Saturday, July 31, 2010

On Our Way to Total World Domination!

Not really.

BUT- we had a small victory last night. A month ago when I wasn't getting much sleep we decided that co-sleeping would be the way to go. That worked great while I was home every day with no real schedule to speak of but for the past week of being on a schedule that I had to keep I was jumping to feed BB during the night every time he stirred so he wouldn't wake up fully- basically sleep nursing the lil bug in hopes of minimizing any awake time so I could sleep more and be rested for work.

The problem with this? He was just stirring. And about every hour or so at that. So I went from being up once a night to being up about five times unnecessarily.

I was getting a little nuts during the day. My thoughts were plagued with worst case scenario ideas like losing my job or being left by Todd or screaming and scaring my infant. Would these things happen? Probably not but my tired mind thinks some crazy thoughts.

So we tried putting his majesty in his royal crib for the first time to sleep. He usually falls asleep in my arms before I think to put him to bed so putting him down in an unfamiliar place isn't an issue. He's already passed the arm drop test. I set up the monitor (which picks up the sound of a cat hair falling on the floor, btw) and we went at it.

And guess what?! I woke up more times than he did because of my nerves!! He woke up once around 5 to snack then back to sleep until 7:45.

I'm sure I'm silly to think the worst is over but this was an encouraging step.

It sure was tough to do it. TBone gave me the pouty lower lip. I gave it right back to him. Mile stones are bitter sweet. Sweet because nothing is better than seeing your kid learn something new but bitter because he's working his way to being self-sufficient and not needing his mommy and moving in with some tramp I hate.

Except for that last part with any blog to God's ears.

Hmmm- so I'm trying to keep with this unsolicited advice theme- so here it is: use a sleeping solution that works for you and your family- whatever that is. Take ALL SIDS recommendations into account. Heavy drinking or drug usage your thing? Co-sleeping probably isn't for you (nor should parenting but- whatevs.)

Taking Maksi to his fourth state today. I heart NY.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mission Accomplished.

Yesterday I got Sir Stanley in the mail. Familiar with Flat Stanley? Same idea. Take a picture with Sir Stanley somewhere or with someone well-known and post it on a website. My alma mater is doing this in preparation for homecoming- and since it's also my place of business, I don't like to disappoint. I was initially annoyed about the whole idea...I'm just getting used to my new routine with Maksi in the morning- getting him ready so I can leave him (WHHHHHHHAAAAAAA)...and I don't have an extra second to spare in the morning, afternoon or night for something like this. Also, I'm of the go-hard-or-go-home breed of folks so if I'm not setting the bar high, than I don't want any parts of it. 

I did my initial research- do I hit a place of local folklore- Stanley on Old Man Porch Man's lap? Maybe standing on the walk of Midgetville? What about in Prendie's bell tower? We live close enough to the City of Brotherly Love, the birth place of our Nation- so do I get him perched on the Liberty Bell? At Pat's or Geno's (or my fave, Ishkabibbles)?

Nay, dear friends...I called in for a special favor- cousin works at CBP as the Marketing Director of the Phillies and former field hockey player works at the Wells Fargo Center- got pics on the field, pics in the Sixer's locker room and send his ass on to Virgina Beach where he'll be paraded around down there with another favorite alum. 

Almuni director's quote? "Man, that's a tough act to follow :) LOVE IT!!!" 


Two highlights:

In the Phil's dugout.

Near the Sixer's locker room seats.

That was the fun for today- here's the serious tip, aka my Unsolicited Advice: chill out with the micromanaging. Seriously.

Check out around 1:01...

Ahh, micromanaging. 

I HATE to be micromanaged. I am a confident person. I like to talk the talk and walk the walk- go hard or go home (see above.) Now, I'm FAR from perfect but it's also important to me at work (and in life) that I have a certain level of autonomy so I feel comfortable making decisions without being questioned about every move I make. It's also important to have those decisions supported by my superiors. 

Feeling like this- why do I micromanage my household? For the last three months, I've insisted being the one to get up with BB, to feed (I'm nursing so this makes sense but now I have enough milk stored so it really doesn't have to happen) and change him in the middle of the night. Now that I'm back at work- who's the winner there? NO ONE. I'm moody because I'm tired (and MAN, does my mid race when I'm moody) so then I get all self righteous like "I'm the only one who can soothe him" and then mad at my husband for not helping...but, uh, that's not really fair since I haven't asked/let him help. 

This morning at 4am after being woken up for the fifth time (he really only wakes up once but I jump at every stir- I think it's time to put him in his crib) to feed or rock BB I said those three magic words, "I need help." It was either that or cry.

It was magical. And I felt relieved. 

TBone sprung into action. He scooped up BB, took him downstairs and the boys rocked and watched Sports Center. And I got to sleep until he got in the shower for work. I felt a little bad because I knew he'd stay awake from 4am until when he usually gets up at 6 but I've been up every night since May 12th. It's OK to share. 

My root of micromanaging is my momma. She raised me. She's the epitome of the Little Red Hen- she'll ask once and if it's not done right/on time/on her terms? She'll do it herself.

