Friday, April 30, 2010

One of those grueling days...

Haikus in honor of Arbor Day:

Haircut and Cosi
Not a bad little day, eh?
Target was good too.

Sitting in the sun
Beach chair, Starbucks and some books.
Hooray for days off!

Hawks cir'ling above
Wonder if birds get sun burns.
"That bird's a liar."

(Brian Fellows' quote)

Wee lil' Fancy
Dancing inside my belly
Come out and play, please.

Baby fact or myth?
Pineapple ripens cervix.
It's good either way.

My face is sweating.
Neighbor's laundry almost dry.
Those are big undies.
Email secured by Check Point

It's just better this way

I took a vacation day today. Yesterday I stomped around work telling anyone who looked at me crooked that I'd be happy to take them outside to kick their ass if they didn't straighten out. Pregnancy is doing wonders for my demeanor and patience.

I have a fun little day planned that has started with offering suggestions for a friend's cover letter (which, by the way friend, they should be taken with a grain of salt), checking email and watching the news in bed with Fancy and the cats (Me and Mahalo below:)

After this, I'm going to get my mullet trimmed:

...and then taking a trip to the Target @ Glen Mills, Shann- so I'll see you there.

I think I need to grocery shop (I was putting if off hoping that if I was less prepared for Fancy to come out that s/he would be more inclined to do so if we didn't have staples like milk, sugar and toilet paper) and pick up a baby pool to sit in all weekend in the back yard. Lauren and the twins are hopefully swinging by so we can sit in the sun and pack and play the rest of the day. Yay 80s and VIRGIN mojitos!

I don't think I have ANY plans this weekend. I'm pretty sure I could go to work, but since tomorrow if 39 weeks, I'm pretty sure I'm going to start pulling out the "I'm 9.75 months pregnant so you can go scratch" card if I don't want to do things. :-D
Sun, sun and more sun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Am I a prude...

...Or is it out of line for one of our student athlete's parents to suggest I go home and have sex to get the baby out?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rinnnng, rinnnnnng.

Hi, you've reached Sarah and Todd, Sorry we can't take your call right now, and NO, we didn't have the baby yet.

In case your message is about the following, please listen closely and take note:

First, we promise we'll send you a picture of the baby's head the second it crowns and not a second later and NO, we swear we STILL don't know the gender. No seriously, we don't know. Hahaha, funny you should ask, yes, we do have a lot of neutral colored clothes but no, we're not worried about confusing the baby with all of the yellow, green and white clothes or the blue crib.

So you've heard we're having the baby at a Birthing Center AND that they don't have epidural there and commented that Sarah will regret that decision and be begging to get out of there. Hahaha, thanks for the optimism- it really shows how well you know us!! We forgot you were the ONLY person on the planet who's ever had a baby and it's there's only one way to do it. Opinion noted, sir. And what happens if something goes awry? Oh, who knows, I hear we're the first people to give birth at the Birthing Center but I'm sure we'll just figure it out when we get there... or pull someone in off the street to try and deliver the baby!

Yes, Sarah's still working and still feeling pretty good- but oh, you say that will change as soon as labor/baby screaming/midnight feedings/back birth/breeched baby/fillintheblank sets in? Super. Again, thanks for the encouragement and positive energy- we'll try to remember that when Sarah's pushing.

About the names, you ask? Yea, nothing's really jumping out at, Sarah or Todd are not in the running, and no, we're not going with Baby Jeff, no matter how many times you ask, Dad. HAHAHA! The initials FUK or COK?! That's HILARIOUS!!! GREAT IDEA!!! And if we were 8th grade boys having a baby, we'd consider it.

Oh, you don't say there are suggestions out there about naturally inducing labor! We hadn't heard that nipple stimulation is a way to produce oxytocin to initiate contractions...but while we're at it, we don't really want to talk about it at the local Rite Aid while we buy a Twix bar. Not sure discussing sex to coax the baby out because of  the chemicals in Todd's semen at a field hockey game is appropriate in front of Sarah's players, but thanks. And no, your aunt Cindy's recipe for spicy Indian eggplant won't be necessary.

