise 3 times, for 20-30 seconds each, resting 20-30 seconds between each

Core 2 days out of 6:

Cradle Crunch


Arms- 1 day out of 6:

Push Ups 

Legs- 1 day out of 6:

Jumping into Shape

Squat thrust into star jump- 

Air Squat-
 (although it looks silly, hipflexer strength is VERY important for runners- take the thrust seriously!!)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm getting SO TIRED of the food on 4hb...

Hey dudes! Thanks for hopping by!

So, I entered myself in this:

Shannon is working overtime getting to the top of hers:

(HEY- click on each of them to vote for us in different categories!!)

And although I can't say that I'm 100% a fitness blog, I know I'm not 100% a momtrepreneur blog either. So whatever.

What I do know is that sticking to the food on the Four Hour Body (4HB) plan is EXHAUSTING. I'm getting almost upset at the limited choices I feel like I have. Did we all read that right? Feel. Not actually have, but feel like I have. To me, that means deprived- and when I started this diet it was NEVER my goal to feel deprived. So, I think I'm on to my part III of the plan (that I'm making up as I go):

1. Measurements 2x a week with slow carb eating PLUS whole grain bread/pasta/rice/fruit/diary on an empty stomach.

This way, if I don't like the numbers, I can always have a pure 4HB day(s) until I'm back to my target.

I still am going to stay away from sugar, chocolate and others Monday-Friday and stick to portion sizes with the rice and grains (one piece of bread, XX ounces of rice, etc.) 

I know I've heard from some of my friends about wanting to try the 4HB- have any of you birds done it yet?

Decent 4HB recipe:

pound of beef.

4 squares of cheese.

Put them sum'bitches in the cupcake tin

bake for 30 minutes at 350.

NO BREAD CRUMBS- 80/20 meat. The key to delicious burgers.

Originally adapted from here.


I had such a blast yesterday for Maksi's Bday.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

We sat right down for story time!

We made a friend.

Blue steel:

 Music time:

stealing other people's rides:

Maks and mommy!

Arts and craps:

Me and my BFF Gabe:

Other new friends:

Proof 1 is going to be even better than 0: