Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FiveFingers, day one

Five hours into my new Fivefingers in the style of Jimmy Fallon's bit Pros and Cons.


Doesn't feel like I'm wearing ANY shoes. I love not wearing shoes.


Doesn't feel like I'm wearing any shoes but since they're worn like regular shoes, I forget about them and hopped on my yoga mat or in my bed with allllllll of the dirt and muck that's on the floor/ground.


I have sweaty feet so using them on my yoga mat was really helpful- got much deeper into down dog and had a better grip for up dog.

Con: tore that $5 five below mat to shreds.

Tomorrow BB and I will go for a walk!

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An apple a day...

...still leaves us 2-4 servings short of our daily fruit requirement.

I can't take credit for the hilarious quote- saw it on a shirt in the Mental Floss store.

I picked up our veggies from our farm share today. Apparently the blistering heat has not stopped the cucumbers from growing. I split the share with three other people- the other Sarah at work and I go every other week and this we we were met an obscene amount of cucumbers. Thirty, to be exact.

I really enjoy the farm share. It provides us with biweekly veggies and really saves money- $175 for the whole season (May-November.) Tonight, along with our spinach ravs (not farm) we had sautéed Swiss chard and a cucumber and tomato salad. Awesome. But now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of this:

Carrots, squash, radishes, celery, a head of lettuce, a bag of greens yet to be named.

Tomorrow I make pickles.

Last week was the last time I made it to the grocery store and I'm on boycott until the end of next week because I'm scrambling trying to get through the perishable remains. See that crock in the background of the pic? Last night I made a turkey London broil simmered in veggie broth with plums! 

Mr. BB and I ran some errands after the farm. Got my wedding band checked for my warranty (where some whooo-are asked if BB was safe in his sling- uh, go poop in your hat, lady) and then after two years of contemplation, I finally got my five fingers. 


In other news, I have to vacuum my car floor.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bored or really ready for a change?

Me and BB were  hanging out most of the morning- he was in and out of cat naps (until a BITCHIN' nap from 230-5 when I snuck yoga in) while I scoured the Internets. I've been bitching and complaining about our house since I got pregnant and now that I've been home for seven weeks having a taste of freedom, I've been contemplating work and being a SAHM. (I've also killed three ants on my computer screen with my bare hands...I'm a murderer.)

So, the problems:

1. We cannot afford for me to stay home. I don't make a killing (or enough to have a respectable amount in savings, but it's enough to pay the mortgage and my credit card, leaving the cars, insurance, utilities, etc. for Todd.

2. When I decide it's time for subsequent children if I'm a SAHM (who's teaching yoga classes, watching children part time, etc) I won't have a FMLA income.

3. My house is on a hill, with no side walk where cars race up and down the street. Having a baby makes me consider it a little unsafe to walk into the street to get to our cars.

So sure, if I was a SAHM I'd probably be motivated by fear to hustle and make money. BUT the whole point is to stay at home. To be a mom. Right? I don't want to work harder than I do now just so I can stay at home.

I was talking with my sister and we bounced these ideas off each other to determine that I'm probably just bored. I need to at least go back to work before I sell my current life without seeing what it's like with BB added to the mix.

I've been studying for my upcoming Level III YogaFit training in Pittsburgh. Our required reading is Pathways to Joy and the Chakra Balancing Kit. I decided to become certified through YogaFit because I appreciated that it seemed like a more athletic, less what I refer to as a "crunchy hippie" way to practice yoga. They didn't talk much about chanting and meditation in the classes and since I have focus issues, this seemed great for me. Enter level III.

"Study the Chakras?!" I coughed! Pffffft.

So...I'm also a kind of a person who when they sign up for an experience (and in this case, PAY FOR IT, like seriously pay for it...) I really want to get the FULL experience. So study the chakras, I am. And hey, hey. Guess what?

...the shit makes sense. I sometimes feel like my life if one big I told you so.

I won't bore with the gory details but after reading and applying the first two (seven total)- my yoga practice has improved a bit. Practicing things in areas that are lacking in your life, such as focus and concentration in my case, works. I've been working on grounding my feet and lengthening my spine and tucking my pelvis under (Hello, kegels!)

Have you ever blogged and blogged trying to make a point and then feel like you've just written a load of crap? Yea- that's this. God bless anyone who's read it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The most depressing thing I've EVER seen.

