Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The big reveal!

I know you've been waiting and waiting...and here it is.

It seems so long since I said I was going to do this. Oh wait, it was August when Shannon offered to help so I suppose it was longer ago than I though.

Whatever, I'm a working girl, thanks for being patient.

So, with the house being put on the market this week, we had to do something with our second bedroom/mudroom/second family room. We started with this:

Lots of clutter, space, and cat litter...oh, the cat litter. 

Shannon suggested some earthy tones, using a brick or burnt sienna to highlight (RIP, Bob Ross) and went with an organic feel to try and align the felling of the room with the rest of the house and the weirdo-crunchy-yuppies (feel free to use that phrase) that me and my husband are. 

On a budget as usual (remember the room make over for $100?) I hit up Walmart and found a three piece futon/ottoman set for $200 and change and saw these awesome pieces in the outdoor section (rug, pillows and throw) and figured outdoor might be a better fit for this room since they're more durable and our cats walk through their own feces to get upstairs and if they take a detour and run over the couch, it would be easier to clean. We were right.

So without further adieu:

There's still clutter in the back corner that needs to be weeded out, and the crappy cell phone pics are part of the thrown-together-chic charm...(in my next life I'll be more detail oriented) but overall, I'm pleased with the adjustment. 

The orange that Shannon recommended was replaced with green (at the time Walmart didn't have a comparable orange set) and I'd really like to add the finishing touches that she suggested but if we're moving, I don't want to buy anything else that might not fit somewhere else so I see what we have around the house when it comes time to staging.

So that's it friends. Thanks for being patient!

PS- Windows Live Photogallery is responsible for the panoramic attempts. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before and After Pics...sorta.

Girls- remember when we were pregnant and we posted these pics all the time? I haven't done so since May 7th-ish when I did some pregger pics

So when I started the 4Hour Body Tim Ferris INSISTED you take measurements and before and after pics. I took the measurements- down 12+ inches- but never took the pictures...and I regret it. Anyone going on a diet- TAKE PICTURES. 

Ferriss talks a ton about accountability in his second book- how people are more successful just because they're keeping track. It isn't necessarily the diet (for me it sure was...I'm a big donut hog.)

August, 2009 165 pounds. 

I didn't tell yous then...but I was definitely pulling some trick photography. I wouldn't take a head on shot and the angle of the cell phone pics made me feel better about myself at the time. Aren't we funny/mean to ourselves sometimes?

May, 2010 190 pounds (there's a baby in there!)

April 19, 2011 147 lbs.

no smoke or mirrors. just toilets. 

side to side compare

See my butt sticking out(left)? 

I was trying to play a trick...the old, arch your back to make your tummy smaller me through college! Anyone see How I Met Your Mother last night? A magician never reveals his tricks...or at least plays to a very drunk crowd...I'm neither, I guess, unless yous are having wine with lunch.

So whatever, the big, dramatic reveal is going from baby in my belly to no baby, I 'spose.
Lacrosse game in Baltimore tonight. Must win. Here's a quote about that:

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.
- Bill Gates

Monday, April 18, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

...or just I'm working for the weekend- everyone else seemed to have off.

I know I teased you all with the unveiling of Shannon's moodboard set for today but I seriously don't know who I was kidding. I had a game on Saturday (in the sideways rain), I was MCing a banquet on Saturday night, had a field hockey game on Sunday morning and then we had Phillies tickets for Sunday afternoon for the Phanatic's birthday.

When did I think I was going to get the spare furniture out so I was ready for a blog photo shoot? Who knows.

To keep up with the teasing's a sneak peek of some of the items we picked up with Shannon's inspiration:

futon (brown), pillow and throw.


The walls are painted September 11th sky-blue (does anyone else remember how clear and vibrant the sky was that day?), the wood work is white and the wooden blinds match the futon. 

Here's to having a few days off for the Catholic Superbowl! Hopefully I'll have it done sometime this week. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, pooooooor you. Hold on why I cry you a river...

No one will want to hear me complain about the following topic- so don't tell me I didn't warn you...

So. I hopped on the scale this morning- you all have heard about the 4 Hour Body I've been up to. And I've been feeling a little puffy the past two weeks- I thought it was because I went up to two cheat days a week, added some dairy and now bananas and apples back to my diet. So to my pleasant surprise, I was seriously caught off guard when I looked down. What where those numbers!? I was about 147 lbs. this morning. I haven't seen the likes of the mid-140s since never- when I weighed that much I must not have paid attention so we'll ball-park it to about 16 some odd years ago. (Pre-Nifty Fifty dining 2x/week in high school when my then BF got his license. Thanks for the 15 pounds, oreo shake and cheese fries!)