You know what happens to people who don't feel loved/needed/useful? They quit. Or they leave. They find a place where they feel useful, loved and part of the equation. 

Sure, we can do it all ourselves- but why should we? Personally, if I keep that nonsense up, I don't want to give my husband any other reasons to give me the boot 

(Lord knows he puts up with a lot with all of my reindeer games as it is ;-)

Finally, Philadelphia region- enjoying the weather today? You can thank Madge- after thirty years, she finally got air conditioning. Kiss those ninety degree days of summer goodbye!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm putting out the GOOD china, and no one's stopping me.


I'm on a roll here...and I might offend so don't mind me.

My mom has sacrificed a lot- long story short- my dad and her split up during the pregnancy of her third Instead of hopping back into life and the dating pool she raised three high functioning and pretty successful (if I don't mind saying so myself ;-) adults. It's taken her this long (30 years, to be exact) to realize that she wants to have people over to her house- but one problem...she's a little embarrassed of the condition of it all. Needless to say, along with sacrificing her social and love life (btw, she's 63, has a great pension, passion for Ocean City, MD and needs a HUSBAND, know anyone?) her house has really suffered.

Over the course of the past two weeks entertaining people here and there and bringing my baby to her house, I've been seeing bits and pieces of what we do to ourselves (or what she did to herself for thirty years), or put up with rather, until company comes around. I had my cousin and his lovely wife over two weeks ago when I came to realize that...I don't have (or use) napkins...or that I have CAT TUMBLE WEED throughout my entire house...or that the five second rule really SHOULDN'T count on your kitchen floor because there are more germs there than there are on cement...or that I don't keep creamer or sugar so by default, no one else should use it ;-)

Long digression- unsolicited advice for today: Keep your space how you would for when your friends are coming to visit. Keep your place so you wouldn't be embarrassed what the joint looks like if someone you love and respect were to be there to visit with you. (read: a little smudge on the coffee table isn't going to kill you but the piles and piles and piles of clothes and clutter in your living room?!? Do something about it.)

Enjoy your stuff. Take out the nice wine glasses for dinner more than once a week- and if you're not drinking wine these days because you're pumping breast milk topless at your work desk? Try some chocolate milk!

Furthermore, if you can't keep up on all of your stuff- YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. Can't keep up with the dust/roof/lawn/garden/shotty fence/whatever? It might be too much for you to handle. Maybe you should move...and stop listening to people about what you're supposed to do so you buy a money pit in Aston...when you should've just gotten a bigger apartment in Media until the Prince Charming of Real Estate came along.

I read this article today. I'm ALL about having someone give me the advice that I need to hear. To be kept on the hook. Feeling sorry for myself makes me feel's not productive.

OK- that's it for today- I need to sneak in a workout so I don't beat myself up later (and because I like to workout.)

As usual- a disclaimer: this blog is meant for me to use as a journal. I am NOT in any way, shape or form suggesting that my friends or family or strangers take this advice and run with it. I am also not criticizing anyone but the way I keep my life and home (today's topic? My house is messy and I want it to change.) Any coincidence with the unsolicited advice of the day is PURELY coincidental so please don't read into it any farther than I'm in a mood, sitting at my computer (possibly pumping breast milk) and I need to rant.

I appreciate a good (and a bad) comment... ;-)

Wu Tang is Here FOREVER, mathafugga.

As a rule, I really don't like to use profanity on the Internets. Although I'm VERY clever about hiding myself in Tuktoyaktuk, Alaska (from a Molson/Metalica commercial in the mid nineties) in my Internets persona, I know I can be found....and it's just a matter of time. 

I spent the middle of the nine o'clock hour reading Wikipedia's information about the Wu-Tang Clan (could really use a brush many of the albums are really, "the most successful album to date?") It was pretty good- my favorite part discussed one of the group's hit Triumph which has no chorus, nine verses and is every college student's dream to have memorized...well, it was my dream, at least.  

It got me to thinking about other songs that changed the face of music, or at least, made radio more interesting by getting away from the good old chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-verse-chorus system- seriously mad libs could do better. A short list of the ones that came to mind while I was becoming the Mayor of the Media Bypass. That's right. The Mayor. You heard me.

1. Triumph (see above)
2. Stairway to Heaven (did everyone who reads this try to make out with their BF/GF for the ENITRE song at CYO mixers in 7th or 8th grade? Or was I ahead of my time?
3. November Rain (see above.)
4. Tuesday Afternoon (A narrative in an album?!?)
5. Paranoid Android (See #1- it DEFIES the song formula as we know it.)
6. Live Freestyle 95 (2Pac and Biggie Smalls- his slow flow IS remarkable.)

I know what you're all thinking...but please don't send me some obscure song that I've never heard of (unless it's really good- I'll listen to it but unless the group has sold over five million records- it's NOT making the list.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Help ME, help YOU.

Holy shooooo. 

I don't know where to start. In honor of my first real post at a computer now that I'm back at work...we'll start trying things a little different. I'm going to offer unsolicited advice so you can help me do everything I want to do. So...although...

I want to update you all about our jort party...