Time Out Mat, Portable Disciplinary Mat, Time Out Method, Discipline Method

The tag line should be, "How to use shame and public humiliation to rear your child...and make them feel like a rear!"



I made a Lactation Consultant drool. Well, my baby did but it's because of me. Don't mind me while I pat myself on the back, peeps. I need to take what I can get!

Maks accompanied me to my six week postpartum check up and while I got an internal and had the breast check, Patty the LC held Maks.

I was a little nervous about this. The few interactions I've had with LCs I've been really disappointed. The first was nothing short of terrifying. I was a mom for exactly fifteen hours and spent the entire night up with my newborn feeding him, rocking him, watching TV with him, singing, talking, whatever.  Seven AM rolled around and Todd was starting to wake up. I read about all of the benefits of skin to skin contact with Dad shortly after birth so I demanded that he saddle up- Maks started to fuss a little and squirm and then straight cried.

ENTER TERRY, the LC. "What's happening here are very aggressive feeding cues, you need to FEED YOUR BABY NOW!!!"


I owned her.

...OK, here's what I really said:

Me: Uhhh, ok, sorry, Todd, give me Maks. (tail between legs.)

No offense, LCs, but you are very serious, militant type ladies in my experience. I know you are a wealth of knowledge and you mean well. But please, get a background and validate my story before dismissing me because "I couldn't possibly have a clue." Sure, typically people may not scour the Internets for EVERYTHING on a topic and buy every book under five dollars on half.com on a subject...but I do. So make like ONYX in 1993 and BACDAFUCUP.

Anyway, back to today.

Nancy came back into the room holding my BB and said, "How much does this little fella weigh?"

Me: Eleven pounds fourteen ounces.

N: No way, he's got to be about fourteen or fifteen pounds.

Me: Nope, he was weighed yesterday.

N (with CREEPY sparkle in her eye): he's getting that cream, isn't he? (eye brow raise, wink.)

Me: Uhhh, yeaaaaa.

You know those people who get off when others do a job well? I think that's what happened here and I'm taking it as a compliment since LCs (in my experience) only have two emotions: Soup Nazis and Creepy Creamers.

It does sort of make me want to learn to become a LC to help peeps...does one have to be a nurse to do such a thing?

How cute is this!?

I signed up to read The Foodie Mommie's blog and what a nice little surprise I got today! She mentioned my blog in hers!

I'm excited when it's time when I can play with the baby food maker (not too excited, I like my little BB to grow at a normal rate, not Adam Sandler in Click rate, please.) 

See what a little time and the Internets does for us? Internets friends!
So excited for tomorrow- it's Shannon's pre-baby special day- it's a tradition my friends started for me (I've said it once, I'll say it again, if your friends aren't the kind of people who are happy to make you feel like rockstar by doing awesome stuff for you and then correct your grammar in the same sentence, then you need to get yourself some new homegirls. SeewhaI'msayin'?)

We have some awesome stuff planned that is very Shannon and I'm pumped just to hang. 

Six week postpartum check-up done. Although I'm back to 166lbs, (I was 165 at my first check up) I'm not 100% sure I don't have a tape worm or something...or I drank a TON of beer before Maksi. Jamesina asked me how much was a "ton" of beer. I got paranoid and downplayed how much I was talking about and said "Oh, like five or six on a Friday or Saturday night..." Fibber.

Jamesina also laughed at me...she isn't thrilled at my kegel skills (use your imagination how she knows what they feel like.) Rats. I thought I was doing pretty good, too. And I don't like being a C+ student.

Duty calls.

Todd...you ARE the father!

There was no question, of course, but it's fun to watch features appear in your offspring that come from your mate.
Sure, technically Todd's genes are responsible for them but my body made the bugger, right?
This is the best picture I have as proof but now I can see the teeeny little chin dimple my boys have and the ever so slight widows peak they share.
Super cute.

Btw- back to my fighting weight. Time to take over the world.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's no method to this madness. None.

What a whirlwind week so far. Not really. I don't even know what date it is. At least I've gotten in yoga 3.75/4 days this week. 

Poor Todd- Maks has been screaming every time Todd picks him up- until today when Todd stayed home from work to make it to his one month (it's been six weeks though?) check up. We've tried most things- walking about the house, baths, swaying, the five Ss, everything. Today, Todd stays home from work, we have a happy baby who's taken two or three naps.

