Friday, January 14, 2011

busy bee.

Whew. What a week!

Last Friday I did this. If you haven't seen it yet and need a good laugh, check it out. I'll wait.

Good, right?

Sunday- in Baltimore for the field hockey coaches' convention (did you know there was such a thing? Screams fun, eh? Guess what we argued about for THREE HOURS!? Pregame protocol. We're trying to align ourselves with the International game- so that's great...but...three hours?! It doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with the actual game. Ridiculous.)

Sunday, after spending the 5am-7am hours in the Johns Hopkins ER because BB has a nice little case of the croup, I got a case of the stomach flu, which is a euphemism for peeing out of my butt. Nice. An hour and a half away from home. I made it almost to PA when TBone had to pull over so I could barf along 95 north on my shoes in Delaware.
Yep. I bring the camera EVERYWHERE. Maksi's on the roids.

Monday, I stayed home to make sure the peeing from the butt stopped. Tuesday went to work and Wednesdee had a snow day!

La-la-la-love snow days. For the record, there was NO REASON for the snow day. People get scared of snow. And I'm FINE with that. So Aunt Lauren and I sat around with the babies, drank our venti coffees and talked sh*t all day.

Now today- getting my feet back under me after all of this zodiac nonsense (people, if there's one thing I ask it's that you SNOPES THAT SHIT) I get BB and myself out to the car, put the coffee on the roof, put the baby in his seat, close the door and seemingly in slow motion, my cinnamon winter blend coffee slid off the skating rink of a car roof to its demise. 

Made a hilarious joke to the neighbor that we wouldn't have to shovel that spot and then hopped in the car excited to make a Starbucks stop. Also, added Starbucks to my phone's dictionary. Can I have that job, please? Adding jargon to default phone dictionaries. That would be fun. 

I don't have much else to report. OH, except that we're meeting with our Realtor Sunday. Excited about that. Time to move. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Consumer vs. Producer

Inspired by my pal Isrut's New Years  post in conjunction with an email from Ramit Sethi where he begs that in 2011 we: 

Stop blindly consuming in 2011. If you're not getting benefits from any blogs, newsletters, TV shows, WHATEVER, unsubscribe and stop watching. (Even my emails -- if you're not benefiting from my material, the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this email.) Anyone can consume. Few can produce

I got to thinking...what have I done over the past six months (and stuck with) that makes me a producer? Want to be depressed a little more? Take a look at this little ditty. Any time you're consuming and not producing, you're taking a loss. Eeek.

Now, let's not let this get out of hand- we all have to be consumers in some way, we need to eat, some place to call home, clothes to put on our backs, etc. but the Amazon app on my phone (did I mention that I love how easy it is to use!?!?!) needs to collect a few cobwebs.

I'm going to give this yoga vlog thing another shot...but change it up (which rules, because I HATE the word vlog.) In it's original form I was pigeon holed into ONE kind of service. This way, I can leave the yoga stuffs up there AND post other things I'm up to. I've renamed it- Fifteen Stinkin' Minutes. (Plain Old was already taken...and I see it's being used for current events...jerk.)

So count em. That's three blogs. I'm too much...

Why haven't I been informed?!

I picked up some things at the grocery store yesterday for my 4 hour body, slow carb diet. I needed a few things from the spice aisle and came across these beauts:

They come with everything you need for a dish! I usually turn a blind eye on the idea that I should throw out spices after a year - they lose flavor from what I'm reading

The pros about an all in one spice card:

- everything in one sleeve
- nothing left over
-easy recipe on the back
-spices I normally wouldn't buy
-less cluttered spice cabinet
-because of the recipe, essentially the shopping list is on the back of the card

The cons:

That's it. I think it might be a deal because "pricey" means $4.99

Check out McCormick's site for even more ideas- I don't like to think in the kitchen so has my seal of approval.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Encyclopedia of me: A.

I haven't been doing a great job on the blogging tip- mostly because of the holidays, not being at work in front of a computer all day and keeping a food blog while I follow Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Body (read it, it's good.)

But my homie Shannon came up with a good idea and the standards are ones I can handle- blogging at least twice a month.

So here is this week's edition of Encyclopedia of Me: A.

1. Ale. Before Maksi came along Todd and I would travel near and far looking for our favorites. We've been to Maui Brewery, Alaska Brewing Co., Balashi in Aruba (but somehow have still missed Yuengling?!) and all the ones in the states in between. Now that I'm nursing (creeping up on eight months,  y'all!!) I don't like to "waste" my drinking time on beers that aren't good. So you'll probably see another mention around the Ss...stouts- my current fave. 

2. Aruba! Alaska! Arizona! Those are just some of the spots. I got off to a slow start with the travel bug- I didn't make it on a plane until I was 19 but after I met Todd (and with the help of a job that keeps me on the road sporadically) I've seen some so fun places. Todd promises me that when the kids are at a decent age we're taking a cross country trip in a 1990 Ford Taurus with the whole family.

Glacier, y'all.
3. Amazon App. Double word score? Since I found the Amazon for Blackberry app and with the help of one click ordering I've been on an Amazon spending frenzy. This is a good and also VERY bad thing. I was able to get done a ton of Christmas shopping for the little people in my life and I've done pretty well treating myself too. We all remember the Internet speding frenzy during my maternity leave, don't we? Please someone take away the phone...(but don't, seriously...)

4. Antiques. Well, sort of. What qualifies as an antique, anyway? I basically just like the things that my grandmom and Nan have given me from when they were my age and younger.  My most prized possessions are my maternal grandmom's wedding set (old folks engraved stuff on the regular, btw, it's really sweet) and her spring-loaded expanding kitchen table that her mother-in-law gave her. I also have my paternal grandparent's hutch they kept in their kitchen. Right now it's housing Todd's autographed baseballs but I'm excited to MOVE and showcase it somewheres.

So there's A.

I have to get myself organized on the photo tip...although, I'm a little bit more together on my work jawn.

Happy New Year.