...or tell you all about BB's diaper rash (thanks for all the tips, y'all- and thanks Shanna for the timely gift (below!)  

...or discuss my recent love affair with Yatch Rock...

...or boast about my dinner plans for Sweetie's 30th birthday... about how I want to be the damn mayor of work already!!! (aka my recent obsession with the world of social networking.)

...I miss my son (and so I don't cry all day, I can't really, really think about him -only thing allowed is chit chat about his vital ...or I will sob.)....

...discuss the ins and outs of about how pumping at work sucks (and I have the nerve to say this when I have my own office...with a DOOR! AND blinds!) about the feelings (ranging from guilt, to the need to organize, angst, fill-in-the-blank) to be a rock star wife/mother/compliance officer/coach/teacher/friend/housekeeper/DVRQueen when I know the laundry isn't folded, my baby isn't with me.... don't mind me... pity party central. 


SO, I need YOUR help to make things easier so I can do all of the things I want to do by 4pm.

1. GET RID OF YOUR BLOG CAPTCHA!!! It adds an extra 5-35 seconds on my commenting time. 

I have to pump so I can do the rest of what I want to do today. Sacrifice. 

Monday, July 26, 2010


First day back at workee. Madge came to our joint so it made getting to work easy. We got an email last week reminding us that although we work in athletics we need to clean up our dress code- ie, stop wearing flippyfloppies, beat up tshirts and worn out sneakers unless the work related task at hand calls for it.

Since I haven't put a work outfit together in over a fortnight- and the last time I fit in regular sized work clothes? Let's just say it took me a while to figure it all out. So I get to work to have meetings about meetings, to touch base and to promote synergy, and you know what I see? Many of those sumbitches in their flippyfloppies, beat up tshirts and worn out sneakers. Oh wells. I looked nice.

I must've subconsciously wanted to go home for lunch (even though I prepared not to) since I forgot my packed lunch in the fridge. Not having to pump in my office on my first day back was good. Our walls are a little on the thin side so something tells me my boss might hear the rhythmic chug of it pulse along when I finally get around to doing it there.

I was spent from putting out fires and trying to blaze through the accumulated emails since Maksim's birthday so I called work quits around 430. I ran out to the track and sped through an eight minute forty second mile (not bad for someone who HATES to run- I had my five fingers- had to put them to the test!), stretched a bit then decided to call my workout quits since I wanted to be at home with BB.

I'm blogging from my BlackBerry because I don't want to be tempted to surf the Internets when I need to be spending QT with my BB.

New BB developments: he grabbed something. On purpose. And seemingly because he liked the texture.

Pics attached: what I woke up to this morning and BB gazing at him mommy crinkling his ducky.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diaper Rash Decision

TBone and Maks in the Philadelphia Union locker room. Gave blood there this morning and they gave us a Union scarf and a stadium tour in return!

(And nothing was a rash decision- I just like those Wheel of Fortune phrases.)

Last night we went to into BB to Eamon and Nolan- arguably some of the cutest babies around- and had a blast visiting with ma buds. I LOVE noticing the differences between our parties now and our parties back in high school and college. Still a food fest of sorts but now instead of the floor being covered with pillows for people to crash on it's covered with baby toys and mats for our offspring to crawl around on.

We got home and were in bed by around 11. BB was fed and put down and didn't wake up UNTIL 6AM!! He slept for 7ish hours. Awesome.


I changed his dipe this morning after the marathon nap and saw he had a raw tushie. Sad face. It doesn't seem to bother him but it looks like it sucks.

Was it because of being in his dipe for seven hours?

We've been (and by we, I mean I) using cloth dipes whenever possible (yesterday was the first time we used clothe out of the house!! Success!) but overnights has been strictly disposables. Even when we put him in disposables we change him at least every two and a half hours. Someone HALP!

I need this to not happen again.

Btw- still keeping up with my blackberry app- giving blood (well, the body compensating for the blood loss) burns 650 calories. Makes up for the Blizzard Thursday. Sweet.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fwd: who sez Orioles baseball isn't exciting?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Email (that I was copied on) between my Dad and my husband. They're chums.

Fantastic. I LOVE that there was zero dialog, only links...and my husband feels comfortable returning my dad's link with a link of his own. If you have five minutes, check them out.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Todd  <>
Date: Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: who sez Orioles baseball isn't exciting?
To: Jeff
Cc: Sarah

All good things have to come to an end.

Last school day off before I head back to work. We get started on Monday with a 10AM staff meeting. Also, my boss sent out an email reminding my coworkers and I about "proper" office attire- the usual, no flip flops, neat attire. I work for an athletic department at a local university so it's a relaxed business casual but I suppose he's tired of shorts. Although being in middle management (sort of) I know that both of these things are necessary evils...but it sure doesn't make me want to whistle while I work. To make matters better, I've also been putting off checking my email (I have a Blackberry so I see it...I've just been ignoring it) since about eight weeks Monday's going to be super...lets just say it isn't the Welcome Back party I'd hoped for.