It's settled: we have to quit our jobs forever. Does anyone want to fund our lives for the next few years? That'dbegreat, thanks.

We had a nice little day running around- Doctor's appointment where Maks played with all the toys:

And then to Michael's for a crafting project to be named later:

Maks tried on all the hats

And he wasn't the only one who got to play:

We asked the Doc for her opinion about why Maks was crying the way he was when Todd picked him up. As usual, no flinching.

Doc: "Yea, that's what babies do."

Me: No, reeeeeally, my baby screams like no baby has ever screamed before. It's a new phenomena, seriously you should see it.

Doc: [Pauses, stares.] Ok, so I'll see you in a month?

Me: Ok. 

I've been having sex dreams all week. Not the normal hot-stuff-comin'-through dreams. More like "Oh shit, Maks is in the other room wecan'tdothisnow" dream.

These are coinciding with my six week check up tomorrow- they tell you about resuming exercise (been done that) and sex along with lady bit check up, right?

I got this article about Baby and Me yoga classes for yoga teachers. I took rehab and maternity classes because I thought they'd be more marketable from a money making standpoint but reading this and having a little nugget of my own really makes me want to be able to teach it...and bring BB to classes. He'd be the cutest prop ever. EVER.

NBA draft time. Sixers pick next- here's to not blowing it! 

Maks: One Month Check Up

My boy is 11 pounds, 14 ounces of pure muscle.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy cool feature on your website, Batman!

I want these.

Please check the feature "see with jeans."

I want them even more.

Yoga Teacher For Hire!

So here goes- I'm working on my 200RYT with YogaFit and with the addition BB, I'm looking make more of a living out of something I enjoy doing.

It's my preference to operate on a referral basis (or I'll need to bring a wingman, or a bouncer ;-), which clients will pay for to ensure our safety.) Isrut suggests getting the word out to the universeto make things happen. I'm ready to make this happen...so let's make it happen. Below, from my flyer:

Teacher Sarah has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She is a certified to teach various levels of yoga classes and is a local university athletic coach.
Dissatisfied with the cost and availability of local yoga classes, she sought to become certified to teach.  Now she offers various levels of classes, at an affordable and competitive rate, in the privacy of your own space!
Classes offered day and night, week day or weekend, private or for groups by appointment.
Classes offered include:
Beginner and intermediate yoga
Pre and postnatal
Senior and rehabilitative

Contact for Rates 

Private and group classes available 

All in the privacy of your own space!

Left, Kurpel, nine months pregnant.

Through her yoga practice, Kurpel only gained 28 pounds in her first pregnancy with daily practice until ONE DAY before delivery!

She is sixteen going on seventeen....

I'm taking a cue from Shannon- my thirtieth (holy shit) birthday is coming. I'm hard to buy gifts for. When I want something...I go get it. Like ASAP. Shan made a nice little list of things she wanted for her thirtieth and the awesome bunch of buds what we are, chipped in to get her the Kruerig. What pals we are.

Last week while we were buying said coffee maker, I scoured the Internet reading reviews and came to find I needed one too. Todd suggested I wait since my birthday was coming but a friend in a yoga training fueled my impetuous nature by telling me once, "When I want something, I buy it right away. The longer I wait, the more time I am without it." I assured myself this wouldn't be wasteful (like buying a ShakeWeight might be) since I make coffee everyday so I marched out and got it. (Also note, I'm learning about the chakras for my next training and apparently this trait is a classic demonstration that I'm deficient in the first chakra. Great.)

This works most of the time except it's sort of a birthday buzzkill because I really like to be surprised. And taken care of. And it's really hard to surprise me. And take care of me...because I can do bad all by myself.

So anyway, here are things I like...

Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap and solid perfume. Smells divine.

Extra Bold KCups. I like my coffee like I like my men- Bold and Special. I'm not opposed to a KCup of the month club.  This works on a few levels- I'm starting to get into organic things- not because I'm ecofriendly...more like I'm lazy and I'd prefer to not have to scrub pesticides off of things I ingest.


Yoga class(es.) I'm working on my 200RYT cert (level 3 in two weeks!) so I do all of my practice on my own. Having a trip (or five) to a local studio would be nice to get my alignment checked and get pushed past known limits. 

