FiveFingers, day one

An apple a day...

Bored or really ready for a change?

The most depressing thing I've EVER seen.


How cute is this!? ARE the father!

There's no method to this madness. None.

Maks: One Month Check Up

Holy cool feature on your website, Batman!

Yoga Teacher For Hire!

She is sixteen going on seventeen....

Vuvuzelas in the TV make for nice white noise.

Baby in the bed!

You're doing WHAT?!

Hope Springs Eternal: Body After Baby Project: Join Me!

Baby Wearing!

I LOVE diaper butt.

Time Will Reveal

Feast or Famine up in this B

Happy 30th!

I swear, I have my masters degree.

Can I get some whiskey up in this bitch?

Cheese and Rice.

Not a second to spare.