Instead of BB and I partying all day, it's been spent soothing his little cranky pants. The five vaccine shots he got yesterday left him with a 101.1degree fever and two very nervous parents. The good news: he wanted to snuggle with mom and sleep. The bad news: we couldn't put him down until he PASSED out for the night.

Any friends out there expecting? Unsolicited mom advice of the day: Get a syringe with milliliter dosages listed on it juuuuuuust in case. We were at BJs for shopping and also to get the children's formula fever reducer- so it only came with a child's sized measuring cup. Last time I went to the drug store to pick up the stuff it was when the recall was in full swing so our options were limited. When we found out that BB had a fever we raced around the house to find something close to .8ml... fortunately the dropper that comes with the vitamin D drops has a 1ml line on it so we were able to guestimate as close as possible...but let's be serious here, probably not the best idea. He weighs 13 1/2 (ish) pounds so .8ml is probably an exact measurement.

Finally- tomorrow is mine and Todd's long awaited 30th birthday party. You can't believe it's finally here?!! Me either!! I know I peaked your interest all the way back in March when it was planned. Sure, some of the details are a little off since we made the "flyer." But one thing's for sure- our central air is going to be in overdrive since it's going to be HOT as S-H-youknowwhat but rest assured; we'll be in our jorts.

I think I may even spend the rest of the day scouring the local Good Will for a sweet shirt, a cowboy hat and a fanny pack. Yuck.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sayonara, What to Expect Daily Email...

You had to know it was coming, What To Expect (WTE) daily email. It had to happen sooner or later. But don't cry, we've had a good run. Let's remember the fonder times...

You offered me generic daily advice helping me cope with all of the going ons in my pregnant body such as a hemorrhoids (nope) stretch marks (nada) or reminding me to keep up with those kegels! (btw, you weren't kidding...)

You made me cry and scared the bejezus out of me when you said, "head in the toilet for the last two weeks? Rest assured women who experience morning (and afternoon and night!!) sickness are LESS likely to miscarry!" since I wasn't having morning sickness...

I spent more time on Google Image search thanks to you when you described weekly that my Fancy Pants was the size of a june berry, red currant or a small to medium sized watermelon.

You CC'd me on emails meant for Dad about why "She might not be in the mood" or "How to help her feel hot with a bowling ball on her stomach" among other topics that would "help me feel better."

It's been a fun ride, WTE emails... but I have to say good bye. I'm 50% sure I'll sign up for the punishment next time...but 50% sure I won't. Perhaps you could sweeten the deal by making a list of things I surely know about (such as a Hershey's kiss or a 5" size 10 stiletto or a pony of High Life) to compare my Expected to.


Breast Milk Clearance Chart

Best chart (and I LOVE charts) I've found to date. Get ready for our 30th birthday bash, y'all. Starts 3pm at our place Saturdee.Chart found here

Weight kg (lbs)
No. Of Drinks* (Hours : Minutes)
40.8 (90)2:505:408:3011:2014:1017:0019:5122:41
43.1 (95)2:465:328:1911:0513:5216:3819:2522:11
45.4 (100)2:425:258:0810:5113:3416:1719:0021:43
47.6 (105)2:395:197:5810:3813:1815:5718:3721:1623:56
49.9 (110)2:365:127:4910:2513:0115:3818:1420:5023:27
52.2 (115)2:335:067:3910:1212:4615:1917:5220:2522:59
54.4 (120)2:305:007:3010:0012:3115:0117:3120:0122:32
56.7 (125)2:274:547:229:4912:1614:4417:1119:3822:06
59.0 (130)2:244:497:139:3812:0314:2716:5219:1621:41
61.2 (135)2:214:437:059:2711.4914:1116:3318:5521:1723.39
63.5 (140)2:194:386:589:1711:3713:5616:1518:3520:5423:14
65.8 (145)2:164:336:509:0711:2413:4115:5818:1520:3222:49
68.0 (150)2:144:296:438:5811:1213:2715:4117:5620:1022:25
70.3 (155)2:124:246:368:4811:0113:1315:2517:3719:4922:02
72.6 (160)2:104:206:308:4010:5013:0015:1017:2019:3021:4023:50
74.8 (165)2:074:156:238:3110:3912:4714:5417:0219:1021:1823.50
77.1 (170)2:054:116:178:2310:2812:3414:4016:4618:5120:5723:03
79.3 (175)2:034:076:118:1410:1812:2214:2616:2918:3320:3722:40
81.6 (180)2:014:036:058:0710:0812:1014:1216:1418:1520:1722:19
83.9 (185)1:593:595:597:599:5911:5913:5915:5917:5819:5821:5823:58
86.2 (190)1:583:565:547:529:5011:4813:4615:4417:4219:4021:3823:36
88.5 (195)1:563:525:487:449:4111:3713:3315:2917:2619:2221:1823:14
90.7 (200)1:543:495:437:389:3211:2713:2115:1617:1019:0520:5922:54
93.0 (205)1:523:455:387:319:2411:1713:0915:0216:5518:4820:4122:34
95.3 (210)1:513:425:337:249:1611:0712:5814:4916:4118:3220:2322:14

*1 drink = 340 g (12 oz) of 5% beer, or 141.75 g (5 oz) of 11% wine, or 42.53 g (1.5 oz) of 40% liquor.
Example no. 1: For a 40.8-kg (90-lb) woman who consumed three drinks in 1 hour, it would take 8 hours, 30 minutes for there to be no alcohol in her breast milk, but for a 95.3-kg (210-lb) woman drinking the same amount, it would take 5 hours, 33 minutes.
Example no. 2: For a 63.5-kg (140-lb) woman drinking four beers starting at 8:00 pm, it would take 9 hours, 17 minutes for there to be no alcohol in her breast milk (ie, until 5:17 am

Two Month Hot Baby Check In!