Honey-Dos. Todd and I HATE (well, don't have time for and our attention to detail isn't the greatest for various reason) completing little tasks around the house such as replacing a water damaged section of drywall in the bathroom and painting the roof above the living room with energy saving white silicone paint. We have to do these things since we want to put the house on the market...so we can get more bang for our buck somewhere else (read, less to take care of in the way of gardens and house maintenance). Can someone do these things for me? Oh, yea, and have a garage sale for me while you're at it. Actually, if you could just feng shui the shit out of my house, I'd appreciate it. 

Beachcomber Budd's Coconut Oil is my favorite smell. I still have a ton of this stuff from my Christmas gift but I like things that make me and my house smell like this. 

I have a Pandora bracelet so a Pandora charm might do.

And maybe one of these of Maks.

Finally, I'd like to get my yoga business off the ground. Please see next post for details.

And let's not forget this place.

Ok- so to wrap it up, I want my house in order, strong organic coffee, to smell like coconuts, charms, tattoos and yoga classes and to make more money. 

Oh, and diamonds. 

Loads of them.


I like these too. 

Will someone please tell my husband about this post!? Thanks.

Vuvuzelas in the TV make for nice white noise.

Where to start, where to start...how about some ridiculous pictures?!

We went out to dinner for Shannon's birthday. Maks is six weeks old so we're really not ready to leave him with someone while we go out. He was fussy all week so we had cash in hand and an exit plan devised in the event we'd need to make an early exit. I fed him in the car in a parking lot, plopped Maks in the hotsling and we were on our way to Limoncello in West Chester. He was wide eyed for the whole walk there- said hello to everyone...and the fell asleep betwixt my bosom. Here are some borderline vulgar pictures that I'll be happy to show his prom date in 2027.

Terrible and hilarious. Jeeze, boobs. Take it easy.

I've been car-less for the past two days. We both have our inspection due in June so Todd's taken the other car to work each day leaving me at home with the bug. Aside from not taking ANY naps yesterday he's been wonderful. We were supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday whilst picking the cars up but with a thunderstorm lingering and Maks's snack time getting in the way it was just easier for me to go without the boys. I find that if Todd and I make plans like this, I become fixated on them. I was "stuck" at home all day yesterday and I was seriously looking forward to taking my good old time wandering up and down the aisles of the Giant. 

About fifteen minutes into my trip I get a text, "Major meltdown." Followed by a call.

T: What do I do if the bottle in the fridge doesn't settle him. 

S: Try a bath- he needs a bath and he likes them.

T: OK he's really crying bad, I gotta go. I don't want to rush you but please hurry.

S: OK.

Five minutes later I get another text.He's settled down, take your time.

Repeat cycle two times. 

Maks has these little spells on days he doesn't nap well. He's SO TIRED and he's fighting sleep. He cries. Serious crying. With the blocked tear duct, green goo oozes out of his eye because he's crying so hard. He turns a deep shade of red, gasps for air- it's bad for the untrained eye. Having seen it once every two days I'm ready to spring into action to quell his anger. 

Todd did an awesome job calming him down but he certainly gets thrown (I do too, but I see it more often. You can't HELP but get paranoid that you're doing something wrong that is the catalyst of this meltdown.) 

I have to laugh about this. Every time I leave my boys alone, I come back in the room or house and someone is in his underpants. Most times, it's the baby. Todd's baby problem solving skills start with diaper, move on to snack, then play time, then rocking. 

Sometimes, Maks is fussy through a diaper change which can be frustrating...so often Todd will bypass redressing Maks to get to the next step in the process and he'll just leave him in his diaper.

I love this (annoyed while I redress him because Maks LOVES to bicycle his legs) but glad to see my boy and my husband are bonding. 

Besides, who doesn't like diaper butt?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby in the bed!

Gram told me some time back that all nine of the children in her family slept in their parents bed...and they all grew up (relatively) normal.

AND they brewed root beer in their tub and made potato chips.

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You're doing WHAT?!

Ocean Wonders music light projector jawn, above. Why isn't there one of these that plays Wu-Tang- my kid LOVES the Wu.

Yup. We're co-sleeping. There's a baby in my bed...and so far, he's slept all night (with the exception of his 3:45 am snack and he went right back to sleep next to his daddy.) Oh yea- and I'm not changing him during this feeding anymore unless there's poo everywhere- no need to wake a brother up, right?

