Thursday, October 28, 2010


I suppose if I have to neglect something, it has to be the blog.

The extra attention from my boss has made me do a little more recruiting- not a bad thing- it should help me enjoy better seasons. The extra member to my family and his eating habits has made me do a little less screwing around on the internet.

I do have plenty of cell phone pics to upload...

The end of a 12 hour nap (with two snack breaks, of course)

Gap Casting call pic...except the site was down for three days so we missed it. I protested by spending WAY too much money at Old, the and I'm an ass.

New booties on a bus trip to Scranton. This man is a ham. Smiling plug face. Presh.

Maks and Daddy.

Shirt from Mrs. Kelly.

Rainbow over my field last night. Makes me really miss Hawai'i.

Finally...I'm running out of milk. Well, I'm not making as much as my babe's caregivers are feeding him. I'm not sure who's throwing the bottle party for Maks but I bet he's loving it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

No news is good news.

I've had a tough time using Blogger to pass the time at work. But I just stopped by to see Shannon's most recent BB update and I had to get back on the horse.

BB is a sitter.

And has his first toof- which he pokes with his tongue.

and is real cute and makes me want to be at home all the time with him.

"Ahhhhhh, mom! I have a toof! You can look from there! Don't get too close to my mouth or I won't show you."

This week's faves: Banana guacamole, squash and bananas, organic brown rice (which is a REAL pain in the ass to make) and Paula as usual. Funny thing about that Paula...scene:

3:30 pm, I'm in Bethlehem, PA with my field hockey team at Moravian College getting ready to start a game. 

I look to my phone before I put it away for the game and see a missed call from my mom. I think panicky thoughts, "How am I going to get home?!? I'm all the way in Bethlehem and the game hasn't started... What. Am. I. Going. To Do!?!"

I call my voice mail, (Madge, in an urgent voice)"Hi Sweetie, I'm just calling because I can't find Paula ANYWHERE. We've looked at Lauren's, at my house and I'm worried Maks won't have her for his ride home with Todd. blah, blah, blah..." I pressed 7 to delete the rest because I didn't care.

Here's Paula: 
I know, I know, her name is Sophie. We call her Paula so we can tell her apart from all of the other Sophies...we call Paula in a crowd, she turns around...we call out Sophie everyone else turns and we all have a good laugh.

So I get this message from Madge- which was only out of the ordinary because she DOES NOT call me with updates. No news is good news with our day care situation. And Paula is funnier to me than the degree of Maks needing her. 

And great news. These are on the way to my house: 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've been really missing Hawai'i recently. Seriously.

Enter iHeartRadio and my blackberry and YarisMP3 jack. I downloaded the app to my phone and now on the trips back and forth to mom-mom's in the morning, I've been listening to Hawaiian radio... or New York radio. Or Arkansas radio (not really, but you get the idea.)

You know the funny thing about Honolulu's station? At 9am when I'm heading to drop of Maksi BB it's 3am there so sometimes I'm catching the 3am club-letting-out music. At noon, it's the 6am traffic and their (seriously crappy) morning radio show- that's when NY, NY's KTU get's turned on.

Good news- you can check out and listen at work too. AND IT'S FREE.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday!


Left, 1998, Right, 2010

Snake and Cake in their matching marsh mellow suits

Maksi and Grandma Donkey

Scamp's bff

Daddy and Maks at work with Mommy

Snake, Cake and Maks

Jake's Grandma Diane


Maks the Sitter

This lady's on the move and rearranging furniture

Daddy killing a bug

Don't tase me Daddy, I lost my sock.

HATES bananas. Classic Maks.

Where's my milk?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where do you get off, Wednesday?!

Seriously, I got to work around 1015 (or whatever) and look up at the clock what seems like twenty minutes later only to see it's 1:19pm. Where'd it all go!?

I think it has something to do with stopping in at Starbucks to turn in my free breakfast sammy card (if you haven't registered your starbucks gift card yet, do so...and the free stuff starts flowing) and get a super caffeinated cup o' joe.

Other great things to happen this week:

-Target baby pics (sitting fee waived Thursdays- student photog!)

This kid's a ham.

- Last night I got to play how can I incorporate what people keep giving me from their garden into a dinner so I don't have to go to the grocery store? I went with gnocchi in Alfredo with sauteed egg plant and steamed pumpkin/squash hybrid (don't ask, MIL brought it over explaining that her bees must've crossed pollinated them. Whatevs, it was deelish.)

- I teach yoga every other Monday- that was this week and I made someone fart. I take this as a serious compliment. We were doing a pose that helps squeeze out air where it's not supposed to be! Farting is good!

- We won in overtime yesterday and I've been referring to my team as my little porcupines. I explained this is a good metaphor because porcupines are VERY cute and unsuspecting...until they  get riled up and then they stab predators in the finger.

- Not sure I mentioned this, we're going non-traditional with the god parent route. We've asked Lauren to be Maksim's godmother. And I suppose we'll go godfather-less. I want to make sure the appointed is around to celebrate my babes- I didn't have this good fortune. So like her or not (;-) I know Aunt Wah-win isn't going anywhere. Also, my parish DOES NOT require preJordan. SCORE. Although, I really liked preCana so, I'm sure it would've been nice.


- I take my necklace off when I do yoga- it's a 36" chain with the Tiffany heart. Todd got it for me for Christmas the first year we were dating. And now it's gone. If you chat it up with St. Anthony, put in a good word for me.

Good- maybe I'll get a new one?

Good- it's fall break- I think this might mean I can stay home on Sunday to clean AND THROW STUFF OUT.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not as I planned.

Big ups to LL- her bach was this weekend. My buds have made it a tradition to head to all of the super fun/redankulous bars in AC to celebrate our bachelorette parties. We usually spend the night hopping around the spots in the Trop before we get over to the Irish Pub and then back to the Trop casino floor.

I've only gotten to do one the "right" way. Shannon's was the first- no strings were attached. Lost my phone, my voice and my pocket John.

Mine was at home and we stayed away from AC and took a school bus to all of the best/worst places in Delco.

Then Kelly's was the day of my sister-in-law's college graduation in Albany- we left there at 2, hauled cooks home and blazed down the expressway to party it up before my gran's 90th bday party (that I planned) the next morning (at Church, no less.)

I was knocked up for Katie's- and nobody, and I mean nobody wears a HUGE afro like a busty pregnant chick in RiRa.

And now for Lisa's- Todd is out of town for his PhD so planning for me and my 4.75 month old was difficult from the jump off.

My sister and I had a plan- pile three infants in the back seat of her Escape to her in-laws shore house in Sea Isle where I'd leave her with the kids for three hours while I caught din and a drink and some Catholic Church hymns with the girls and be back in time for BB's midnight feeding.


So- did I mention that Lauren worked over night Friday (props to her, btw- would I have offered this? Not sure. She did it because she knows friends are important.)? Or that I worked (in the sun) all day Saturday? And has anyone tried to squeeze THREE car seats in the back of a car? And how about it when babies sympathy cry for each other? After a two-ish hour car ride with 2.5 screaming babies I had to send a wimpy text to pull out. Felt like a jerk.

I know I missed out on some fun stuff with my buds. So instead of sining church hymns, the memory I'll have is me tearing my shirt off in Darby so Maks has a familiar smell since he didn't recognize the sights and smells of Aunt Lauren's car and he was upset.

And heartburn. I have heartburn.