Date: July 22, 2010
Age: 2 months, one week, three days.
Weight: 13 pounds, 6 ounces
Height: 1'11"
Ninetieth percentile in both height AND weight. We got us a strong, healthy baby.
Head Circumference: 43.5cm
Vaccine reaction: SCREAMED on impact, settled when distracted with Mommy's soft hair brushing in his face.

Firsts: My boy laughed today! It's a good thing too, he was up eating at 2, 4 and 6 so I was about to send him off to the circus. The smile and laugh won me right back over. I'm a pretty easy crowd.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need to get in on this

Me and BB got up early today- he woke up at 6:30 to eat and just now went back down for his nap (but barely... he's a nap fighter this kid.) Thank goodness he kept me up or I would've never seen this on the news:

Trade Upgrade on Craigslist

I've been trying to sell my Krups Model XP1500 Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker since the end of June. I bought a new Keurig and although I'd love to just start throwing everything out, this pup cost $99 (or maybe more- with BBBs 20% off coups, it's hard to tell) so I'd like to see some ROI.

So if this kid can get a Porsche, I hope to be able to walk away with a hippo or diamond earrings or something.

Todd asked me to keep track of it, so when I have updates...I'll post them. It took this kid two years to go from broken cell phone to Porsche so here's to seeing my investment grow before BB is in kindergarten.

Wordy Wednesday

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.
Mark Kay Ash
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BB's Halloween Costume - Love21 - Maternity - Love21 - Maternity

Forever 21, eh? Hm.

Hodge Podge

Life operates in funny little ways. I've always been a go with the flow kinda gal- good (and bad) things fall in my lap and I've been happy to make lemon drops when life hands me lemons. This morning I emailed our buyer's agent from two years ago for advice. I didn't think she was a seller's agent so I thought it was just going to be a cordial email where she offered me advice and a reference and then I wouldn't do squat about listing my house. There's nothing wrong with our house- except that we've already hit capacity. Want another kid? We'll HAVE to move. With the "market the way it is" (another phrase I hate...right up there with "in this economy") we think it might be adventageous to list it and make a move when we have a bite. We have no agenda so...

Guess what? She's a seller's agent too- shit! We might actually have to do this! And then have another kid! EEEK! (More time off though, right? ;-)

New topic:

I heard about Ayerveda a few weeks ago. Ready to get all "Seventeen magazine quizzy up in this bitch? See here.

I'm a pitta. Since I'm not interested in limiting my food intake- maybe I can learn how to better fuel my body. We'll see.

Please check out my husband's blog. We met via his blog on Myspace in 2005. His ridiculous humor makes me swoon. He's insane. And hilarious. And made up a story based on a picture. I think I might suggest he follow this lady's blog. I signed up for her weekly writing prompts- here's to actually doing them!

Last - my kid learned to play.

Monday, July 19, 2010


First: Food Issues.

My cousin Jim, his lovely wife Cori and their pup Portia came to visit us yesterday from the big city in New York. He was in town visiting his mom, and has been doing a nice job trying to sneak in other family visits when he comes to town. During his visit he was playing with his iPhone 4 and talked about how awesome it is- he joked he doesn't use it for calling people but the aps are superior. I have a serious case of phone envy (Verizon claims they're getting the iPhone in January!!) so I downloaded a few free apps- including a food and exercise tracker to see where I am. 

1. No breastfeeding exercise option. They have something listed as "Other" and you can edit this to reflect a day of breastfeeding.

2. I eat WAY too much. Breakfast killed me today- 900+ calories on what I thought was a healthy choice- 1 tomato, an avocado, a clove of garlic, table spoons of olive oil and red wine vinegar and a 1/4 cup of mixed nuts and crasins. The three slices of French bread is what did me in. Yuck.

3. Yoga (according to my tracker) only burns 120 calories in an hour- just about the equivalent to sleeping. Great. 

So...I guess I have to take this with a grain of salt. I'm sure all of the options I'm choosing aren't 100% accurate but they have to be close. And breast feeding is around 500 calories a day- some people burn 300 some up to 800. I've never really been a calorie counter but I'm not getting any younger. I want to try and keep track of this (as best as I can) so I'm at least conscious of it all.

Second: Cloth Diapers.