We got the Deluxe Snuggle Nest. And it's good- a little tight in bed- but good.

I swore I would never do this. Oh well. Whatever works, right?

Viva les NESTs!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal: Body After Baby Project: Join Me!

Ok- so I've kept in decent shape physically...but I was parusing the world wide web and saw this post:

Hope Springs Eternal: Body After Baby Project: Join Me!

I need more of an internal reality check...like stop being so hard on myself.

I was sitting up crying at 3am because Maks was fed, cleaned, and a happy baby...but wasn't sleeping...and didn't sleep all day. Mama was tired. It took me all day of hanging out with my sister to remind myself that NOTHING was wrong with this picture. Nothing. Maks is a baby and he was doing what babies are supposed to do.

I want to take this challenge to RELAX...and maybe look good in these: liquid pleather leggings.

Get it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Wearing!

Maks and I have had an interesting two days. Tuesdays are fun: Mom-mom comes over to play and we usually hit the town.

I've learned that when people want to help with your baby- many times it's on their terms. Also, the mother in question (me) is usually too tired to actually ask for what they actually want help with so they just go along with whatever it is the helper wants to provide. I need to break this cycle.

Scene: yesterday, Aston, on the hillbilly side of town. Enter Madge (aka Mom-mom.) Puts down wet paper towel on side table (she leaves one EVERYWHERE SHE GOES.)

Sarah: putting around the kitchen and living room tidying up the place. Still wearing PJs  (second set, first set was dirtied with vomit and breast milk.)

Maks: swinging gleefully in Ocean Wonders swing.

Sarah and Madge: senseless chatter about the usual: why she hasn't hooked up the computer we got her for Christmas, Snapfish photos, Maks, Jacob and Caitlin, the Madrak baby in Cali (yet to be named,) the meaning of life, Grandmom and hospital scrubs and how wonderful they are for the summer.

It pains me to continue writing this like it's a play- here's the gist: Madge has been coming over on Tuesdays to chill with me and Maks. I really wanted to go to the Super Wal-Mart in Kennett (ever just have an inexplicable urge?) and I was going to ask her to just stay with Maks while I run there and I'd bring back lunch. Instead, before I suggested this she told me how excited she was about our day (talking in the third person to Maks) and where we all were going to go for lunch. You see, she had 13 pictures left on her disposable Kodak and she wanted to use them in whatever stores we decided to go to as proof that Maks was making his way about town.

In my sheer exhaustion, I placated my mother's wishes.

So, we got ourselves ready and instead of the usual one minute of whimpering that Maks does when we put him in the car seat, it was a full blown, lip quivering, cry face SCREAM that didn't quit. Greeeeat.

I took him out of the seat. We bounced around for a few. Once he returned to his happy self, we tried the seat again and RACED to the door. Two minutes into the ride he's usually asleep.

Not this time. Instead he started screaming again so I got to play driving Miss Daisy and banished Madge to the back with my boy where she held the plug in his mouth.

I wanted this chance to get out for an hour. To try on some $3.50 tank tops and an American flag bathing suit. Classy, I know. Instead, since my son was fussy, Madge took him in the cart and any time he fussed darted around the place. So instead of being in and out, I have to play the fun game, "Find my crazy mother and my son" every thirty seconds. We were inside the store for nearly two hours.

When we checked out she took off again, nowhere to be found, so I was left standing at the register wrestling with my wallet and a fist full of change, two bags on one arm and three on the other because remember: if you're not careful at Walmart, you'll lose your packages with that rotisserie bag thing they have at the counter and your paid for merchandise will be back on the shelves in MINUTES.

We got to lunch and I decided that since Maks was quite the fuss budget, we'd rock the Bjorn in Zac's Hamburgers. And guess who caught some ZZzzzzzzs?

He's been up all day today again. Now, at 7pm, we're typing with Maks in his Hotsling. Fast asleep. We tried everything today: he's been fussy and distracted at the breast so I've been pumping and bottle feeding him all day. Sort of worked- he ate plenty but no sleeping.

We tried the swing.

No sleep.

Checked with Babywise.

Not. One. Suggestion.

