How cute is this!?

I signed up to read The Foodie Mommie's blog and what a nice little surprise I got today! She mentioned my blog in hers!

I'm excited when it's time when I can play with the baby food maker (not too excited, I like my little BB to grow at a normal rate, not Adam Sandler in Click rate, please.) 

See what a little time and the Internets does for us? Internets friends!
So excited for tomorrow- it's Shannon's pre-baby special day- it's a tradition my friends started for me (I've said it once, I'll say it again, if your friends aren't the kind of people who are happy to make you feel like rockstar by doing awesome stuff for you and then correct your grammar in the same sentence, then you need to get yourself some new homegirls. SeewhaI'msayin'?)

We have some awesome stuff planned that is very Shannon and I'm pumped just to hang. 

Six week postpartum check-up done. Although I'm back to 166lbs, (I was 165 at my first check up) I'm not 100% sure I don't have a tape worm or something...or I drank a TON of beer before Maksi. Jamesina asked me how much was a "ton" of beer. I got paranoid and downplayed how much I was talking about and said "Oh, like five or six on a Friday or Saturday night..." Fibber.

Jamesina also laughed at me...she isn't thrilled at my kegel skills (use your imagination how she knows what they feel like.) Rats. I thought I was doing pretty good, too. And I don't like being a C+ student.

Duty calls.