Diapering with trefolds and covers isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Granted, we haven't really given it a fair shake since they trifolds are suppsed to be washed 4-8 times before they're really absorbent- so I'm not even sure they're fitting BB right. But- I spent about $200 to set us up until he's 18 pounds (dipes, wipes and covers)- so guess what Nanny and Todd- I'm using them. If yous want to buy your own diapers and wipes- feel free, but I'm using these. I'm determined. 

Third: Can't win if you don't play.

The lottery, that is. Bought a $5 scratch off Bingo card yesterday. We didn't win. 

Lottery investment so far: $5. Winnings: $0.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeeeeeeling....


**please note, if anyone from my place of business reads this, you are all wonderful people. And I work at a great place. It's just....**

...seriously, going back to work is for the birds. I've spent the last ten weeks with my Sweetie Jr. and although my new Nanny comes with very respectable credentials, I'm not looking forward to it. To prepare- I've channeled my back to school days when I was a teacher: we're going to be and getting up like the schedule we'll keep next week but just keep doing our thing. So me and BB were in bed by 8:30 last night after his bath- he was asleep by 8:45 and I stayed up to read until 1030. One snack overnight and we were up again for his morning snack at 7:00 and out of bed at 7:30 when I showered and we got downstairs. Newsflash- He's a cranky pants. We usually don't get out of bed until about 9:30 so this is a change to say the least. I'm reading this situation as he doesn't want me to go back either.

Aside from the whole I-don't-want-to-go-to-work-and-I-just-want-to-be-independently-wealthy-bit, I'm mostly sad about not being able to spend the day with my son. Although he's doing all kinds of good two month old baby things, he hasn't rolled over yet- he's not holding his head up all the way on his own and he's on the verge of laughing...and damn nanny might see it all first and gloat in her own little way.

Well, I suppose that's how my nanny felt when she left my sister, brother and I with her nanny...Grandmom.

So this week will be spent with Nanny, sister and her kids making sure that BB takes a bottle from her and ironing out the details of the next few months.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Although I'm intrigued, isn't this part of the fun of it?

Read here, then read down there.

How can I feel like I'm really treating myself if 1. I don't really catch a serious buzz and 2. I don't get a beer gut to show for all of my hard work?

I'm not drinking much these days because of the whole lactation thing so when I do have some hooch I think I want mine to count.

Unsolicited Mom advice for the day

1. Take the weight of your diaper bag as it stands alone into consideration. Holy knotty back, Batman!

2. If it's just you and your baby at the mall, the number of times you'll be stopped will be directly proportional to how close you are to feeding time, multiplied by how full the baby's diaper is plus the length of your to do list.

Time to get your bitch face on.

Note: having a bad day? Go to the mall (Macy's specifically) with no agenda and let the ladies in the purse, jewelry and makeup section fawn all over you and your BB (or G.)

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Controversial topic here we come.

Jackie, Lauren and I talked about all of the things breast milk was good for yesterday. Aside from being the perfect natural nutritional supplier (moms who use formula, feed on sister, that's why I wrote, NATURAL) for our little ones.

Snakob had rug burn on his face from his physical therapy appointment- Lauren rubbed some milk on it and it was better by morning.

Maks is doing much better with his clogged tear duct but when it gets extra gooey- the milk helps with the flare ups. 

We've talked about it taking care of conjunctivitis but...I did a little 5AM Googling when I was up feeding BB and saw a few articles about...wait for it...breast milk...and curing cancer.

No extensive test have been done except for tumors being shrunk in test tubes and the milk "destroying the warts" from HPV cancer. Read about it all here. Or here

There are a few articles out there talking about the pros and cons of it all- HIV and other diseases can be passed through breast milk and it's pretty creepy and gross to ask for someone else's milk, right?

But, I have to admit, it the answer is LITERALLY right below our noses...why aren't we looking into it as a more serious option? Hasn't everyone been affected by the devastation of cancer in some way or another? Are we spending billions of dollars on research? Donating money and time to run race, plan events, etc.? 

Ok. I'm done. Just sayin'. 

Chickenpot, chickenpot, chickenpot pie!

Well, in reality, veggie fried rice- but there isn't really a funny quote about that.

I'm challenged bi-weekly in the kitchen to use what we've been given at our farm share. This week we have onions, more cukes, zucchini and tomatoes along with some greeeeeen greens.

My favorite meal is probably spaghetti with meat sauce but being the birthday week that it is- I also had a taste for (this is the old lady way to say jones'in, btw) some of my other faves- Chinese food but more specifically, fried rice.

I remember when I was younger after the first time I had friend rice we were all so impressed with it and my worldly uncle swept in from Chi town and explained how easy it was to cook it. Easy? Sure, if you throw your traditional knowledge of cooking out the window- aka the Chinese cook on ULTRA hot temps and FAST so prep work is key. So I've been practicing all week on my fried rice and today hit the jackpot- it was so good I even broke out my yellow chopsticks.

Tuesday stared with just the rice and the egg. Wednesday I added onions. Thursday tomatoes along with it all and Friday- put some zooch up in this piece.