So now, I'm wearing my son and he's fast asleep. I suppose this makes sense. Not only does LLL outline all of the benefits about infant wearing here, but, if you'll recall, I was VERY active during my pregnancy. So...does this mean that the kid is just bored to tears with the swing, pack and play and the other hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of baby goods were given to use for him? After thirty seconds of swinging, he's all, "Next! We've done this already today." I'm not sure what to do except...wear him and continue on.

Oh, this little bug. He's cute.

PS- I don't think I've told y'all about how awesome my friends are this week yet. Shannon stopped by (before Madge came over to "help") yesterday with a gift. My awesome friends chipped in and got me five regular meals from this place: Super Suppers

Unbelievably thoughtful and generous. AND delicious. We had egg plant parm tonight and it was BANGING.

Get yourself some new friends if yours don't take care of you like this.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time Will Reveal

What can I do to make you feel secure?
Remove all your doubts so that you know for sure
That you're the apple of my eye Mom!
-El Debarge, Time Will Reveal

I'm a closet cheesy RnB fan- I heart Debarge. I like to sing this song at the top of my lungs in my car using my shower comb (that hangs from the rear view) as my microphone. This is hilarious on many levels, of course, but mostly because I don't have a jheri curl and this song is sung compleeeetely in falsetto.

I was reminded of this song today around 10pm when we were bathing my boy in the sink. We got out his rubber ducks and after we drained the tub once because of some poo that snuck out with a baby beef. Then we got off to our best bath to date. We splished and we splashed, we stared at the light above the sink. And then it happened- my boy smiled.

He's been warming up for it all week but I wasn't convinced it happened yet until tonight.

It started off as it usually does when his eyes light up and something catches his gaze.

But this time the light spread and moved to one side of his mouth causing it to curl upwards. The other side quickly followed. I squealed (shrieked, really) with delight and it scared the shit out of him so his glance darted ferociously between Todd and me unsure what to do next.

I had to be cool. Had to regroup.

I collected myself after I realized my error and got back to quietly splishing and splashing.

And it happened again.

It was a full, open mouth, toothless smile. The kind that pushes your chin forward with the tilt of a head. It looked like it came from the tips of his tippy-toes to shine through his little blue-grey eyes.

What a feeling.

We were at Spoon's yesterday for Cruz's 30th and Isrut commented that Maks smiled at her (he should have, she got him probably the coolest book ever. A compilation of Dr. Suess books? Un-fuggin-real. Really. I love books.)

I was a mommy jerk for a minute and said (kidding but sort of serious- I mean who's spent the past four weeks midnight feeding, 24 hour soothing, changing, playing with, etc this kid?! Me!? I get his smile!), "no he did not smile because he hasn't ever done that yet-he'll smile at his mother for the first time and that's the end of it (all in one breath)."

And right here is why I love my friends. To my crazy rant, without allowing a second to pass, she replied, "yea, it was probably a yawn."

Thanks, Isrut. You're the best :-)

So we can cross smiling and going to New Jersey off the list after this weekend. Two milestones down, 3,872,152 to go.

Now go listen to Debarge. You won't regret it.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Feast or Famine up in this B

TMoney took off today to hang out with me and the Maks with a K cuz it's cooler. Maks is sleeping the day away so Daddy is outdoors trying to figure out the lawnmower and why it's not working.

We'll make this blog a list of sorts. I have a lot to share but putting in story form won't do.

1. I've been baking. Made the brownie cookie/icing sammies jawns. PLEASE make these- find the recipe on Duncan Hines website. Anything that tastes like brownies has to be good, right? Right. Since I've been doing a decent job getting back to pre-Maks weight I need to check myself before I wreck myself**. With the light sleeping my son is up to (he "falls asleep" on me and I transfer him to a sleeping receptacle too early and he knows- so he stirs and wakes up- talk about "sleeping" with one eye open) I've had a ton of time to think. Combine my common interests (baking) with thinking and I realized that I wanted to get back to Jessica Seinfeld's cook book (hiding veggies in comfort food so it's healthier.)

The problem with her cook book is that the recipes calls for using cooked and pureed veggies or fruits in place of liquids- but suggests you make it in big batches and then use a cup at a time. I have ADD when it comes to projects so I want to make one or maybe two recipes and then put it away until some other time in the far and distant future. But I got to thinking...my MIL got us one of these pups for our shower. Guess what it makes? SMALL PORTIONS of steamed, pureed veggies! Woot! MF-in' Score! I can practice for Maks AND not have 45 half-cup portions of steamed cauliflower, beets and carrots in my freezer!