I digress.

So since I've done the 4HB, I've dropped down to this number...and I can't keep pants on. Shorts keep falling off my hips. The once prominent shelf I had on my rear is much smaller. It's annoying...but you know what else is annoying? When someone complains out loud about how much weight they lost when that was the goal in the first place.

We all hate those bitches- so I'm not trying to be one of them.

Rather than complain, I think I might seize this as an opportunity to get this ill-fitting stuff out of my house- I know me and Shannon are trying to have a yard sale soon but I'm not sure how getting these University and sport specific sweat suits will sell- so do I hold onto them? Or make with the donating STAT?

I'm also not in a position to buy a whole new wardrobe so I'd love it if someone sent me to Old Navy with a checklist of items to buy that are interchangeable because I'm interested in having 4 pairs (shirts/shoes/necklaces/sweaters/etc) of pants, and when they're dirty, washing them rather than going out to buy new ones...because I'm drowning in dirty laundry as we speak.

Help me out friends-

1. please send me your top five needs for spring- and all time- add links (and COUPONS!!) and suggestions.

2. get ready for the unveiling of the room inspired by the moodboard Shannon made me (if I can get my shit together this weekend...I'm real busy with work and Phillies ticket.)

Hallelujah hollar back.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Group at the Library

Me and my little BB went on a much needed date. I put in an 12.5 hour work day yesterday so when my phone reminded me that the Media Library playgroup was starting at 10am and I was on the Media Bypass to Aunt Lauren's to drop BB off, we made the call to get in some playin'.

Check out all these toys:

Sweet mural on the ceiling, eh?

This book was sooooo cool- two wind-up cars and three race tracks in the book- see video below. 

There were two other little girls there- Genna and Leila...I think they're in love my my big-eyed BB.

The best part- these are FREE, offered all over the county all week, and the toys are really filthy fun and interactive. 

At least we're building up his immunity!

What's Updog? (part deux.)

Hey! Join my team for this:

My team name is What's Updog?

Here's the email I sent out to beg for money:

I am writing to let you know that I am participating in a very important event on Sunday, May 15, 2011 on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Yoga on the Steps is an annual fundraising event that provides an opportunity to join the community in celebrating the lives of those who have had breast cancer and try an activity that promotes a sense of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. You can support me and LBBC by making a contribution today!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Updog?

For the first time in 16 years I had my upper back (meeting of cervical and thoracic) spine cr-cr-cr-crack from doing a yoga pose. I've drooled over the idea for years- I've heard of people taking classes and just a few sessions in snnnnnn-ap! Crack went the back.

After Maksi's birth I've noticed a real difference in my body (I can hear the snickering and the gasp and all the mom-cliches out there in the crowd...) I get it. Watermelon through a lemon...I knew it would change- but I have a greater awareness of the teeeeeniest nuance and appreciation of my body-thats what I'm talking about.

So a week ago, I was practicing with Kurt Johnsen and a released my head betwixt my shoulders and it felt like my rib cage found more space than ever in the intercostals and I felt the pop and release of my upper back for the first time. All. At. Once.


SafetyRope will tell you all about the knots I get all over- in my thighs, my shoulder blades, my arms...they're real crappy. I carry a TON of tension in these areas so getting some relief anywhere else is great news for him and his sore-from-rubbing-me digits.

So I thought I'd take minute to highlight the pose that did it all: the downward facing dog.

Please disregard the contraption on the wall and insert a yoga mat for grip. 

Since I carry a ton of tension in my back (and possibly thanks to genetics) I have a hard time getting my arms parallel to my ears so down-dog has been more like the above and less like the below.

See how low her head is?
Using a chair (and any flat surface, really) is so helpful- more so if you're pregnant or have sensitive wrists- props-be they blocks, chairs, tables or straps- help us get much deeper into poses than we would on our own. They help us  to lessen the guard our injuries or sensitives so we can get into the pose and RELAX.

So that did it for me, Dudes- how do you all get rid of knots and soothe bumps and bruises?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Encyclopedia of Me! (D thru F)

Remember this? It's time for another (late) edition of Encyclopedia of ME!

Here we go- two posts in ONE day!!


