Monday, February 28, 2011

30 second blog.

Maksi saying hi and walking. 

We're putting the house on the market- had to brighten up the dining room- on a budget of $150. Beat that Design on a Dime- ever hear of Big Lots?


$20 at Big Lots. I don't have any more money but I want the other one...there were smaller ones too. 

I took a time out from painting so chill with this dude. 

The previous owner covered all of these with the ugly wall paper. I got a can of spray paint and recked shop. 

I was trying to stick to an island theme- not Tiki Bob's...more thirty-year-old version.

The closest I got to college Sarah was the above picture. It's a plastic shower curtain. I cut it in  half. I used double stick tape to turn it into a curtain. 

Staging houses is everything to do with the perception, right? 

Consider this room staged. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


All set for our first Phils game!

Sooooooooooooo BIG!


Just inspecting the car seat...yup, everything checks out.

All the single ladies!

Soooooooo big!

Bath time!

Freezin' for a Reason

Polar Plunging 1/29/2011

B & C - Encyclopedia of ME!

With all this family drama, the blog has been neglected.

No biggie- I'll do what I can.

Here's two installments. Here's the original- join in!

Before Legally Blonde, Back to the Beach was my go to, watch whenever I'm bored movie. It's everything you need, Pee Wee, Frankie & Annette, a toilet bowl ring and surfing the Humonga Cowabunga from Downunda. Classic. AND I still have my copy on VHS in the Erols box...which Todd refers to as "the video I stole from the library."

Oh, beer pong, I used to be so good at you. In college me and my buddy Brooke used to play ball-down-beer pong- aka- when the ball hits the ground, it's anyone's ball. Senior year, I dove and sustained a concussion. My field hockey coach was NOT amused. I was good at this game. I'd shoot the ball like a dart and if it didn't go in, I used such force that I'd usually just knock the cup over because of the strength of the toss.And I started getting a little cocky when I used to screw with people telling them I'd shoot left handed when I was up four or five cups...(Although not a southpaw, I'm surprisingly a better shot left handed.) Now, I play with the steady hand of Cassius Clay lighting the Olympic torch in 1996. 

Oh, foursquare BADGES, why am I obsessed with you? If you're not into foursquare yet- give it a whirl. It's fun. I just unlocked the American Red Cross badge for donating blood last night. 

Brittany Spears watch. I had one of these bad boys when I worked at the Ground Round in college. The alarm (which helped me remember to take my vitamins) was Oops I did it Again. It was pink and fantastic. I knew half of the dance. 

Black beans. I'm doing the 4 Hour Body slow carb eating plan- which includes a TON of beans. Black are my favorite. I lost ten pounds. And the "...make you toot" part of the song? Not entirely true. 

I'm a college coach. Double word score? I coach the teams I played for in college which is fun.

I can crochet. Gram taught me when I was little- mostly scarves (because I forget to count.) Recently my SIL gave me a "how to knit" kit...which has been a slight source of stress for me because of my issues with perfection, time, clutter and following through on things. Eeeks. We'll see. 

Cats. I have three. This is Ava doing her best impression of Elvira with Scamp. (from Tiny Tunes.)