So here it is- in one serving size:

1/2 cup Uncle Ben's Brown minute rice. Sure- you could get the real whole grain stuff but this is easy, FAST and you can make one serving at a time.
1/2 cup water
1 table spoon soy sauce- I've had a TON of the packets laying around so I assume it's 1TBSP, if not, it's to taste anyways
diced veggies (I urge you to put in the onion if nothing else. There's something about the caramelized onion that is unreal.)
1 egg

Make the rice then take it out of the pot and let it sit.
In the same pan (have a wok? great, so do I, but making rice in it doesn't work for me. I used a small sauce pan) put a table spoon-ish of oil (I used olive) and turn that heat UP.
Throw in the veggies and shock the shit out of them for a minute or two.
Crack the egg in the pan and scramble until there's no (or a only a little) liquid left
Toss the rice back in and finish off with the soy sauce (add more/less to taste!)

Serve that ish up. I won't lie- it's not quiet as good as the local take out place but I didn't use a ton of oil, I didn't use white rice and I didn't use a ton of soy sauce but it's good- and helps me use that farm share stuff.


PS- go check out Todd's blog.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like father, like son.

When Todd and I moved in together four years ago I was really thrown off by his night time habits. Up until I met him, I was always sort of a loner. I stuck to my own schedule- went to bed when I wanted, came and went with groups of friends at my leisure, or even went out alone sometimes. Weird, I know. I like a certain level of autonomy. 

I noticed that Todd would wait for me to go to bed- get this- so we could go together. WEIRD (to me at the time.) It started to annoy me. He would lay on the floor in a nest of pillows, take his glasses off and fall asleep. I would suggest he go to be. "No, I'll wait for you...ZZZZzzzzzz." 

"Really? Oookkkkkkay." (sing-song voice.)

This pattern went on for sometime. When he would complain that he was tired, I reminded him that maybe he should consider going to bed a little earlier. "But I like to go to bed with my Sweetie." *I can hear you all swoon....but remember, I like doing my own thing... so this annoyed me.*
On nights he would actually go to bed before me...he would leave the light on for me- sound asleep - all the lights on.

I've changed as the years have gone by- I like our little routine now- I suppose the persistence of this Todd character has softened me. 

And now- look what we have here...

This kid LOVES his mommy. We sit on the couch and flex the muscles on my laptop and DVR and as long as he's with me (or can smell me, rather)- he's set. If it's play-with-the-gym time- I have to be involved. Going to sleep? I'm sending a TShirt with my BO all over it. When he's with his cousins, he's cool (peer pressure?) So in a week and a half (GROSS) when I go back to work and leave him with my mother and the twins, he should be good (as long as I send the shirt I wore to bed along with him.)

I suppose I should eat this up, right? There's going to be a time when he won't want to hang out with me (or there better be- boys/men with mommy issues are not for this lady) so cheers to Maks and mommy time. 

Back to work in a week and a half- the thought sickens me. It seems like just yesterday I was in my bosses' office discussing my next move and then going into labor that night. I feel like a lot has changed in this time. I'm reminded with this time that I really want to have a sporadic schedule at work- odd days off- random schedule- but I want to teach something. This weekend I had my level three yoga training. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it- the drive to Pittsburgh, the people in the class, eating our way around the 'burgh, everything. It fueled me to sign up for my retrains for levels 1 and 3 and buy a shit-ton of books about different things on Amazon. It's so funny- when I started taking these trainings a year ago- I went into it all with the idea that I wasn't into what I referred to as the "hippie crunchy" aspect of it all- didn't want to chant, don't care about the philosophies- just want the workout. Hey, guess what? They sort of go hand in hand. Rats.

Just with everything else, though, there are levels of crazy and I am certainly NOT giving up meat any day soon as serious yogis often do. No way. I LOVE cheese burgers. And my love affair with breakfast meats is an on-going journey. I may get a stick figure for the back of my car though ;-)

I'm looking into becoming an ACE group fitness instructor so if anyone can explain this to me (what does this get me other than a cert? Is it just an anatomy/physio training and then I have to get certifications on top of that? I need more answers, people!)

Birthday dinner at Dad's tonight. This means MORE ICE CREAM CAKE.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two hundred is the new 30.

Just noticed this is my 200th post. To celebrate, I threw myself a little ice cream cake party for lunch.

Actually, it was the left over ice cream cake Todd got me for my 30th birthday yesterday.

I talked with my brother yesterday morning- he asked me what kind of birthday shenanigans I was going to get into.

S: uh, not much, I'll probably do the laundree and clean up around the house.
E: really? it's your thirtieth birthday. get out and shake a tail feather.
S: yea- we've been away for ten days and the cats basically threw a house party while we were away. (mental pic is hilarious here. please imagine Mahalo with a tie around his head.
E: can't that wait until tomorrow?
S: sure, but I like to be happy on my birthday. living in squalor doesn't make me happy. floors will be swept and laundry will be done.

Todd came home and showered me with gifts- (a Pandora frog from Maks, ABC coconut oil, yoga socks, Lush stuffs and a book: Shit my Dad Says- really funny. I LOL'd several times) and then we went out grocery shopping and to the book store then we got back here and made my dinner of choice: spag and meat sauce and an ICE CREAM CAKE!

26 year old Sarah...I worked at a tanning salon. Terrible.

