I love to putt it, I love to strut it.

I did it. Played hooky. We went on a date. And took bad pictures. Went to Pizza Hut first- then the Putt. It was good. AND I WON. But I'm a little suspicious...Todd was winning all along and then got 5 strokes on the last two holes...I think he wanted to set Fancy up for winning in life.

My goof ball husband, TBone. I loff him. 

Tonight after practice I'm going to make this eggplant parm recipe

I'm not really done being pregnant or anything...in fact, being preg is sorta fun. I have no pains, I take it easy on myself during yoga (a rarity otherwise, I say some pretty mean things to myself when I'm working out) and it makes me happy to feel Fancy move and look  at his/her crib and tiny bathrobe hanging on the door.

But... I cannot WAIT for this season to be over and a baby coming early would take care of that for me. BUT, nothing else has gone right this season, what makes me think the baby will come and help me out? 

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, one of my players took it upon herself yesterday to chastise the opposing team's coach when one of her players missed slapping her hand in the hand shake. Oh, did I mention we lost  20-9? Did I mention it was a conference game? DID I MENTION IT WAS MY CAPTAIN!?! 

Nothing like apologizing to the opposing team's coach after getting handed an old-fashioned ass whoppin'.

Oh, and guess what else? If we win our last two conference games, we're IN PLAYOFFS. UGH. Nothing like rewarding poor behavior.


Isrut said…
putt-putt, putt-putt, golf and gaaames, yeeow!

Now that song is stuck in my head.

This cracked me up. How the hell can it still look exactly the same??
gobblesmom said…
yay for putt putt!
and i can't wait to see how the eggplant parm turns out. that is ONE thing i did not try. i will surely kick myself if it works for you! keep us posted!