Oh, and the due date is May 8th- yep, the day before Mother's Day. We'll try to have the baby on your birthday/your anniversary/Cinco de Mayo/the anniversary of your first tooth coming in but *no promises* :-)

Finally, yes, we ARE keeping the cats. Yes, all three of them. And NO, we're not really worried that they'll kill the baby in his/her sleep. Something tells me that someone will magically invent something that blocks one room from another barricading our furry friends out of our bedroom and away from the crib- oh, wait, I think they're already invented...and they're called DOORS.

Did we forget anything?! Leave a message! And we'll call you back the SECOND Sarah's water breaks.



Friday, April 23, 2010


Last night was the last lacrosse game of the season. Despite HORRIBLE officiating we put up a good showing and lost in overtime. It's all over. I hate the first day after the last day of the season- it's depressing. Even though this year was the most trying year I've experienced as a coach, I think I can say that I did my best and it was worth it.

There was a magical moment last night during the game where there was an awesome midfield connection- defender A picked up a ground ball, threw to player B at the half field (a girl who I TAUGHT how to play a sport and she plays in COLLEGE!!) and SHE CAUGHT IT!! Player B threw to player C (ANOTHER kid I taught how to play a sport in college!!) Player C cut, pivoted and threw to player D who pivoted and took A HUGE foul to set up a penalty shot. I don't know if that shot went in (something tells me it didn't) but watching that connection up the field was a great feeling- seeing the fruits of my labor- and hearing cheers from their proud parents- it was good.

And today it's over. Sure, tomorrow we have a field hockey and women's lacrosse alumni game wrapped around the last men's lacrosse game but who cares if I make that? (Well, I sorta do...) but it reminds me of those stories where people in the hospital held death off until their long lost son made it to the hospital to say their final respects before taking the Big Plunge?

Well, I've made it, so to speak- I just know in my head and heart that Fancy has been politely holding on for me to finish lacrosse season (despite all of the raging contractions for the past three weeks)...I'm hoping s/he makes an appearance...any second now...but something tells me that since I won't be induced until MAY 22nd....I won't see him/her until them.

In the mean time, will someone PLEASE get me one of these? Any one of them will do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Another thing pregnant folks will be throwing out when they have their 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th child:

Looking Good During Pregnancy

Belly Casting

Do-it-yourself belly casts are easy and fun to make with your mate, midwife, or your baby shower guests.
Belly casts date back to ancient times when they were used to commemorate the miracle of life. These do-it-yourself plaster replicas are easy and fun to make with your mate, midwife, or your baby shower guests. Just sit back as your chosen ones apply strips of wet plaster onto your belly (it usually dries within 15 minutes). Once the cast is dry, decorate and display as you like. (Is the dining room table too prominent a spot?) You'll find many resources on the Web; just type "belly cast" into a search engine and sculpt away.

I think it's a cute idea. But that's it- can you imagine this shit sitting in a garage sale?

"Yep, it's ma belly! Shitter's full."

I can feel my blood pressure rising.

If you all didn't know Blizzards at DQ are buy one get one for a quarter this week. Get it.

I can be bought.

Dear Baby,

I will consider allowing you to have ice cream and cake for breakfast every morning if you let me sleep through the night for the rest of gestation. Please consider.


Email secured by Check Point

Monday, April 19, 2010


I got nothing. EXCEPT a ridiculous breakfast.

A few weeks ago I wanted some hot dogs and TBone, the husband of the year, ran out and got them for me. Oscar Mayer comes in two five packs- so I had a few left over buns.

This morning, after reading a report (since I couldn't sleep at 2am) I made a breakfast hot dog sammy. 

And it wasn't the worst.

Assembled ingredients. 

Porn for breakfast!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Still here.

Egg plant just added to the paranoia. No water breaking. BUT MAN, was it delish!

Did yous know that one can cook garlic bread on the stove? It makes sense- It's pretty similar to grilled cheese, just frozen!