It was a pretty low key birthday. I'm feeling kind of meh about the whole thing, really. I commented to Todd that an awful lot happened in five years. Five years ago on 7/13 I didn't even know him- well, we were emailing back and forth on MySpace but we wouldn't meet until two months from now. I was even dating another dude.

I wonder what the 25 year old Sarah would think about being married with an infant living in Aston. Thirty year old Sarah likes her life but what about 25 year old? I wish sometimes we could Scrooged (or It's a Wonderful Life) style jump ahead in five year increments to see where we are in our life. I wonder if this would be a blessing or a curse- being able to see ourselves. Perspective changes, you know? In college, I was THRILLED to get out of Aston- now I live here- but am willing the universe to make something happen to change that.

Goals for this year:

Finish 200RYT- level 1 and 3 retrain about to be scheduled leaving level 4, 5 and anatomy.
To get paid for teaching yoga (pretty sure this is going to happen at Neumann- if not, here I come, Aston, Library!)
To let go of shit that's still bothering me from the 2002-2005 era. I guess a milestone birthday really draws this sort of thing out of a person, eh?
Figure out baptism for my kid- it's not really the baptism part we have to figure out- more like the godparent part.
Stop buying stuff I don't need and clean out stuff from my house (that I don't need.)

Annnnnd.....I think that's it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

On the road again!

We're on our way to the Steel City- and with an eight week old, what does that mean?

Breast feeding road trip!

We're in the heart of Pennsyltucky and good 'ol dad just broke the cardinal rule of traveling with your child (and wife): don't leave them in the car with the windows up- especially when they're breast feeding.

Maks has been a real trooper so far. He HATES public bathroom changing tables- and uh, let's stop putting them right in the doorway- I'm talking to you architects. Since BB doesn't care for the table, he started to scream and everyone who walked in and out either laughed, snarled or provided wondrous parenting nugget that I promptly ignored.

I hate untinded windows and the perverts who walk by them to catch a peek of my suckling baby.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man of the cloth.

So far so good. We're still washing them to work on absorbtion but we think he likes...and it's fregging c-yooot.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby's Nose Knows Mom's Smell

Holy canoli. Or is it ganole?

We've had a rough two weeks- BB's been yelling- straight screaming on weekdays when TBone has held him. It might be a little early to talk about the no-hitter...but BB was five minutes in to one of his yelling fits when I took my shirt off and put it by his nose on his dad's shoulder...and it stopped. And it's been quiet for five minutes. (A new, recent record.)

Say a prayer for us.

Todd compared it to me giving the baby chloroform like in those spy movies. Sad. And hilarious.

Z. Cavaricci Black Pleather Skinny-Leg Pant | Pants

Z. Cavaricci Black Pleather Skinny-Leg Pant | Pants

Just bought these.

Jealous? ;-)

You can do it if you put your back into it.

Diaper butt is probably the cutest thing going. I love those little pudgy turkey legs and puffy tush on my little BB. So freakin' cute.

I've been considering cloth diapering from the jump- if you ask some pf my friends (I'm talking to you, Blake) they might say I only want to do this because I like to be difficult. This is true. I DO like to be difficult. I also like to get the full experience out of life and trying to do what I can to use OG products. What's more OG that cloth diapers?

I'm also a girl who likes to be well informed. Shopping for cloth diaps is no easy task these days. When it comes to shopping, I'm really a toucher and a feeler. I need Venn Diagrams or charts so I can see what features are available. So what does the Interwebs have to offer on the subject? I lot of narratives- people review the things and abandon all grammar rules (I feel a posting dedicated SOLELY to the importance of the paragraph break- like seriously- how about learning a simple html code. How tough is that? I mean really...) 

I digress. 

So, since there are only a few local stores who offer them in store- which I plan to check this out sometime this week- I spent four hours researching this stuff last night only to wake up in cold sweats because of my circumstances. 

So let's get to the root of why I want cloth diapers.

1. The cost- since I'm leaning toward the prefold, Snappi, diaper cover really would rack up how much we'd save over time (read: money left for candy and soda.)

2. I like to be difficult.

3. Instant pants! Seriously, have you see these?
Please note: I really couldn't care less about the environmental impact- it's just a bonus.

So here would be the reasons NOT to get these jawns:

1. My mom is going to be my primary care giver. If she's not OK with changing these (and therefore prepping/storing the dirties in a waterproof bag all day) then I have to send BB with what would be the point to be a part time clother? I keep reading about how much babies LOVE change...*dripping sarcasm* I don't mind sending a disposable every now and then along with a sitter but is asking my mom to participate too much?

2. I'm basically pretty lazy. Part of the allure of the disposables is that they're...disposable. You throw them out and that's it! But with cloth scraping poo into the tullet and having a very specific routine to keep these bad boys clean will be a must. So how many prefolds will we have to buy so I'm only doing diaper laundry once a week? (There's a local diaper service that washes my diaps for $15 a week- worth it?)

3. I am just bored again? Do I always NEED a project that I'm only half heartedly committed to? 

Halp! Who knows more about this stuff than I?