She is sixteen going on seventeen....

I'm taking a cue from Shannon- my thirtieth (holy shit) birthday is coming. I'm hard to buy gifts for. When I want something...I go get it. Like ASAP. Shan made a nice little list of things she wanted for her thirtieth and the awesome bunch of buds what we are, chipped in to get her the Kruerig. What pals we are.

Last week while we were buying said coffee maker, I scoured the Internet reading reviews and came to find I needed one too. Todd suggested I wait since my birthday was coming but a friend in a yoga training fueled my impetuous nature by telling me once, "When I want something, I buy it right away. The longer I wait, the more time I am without it." I assured myself this wouldn't be wasteful (like buying a ShakeWeight might be) since I make coffee everyday so I marched out and got it. (Also note, I'm learning about the chakras for my next training and apparently this trait is a classic demonstration that I'm deficient in the first chakra. Great.)

This works most of the time except it's sort of a birthday buzzkill because I really like to be surprised. And taken care of. And it's really hard to surprise me. And take care of me...because I can do bad all by myself.

So anyway, here are things I like...

Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap and solid perfume. Smells divine.

Extra Bold KCups. I like my coffee like I like my men- Bold and Special. I'm not opposed to a KCup of the month club.  This works on a few levels- I'm starting to get into organic things- not because I'm ecofriendly...more like I'm lazy and I'd prefer to not have to scrub pesticides off of things I ingest.


Yoga class(es.) I'm working on my 200RYT cert (level 3 in two weeks!) so I do all of my practice on my own. Having a trip (or five) to a local studio would be nice to get my alignment checked and get pushed past known limits. 

Honey-Dos. Todd and I HATE (well, don't have time for and our attention to detail isn't the greatest for various reason) completing little tasks around the house such as replacing a water damaged section of drywall in the bathroom and painting the roof above the living room with energy saving white silicone paint. We have to do these things since we want to put the house on the we can get more bang for our buck somewhere else (read, less to take care of in the way of gardens and house maintenance). Can someone do these things for me? Oh, yea, and have a garage sale for me while you're at it. Actually, if you could just feng shui the shit out of my house, I'd appreciate it. 

Beachcomber Budd's Coconut Oil is my favorite smell. I still have a ton of this stuff from my Christmas gift but I like things that make me and my house smell like this. 

I have a Pandora bracelet so a Pandora charm might do.

And maybe one of these of Maks.

Finally, I'd like to get my yoga business off the ground. Please see next post for details.

And let's not forget this place.

Ok- so to wrap it up, I want my house in order, strong organic coffee, to smell like coconuts, charms, tattoos and yoga classes and to make more money. 

Oh, and diamonds. 

Loads of them.


I like these too. 

Will someone please tell my husband about this post!? Thanks.


Shannon said…
dude, it totally works. blogs rule. i got everything i posted on my b-day wish list. it's like a birthday registry but disguised as blog fodder.

i saw something in the keurig box about getting two free large boxes of coffee if you order 2 boxes? did you see this?
Shannon said…
oh and you mentioned a garage sale...are you talkin lots of stuff to sell? I've been gathering stuff to have one, maybe wanna plan one for early fall? we could load up your car and bring it over my house, then if you don't want to take it home, you can drop it at goodwill.