Baby Wearing!

Maks and I have had an interesting two days. Tuesdays are fun: Mom-mom comes over to play and we usually hit the town.

I've learned that when people want to help with your baby- many times it's on their terms. Also, the mother in question (me) is usually too tired to actually ask for what they actually want help with so they just go along with whatever it is the helper wants to provide. I need to break this cycle.

Scene: yesterday, Aston, on the hillbilly side of town. Enter Madge (aka Mom-mom.) Puts down wet paper towel on side table (she leaves one EVERYWHERE SHE GOES.)

Sarah: putting around the kitchen and living room tidying up the place. Still wearing PJs  (second set, first set was dirtied with vomit and breast milk.)

Maks: swinging gleefully in Ocean Wonders swing.

Sarah and Madge: senseless chatter about the usual: why she hasn't hooked up the computer we got her for Christmas, Snapfish photos, Maks, Jacob and Caitlin, the Madrak baby in Cali (yet to be named,) the meaning of life, Grandmom and hospital scrubs and how wonderful they are for the summer.

It pains me to continue writing this like it's a play- here's the gist: Madge has been coming over on Tuesdays to chill with me and Maks. I really wanted to go to the Super Wal-Mart in Kennett (ever just have an inexplicable urge?) and I was going to ask her to just stay with Maks while I run there and I'd bring back lunch. Instead, before I suggested this she told me how excited she was about our day (talking in the third person to Maks) and where we all were going to go for lunch. You see, she had 13 pictures left on her disposable Kodak and she wanted to use them in whatever stores we decided to go to as proof that Maks was making his way about town.

In my sheer exhaustion, I placated my mother's wishes.

So, we got ourselves ready and instead of the usual one minute of whimpering that Maks does when we put him in the car seat, it was a full blown, lip quivering, cry face SCREAM that didn't quit. Greeeeat.

I took him out of the seat. We bounced around for a few. Once he returned to his happy self, we tried the seat again and RACED to the door. Two minutes into the ride he's usually asleep.

Not this time. Instead he started screaming again so I got to play driving Miss Daisy and banished Madge to the back with my boy where she held the plug in his mouth.

I wanted this chance to get out for an hour. To try on some $3.50 tank tops and an American flag bathing suit. Classy, I know. Instead, since my son was fussy, Madge took him in the cart and any time he fussed darted around the place. So instead of being in and out, I have to play the fun game, "Find my crazy mother and my son" every thirty seconds. We were inside the store for nearly two hours.

When we checked out she took off again, nowhere to be found, so I was left standing at the register wrestling with my wallet and a fist full of change, two bags on one arm and three on the other because remember: if you're not careful at Walmart, you'll lose your packages with that rotisserie bag thing they have at the counter and your paid for merchandise will be back on the shelves in MINUTES.

We got to lunch and I decided that since Maks was quite the fuss budget, we'd rock the Bjorn in Zac's Hamburgers. And guess who caught some ZZzzzzzzs?

He's been up all day today again. Now, at 7pm, we're typing with Maks in his Hotsling. Fast asleep. We tried everything today: he's been fussy and distracted at the breast so I've been pumping and bottle feeding him all day. Sort of worked- he ate plenty but no sleeping.

We tried the swing.

No sleep.

Checked with Babywise.

Not. One. Suggestion.

So now, I'm wearing my son and he's fast asleep. I suppose this makes sense. Not only does LLL outline all of the benefits about infant wearing here, but, if you'll recall, I was VERY active during my pregnancy. So...does this mean that the kid is just bored to tears with the swing, pack and play and the other hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of baby goods were given to use for him? After thirty seconds of swinging, he's all, "Next! We've done this already today." I'm not sure what to do except...wear him and continue on.

Oh, this little bug. He's cute.

PS- I don't think I've told y'all about how awesome my friends are this week yet. Shannon stopped by (before Madge came over to "help") yesterday with a gift. My awesome friends chipped in and got me five regular meals from this place: Super Suppers

Unbelievably thoughtful and generous. AND delicious. We had egg plant parm tonight and it was BANGING.

Get yourself some new friends if yours don't take care of you like this.


gobblesmom said…
you wear that kid well!!

and i totally understand about the grandmotherly help. we appreciate it greatly, but there are a few things that we want done a little differently than 30 years ago. it's a hard balance to strike!
Kelly said…
we love you. we show it by way of food.
Katie said…
Glad you liked the food!
Homevalley said…

I finally let my MIL vaccuum for me the other day. I felt bad about it, but I have been so busy letting everyone spend time with the babe I have been letting what's in his best interest come second. No more.