2. I'm working on my yoga cert. About a third of the way done. In my pursuit to find a way to make money and my atypical pregnancy results (I've got the pics to prove it...can we smell a marketing campaign?) and yoga training and the suggestion of a near and dear friend, I think I'm about to start a little business venture. I'm certified to teach YogaFit levels 1 and 2, pre and post natal classes and rehabilitative and senior classes. As a happy birthday gift to me, I signed up for the level 3 training in mid July.

So here are the problems- with my schedule as an athletic department administrator and a college coach, I cannot commit to a weekly class schedule. So Dear Friend suggested I market myself as a traveling yoga teacher. I email my friends and family and work on a strictly referral basis (so I don't need to buy a gun as a business expense) and I teach classes in a space you provide for either a flat fee or a per person rate.

Any of yous have any suggestions about this? Who knows a lawyer or an accountant that I can talk to? Hook a sister up.

3. Maks is going on his first set of recruiting trips this weekend. We're headed to Downingtown tonight, Drexel U tomorrow and Monmouth and Princeton Sundee. I hope he likes field sports...

**My results are NOT typical. I think I set myself up real nice (wink, wink, mouth click, click) prenatally, that is. As a rule, I DO NOT abstain from foods or drinks because they're aren't good for me. I live life like I wanna, dammit. Pre-Maks, I was consuming around a case of beer a week- and not curbing my eating habits. Let's say I was drinking Blue Moon- at 171 calories a pop a case of those little doggies puts me at over 4100 extra calories per week. That's over 32,000 s month! Getting pregnant put me on a 4100 deficit per week from the moment we knew (and actually, a week before that, just in case we were.) So I was on a diet IMMEDIATELY- and a good one. I kept up with yoga so I'm probably the healthiest I've ever been. I gained about 28 pounds in nine months but really, I was losing my beer gut as I was gaining a baby belly. So much cuter,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 30th!

Shann- happy 30th, friend.

Maks got wasted to celebrate for us. His plans include walking a giant branch down Lansdowne ave to Eckard drugs to get a Mickey Mouse wallet and drive around listening to Next, Beaties and WuTang later in you honor.


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I swear, I have my masters degree.

How am I among the 9% of people in the nation with an advanced degree and I didn't realize this baby tub fits in my kitchen sink?

I've been breaking my back for the past two weeks in the tub upstairs and my sister, who has the same tub, provided her unsolicited advice of the day (we kid, but her unsolicited is actually needed and welcomed- her babies are like test runs for me...you're welcome for Maks, Shann ;-)

So get this! It fits! AND I have one of thos handy dandy spray hoses! So I welcomed the pee leak that arose from BB laying on his side spooning with me! (I'm only using exclamation points in this paragraph!) Mommy's on the job and we're taking a bath in the sink!

And it was good.
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Can I get some whiskey up in this bitch?

I forget where I saw the origin of words said when snapping pictures. "Cheese" is used because it turns up the corners of the mouth.

When I worked at Beverly Hills we used the word "YES" when we took the faculty picture.

Recently I heard that some folks use the word WISKEY!

I think this works for so many reasons.

#1. Whiskey also turns up the corners of the mouth but also produces more of a genuine looking smile...and I think that's because...

#2 who hasn't had a blast with some whiskey?

#3 saying "cheese" is a lame cliche.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheese and Rice.

I've only cried once today. Well, twice. This is a new thing. I've held it together so far but this past week has been busier. I realized at some point last week that I was blogging more the week Maks was born than I was in the weeks after. It took me a minute to figure out why- Todd was home

PLEASE NOTE- NOT bashing...I've just had a bad day.

Maks (read: Mom) has had some tough days. Maksi BB (Maksi big boy) alternates his days- sometimes he'll stay up all day and only take little cat naps and sleep all night, other days he'll sleep all day so I keep having to hold a mirror under his nose to make sure he can still fog it.