Yesterday morning I went to the Just Between Friends Consignment sale (check it out at and got a few things. Since I don't know what's hanging (or not hanging) betwixt Fancy's legs I didn't come away with too many clothes (with the exception of baby's first denim jacket)...but I got these UHMAGAWDSOCUTE gems for Lenny (Jacob) and Squeaky (Caitlin):

Mother's Day is coming and Big Todd has a shitTON of yellow and blue polos- so she asked me to find yellow outfits for everyone. Three dresses (WITH MATCHING BLOOMERS!!!) and two adorbs suits for Lenny and everyone is all set. 

Back to JBF- ladies and gents, we've come full circle. Me and the roomies used to refer to JBF as what a lady's hair looked like after she rolled around in bed with her suitor. Just been....get it? Now it's referring to baby clothes. It works, same process, after all **blush**

37 week check up at 2:30. I'm hoping they're going to tell me that the pressure I'm feeling down bottom means Fancy will be here ANY SECOND.

Tonight- we dine on mouse burgers at Half Moon.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love to putt it, I love to strut it.

I did it. Played hooky. We went on a date. And took bad pictures. Went to Pizza Hut first- then the Putt. It was good. AND I WON. But I'm a little suspicious...Todd was winning all along and then got 5 strokes on the last two holes...I think he wanted to set Fancy up for winning in life.

My goof ball husband, TBone. I loff him. 

Tonight after practice I'm going to make this eggplant parm recipe

I'm not really done being pregnant or fact, being preg is sorta fun. I have no pains, I take it easy on myself during yoga (a rarity otherwise, I say some pretty mean things to myself when I'm working out) and it makes me happy to feel Fancy move and look  at his/her crib and tiny bathrobe hanging on the door.

But... I cannot WAIT for this season to be over and a baby coming early would take care of that for me. BUT, nothing else has gone right this season, what makes me think the baby will come and help me out? 

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, one of my players took it upon herself yesterday to chastise the opposing team's coach when one of her players missed slapping her hand in the hand shake. Oh, did I mention we lost  20-9? Did I mention it was a conference game? DID I MENTION IT WAS MY CAPTAIN!?! 

Nothing like apologizing to the opposing team's coach after getting handed an old-fashioned ass whoppin'.

Oh, and guess what else? If we win our last two conference games, we're IN PLAYOFFS. UGH. Nothing like rewarding poor behavior.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snoozefest 2010

My blog topics of late has been about my cats and my baby. Yous (in the south Philly sort of way) must be bored to tears...

Where did my life go? Between work, these animules and whatever ailment that comes along with this belly (real or conjured up as a result of third trimester paranoia), life as I've known it has disappeared. I do not like this, Sam I am. I have an idea- but it would mean that I need to play hooky from a meeting I have tonight...and kidnap my husband.

I think I'll take him to Putt Putt in Clifton.

What a grand idea.

I was considering bowling. But I think I'd have to get a reeeeeeally light ball so I'd be able to throw it past the bowling ball under my shirt.

Competitive eating is out since I have minimal space in there...

Getting a puppy probably won't fly either since I'm OBVIOUSLY pregnant- the SPCA doesn't like it when high risk adopters come in (I'd be "likely" (according to them) to return the dog if the baby doesn't like him/her.)

Movies aren't comfortable for me in the first place...let along 9 months knocked up...even though I NEED to see Hot Tub Time Machine.

Hm. What other things would be fun? Suggestions?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why are you so paranoid?

**Please note- some of my opinions about pregnancy are in here- and everyone should have the chance to do it their OWN WAY. thx.**

So one week later, one docs appointment later and no baby. Toni Braxton got me all riled up for nothing. NOTHING! It reminds me of the movie, He's Just Not That into You. I'm the rule. I'm going to deliver at 42 weeks. I'm not the exception who will deliver at 36. Waaah.