This one's obvious: Disposable Income

If you don't one of these vaults, you're kidding me, and yourself. I want to have so much money that I literally DON'T know what to do with it (so I can buy these and this and this and this. But not this.)

DONUTS. I've been doing the 4 Hour Body since Christmas and that includes one cheat day a week. Every week since I've started, I've stopped by the Giant to get a glazed creme filled donut. It's SOOOO much better than the powdered ones- so good that if I don't get there by noon, they're GONE. That pic looks dirty.

Things that are DARK: chocolate, roasted coffee. And putting them together? Awesome.

Dip. I don't feel the need to explain. 


Expletives. If I don't watch it, I find myself cursing like a truck driver. In my years of teaching and coaching, I've found that there's nothing like a well-placed cuss word to act as an exclamation point. Arguing with my husband? Throw a dick-neck in there- point gets made. La-la-la-la-love fuggin cussin'.

Extra. That is, people who are extra. I call them professors. I have no patience for them. They're extra. You asked for the weather? They tell you that they really never know because of global warming. They usually play the name-dropper game. It's that person who knows it all and wants to give you an excruciatingly detailed lecture about it...usually, they sit behind me at a baseball game, are a fan for the opposing team and talk about why their team is actually better...even though they're losing. 
Education. I'm a teacher. I've come to grips that no matter what I do, I'm most comfortable teaching.  


Food that holds other food- again, I don't think I need to explain (does anyone see why I need to be on a very restrictive diet? 

(cue Oprah) Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingsssss- 

Todd and I are going to see the View Monday. I really, really hope they're giving away trips to Hawaii (or even a sleeve of cookies...) I just want to WIN something. 


We got a sleeve of cookies AND a CD/DVD of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. Jealous?

Working for Myself

I've been passively looking around for a job. I like my job, I'm pretty happy. The schedule is OK (good- coming in a little late so I can have more QT with a BB- bad- Saturdays and Sundays), the perks are decent (free masters degree? Yes, please!), the gear, seeing my alumni friends and getting paid for it...but something is missing. I can't put my finger on it. (oh yea, I'm lazy and I have a mortgage so I'm scared.)

Of course, I want to be independently wealthy. But, since Todd is a perpetual student and unless they haven't told us, our parents do not have a trust fund that they're waiting to spring on us on our 31st birthdays. 

I read this blog about working for yourself. Ok, do stuff for free first...and then people will start to pay me.

Makes sense but- anyone remember the email I sent on January 18th asking people to consider me for their yoga needs? Fail. 

How about yoga vlog? Couldn't keep up. Fail.

So I think I'm going to take the lead from this blog and my good 'ol buddy Tucker Max (who got started by telling his stories for FREE) and just volunteer to do as much as I can of charge. 

It all goes on the resume, right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been slow carbing via Tim Ferris' the 4 Hour Body for three + months. A difficult subtraction from the weekly diet is pasta.

I've made lasagna with egg plant and other squashes to help replicate the layering effect that lasagna has but nothing to replace the linguini...the ravioli...the gemelli...

And then yesterday I saw a blog about spaghetti squash.

..and then I youtube-d how to make the stuff. The first one I watched featured a nice lady with a lisp...try not laughing each time someone with a lisp says squassshhhhh. Suffering succotash!

I made the dish last night and only one error- I didn't flip the squash half way through- the rotating table in the microwave isn't enough on its own.

Otherwise- a decent substitute (NOT equal- but decent.)

It has a crunchy texture- like sauer kraut and a slightly sweet taste. I made it with spicy meat sauce and it was derrrrishoush.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuff I wish I had time to do...

I get emails from the Tip Junkie all the time...she's a mom/entrepreneur who has really taken the blog world by storm- much like one of my BGFs Shanbot is doing.

When I read these awesome lady's blogs from time to time jealousy POURS through my veins. I get upset that my life isn't complete because I'm not doing what I really what to be doing, blah blah blah, but then I get out on the field and boss people around for two hours and I forget about it for a day or so. Check out these ideas that are my two faves:  A wall you can draw on?! Jealous. Make your own rain boots!? No, I'd rather spend $50 on mine...(scaaaaaarcasm is a second language to me....)

I read somewhere recently that jealousy stems from issues you have about how you wish your life was. Agreed- takes the negativity out of said feelings.

In my next life, I'm leaving a mortgage out of the equation, so me, my husband and our baby can have a mommy that doesn't have a job that required her to have to work on Saturdays, Sundays and after 6pm. Sheesh.