And it's all a catch 22. I was crying earlier because all I wanted at the time was a baby who wasn't shrieking OR a helper who would vacuum a fuggin' rug (or empty the dish washer and reload it or the same with the wash etc- oh yea, good news, when you keep the cats out of a level of your house, most of their hair accumulates somewhere else...like the living room.) Why the catch 22? Because when we're home (rarely) someone has to entertain BB- and see above- many days, BB is up a lot of the day when TBone's at work. So-I hold/soothe/feed him when he's hungry all day- and when the TKurp comes home BB is tossed in his general direction so I can chiiiiill. Another point, TMoney cannot perform the feeding duties unless milk is in the fridge so sometimes I have to stop doing house stuff to feed again. Vicious cycle. When BB is not hungry, Dad is on and thus, this keeps him from said house hold duties. Mind you, I welcome these tasks as a stress reliever- most days I've spent eight+/- hours talking in the third person, cheering on poo dipes (I don't want him to be ashamed of something that's natural and healthy) AND worrying if the background noise (the TV or Pandora) is too loud which might stifle his newborn chatter and compromise his development (I read WAY too many message boards.)

I was text messaging sister yesterday contemplating what to get for TBone for his first Father's Day. I had two ideas. One was a gift for him to treat him to a sweet barber gift cert to a bona fide man-scaping joint. The kind with ESPN playing on plasma TVs and they serve you beers when you get a straight razor shave. I've been cutting his hair myself for the past four years so he deserves it, right? But then I got to thinking...When we're living the predicament listed above (feeding/soothing/house hold duties) there are times when BB needs to be feed and when we need to be fed- TMoney's idea of dinner B.S. (before Sweetie) was a box of French toast sticks or a slice from South Street. So if he prepares a nightly meal for us, it's after excruciating detail from me...so...enter Kitchen Bootcamp- a three hour cooking class. So yea, the gift is for TBird...but it's really for me. 


Also- add this point to the catch 22 (making it a catch 23?) 

I was a grade A, jerk baby when I was a wee one. I HATED to be held. Hated it. I would throw my head back and push as hard as I could to whoever was holding me. Real nice to my mother who was going through a divorce, eh? Baby of the year, here. I didn't love to be touched as a toddler, or an adolescent and ask anyone who I went to college with- pretty sure I made it through the four years without hugging any of those fools once. I've grown over the years. Although I still hold hugs for the people who I consider near and dear (I mean, you press your ENTIRE body up against another person- I don't take it lightly) and obviously I like to be touched by some- I just had a baby (wink, wink.) But now...guess what soothes my little one? When his mommy touches him. 

He's screaming like a lunatic in Old Navy? He just wants to hold Mommy's finger with his little hand.

Put him down for a nap after being up for eight hours? Starts to squeal...mommy to the rescue (BB's asleep on my chest AS WE SPEAK.)

Karma's got a funny sense of humor, don't she? 

So now... while I'm running around the house like the Tasmanian Devil...doing housework to relieve the stress accumulated from the long day of BB accompaniment and entertaining...he just wants his momma. 

I've been away long from the blogosphere...I have more to say. Please feel free to read this in installments.

I'm inspired by both my sister and Tato. Tato is up to baking cupcakes...Lauren has been preparing treats such as brownies and the like when we come over for dinner. I like to bake...but since I'm loading and unloading the dishwasher these days, baking from scratch and using as many bowls as possible are completely out of the question. Last week I made those just add water cranberry/orange muffins BUT I ADDED MY OWN CHEESE CAKE FILLING- btw- why hasn't anyone made a bigger deal how simple and easy it is to make cheese cake filling? 8oz of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar. Fold together. 

Today, I'm making these or something else on that website. Real excited.

Oh, and yea, Hey, A-holes who drive their Hogs up Llewellyn/Birney Hwy/Aston Mills Rd (it's all the same road, can't get enough of you Aston.) YOU MADE MY BB SCREAM IN TERROR TODAY- a sound I've never heard and don't want to hear too often. I'm purchasing a BB gun (see what I did there?) You've been warned. Watch your tires- I'm aiming for the front.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not a second to spare.

So I blogged more the week I had a baby. This kid sure is keeping me busy. I think trying to write little lines here and there on my cell might help me get back into the swing of things.

Or not. We'll see.

Tomorrow is Aba Murray Six's 3rd bday party. Very excited. I got her some bath paints and stuff. It makes a mess in the tub. I hope she loves it and it mildly annoys my parents :-D

Time to feed MocK-seeeeem!

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