Ghostface is getting bigger, clocked at a guesstamate of 7.5 pounds, 140ish heart beats per minute and his/her moves are more and more like little alien moves under my skin. I'm allowed to exercise again because according to the birthing center, 36 weeks is full term and I can deliver at my leisure so I say giddy up! I'm going to have relations, while horse back riding (bareback, of course) in a down dog all while stimulating my nipples. What a mental image. And in this image I have flowing blonde hair with flowers laced throughout. Very trashy romantic novel cover-esque.

I'm not uncomfortable, I just want to get the party started already. Patience has never been a strong suit of mine- and after all of those talks from the midwives last week, I'm ready to go! Now I have that feeling that I talked about last week ALL THE TIME (the one I would get while stopping at the Wawa to get ciggies and hit the ATM before a BIG night out on the town that would more than likely end in disaster- and I mean that in a best way possible.) I'm pumped. As a result, I have elevated blood pressure and the M-wives aren't thrilled about it. Whatever- my adrenaline and oxytocin are getting my body prepped for the party.

I had a run in with some whoooo-oar employee at Trader Joe's who was trying to give me a 'Welcome to the Mom Club' speech but made me see once again why some women are down right terrified of becoming pregnant and giving birth- and it's at the hands of OTHER WOMEN!! She asked if I have nausea, discomfort and about all of the other "bad" things associated with pregnancy, to which I gave my normal response of, "No, it's been pretty good, actually, very boring and normal and easy!" To which the WHOOOOOO-OAR replied- "Well, delivery sure won't be that way" in a very glib sort of nature.

I smiled and walked away. I should've told her to poop in her fuckin' hat.

Actually, guess what, lady? I can't wait for it! And I think it's going to be GREAT! AND DID I MENTION THAT UNLESS I HAVE TO GO AND GET A C-SECTION BECAUSE MY OR MY BABY'S LIFE IS AT RISK THAT I'M DOING IT WITHOUT THE EPIDURAL- and guess what else- the place I'm having my kid doesn't EVEN OFFER DRUGS!!

I like to challenge myself- push myself to my limits. Did I tell you that I ran the Broad Street ten mile run last year on ZERO training- and RAN the whole way?! Have I mentioned that I do things sometimes when others say I can't just to prove them otherwise!? As far as I'm concerned, any physical feet is mostly mental and positive thoughts will CHANGE THE WORLD if we let them.

So here's my positive thought for the day: My amniotic sac is going to be filled with champange and my baby's first poop won't be meconium, it'll be that delicious canned squirt cheese that everyone secretly LOVEs. We'll buy some crackers pull up some flutes and all have a FUCKIN' FEAST!

Sheesh. **stepping down from my soap box.**

I planted an herb garden yesterday.

Basil, dill, chives, oregano and mint. 

More mint (mojito season, here I COME!) strawberries, parsley, lavender and catnip.

There's a hole in our patio. I bet a little critter is living in it. EEEK!

And I want a little dog to replace the hole in my heart left by Pickles. But I don't think this little portly dood will approve. (He's afraid of the wind.)

Sad Pickles' thought of the day: She would CHEW up every foam object in the house- had a particular place in her heart for old navy flippers. I was hurrying around the house cleaning all of the flippers up this weekend, getting Todd to hurry and get his together before the cats ruined them...then I wasn't the CATS that ruined them...just one in particular. :-/ Oh, Pickles. Poor us, having to live life without her.Good for her for being able to run around and chase birds in the Big Litter Box in the sky.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Scamp to the Rescue!

The first 24 hours has passed- I was a damn mess yesterday- crying when one of my bosses walks in my office. Ugh talk about embarrassing. I feel much better about it all- however, I realized last night that the gender balance is now WAY off in my house...and I have a feeling there's a little boy on the way. Pickles was my second in command. My little GF.

So going through our routines without our little Cooks was a little sad yesterday/today- normally she would bellow when we come home pissed that no one has fed her yet, she's "helped" me cooking trying to sample my dishes by hoping on the counter COUNTLESS times during the process, crawled in the crook of our knees/rear ends when we lounge on the couch. HOP UP ON DOORS USING NOTHING BUT THE TOWEL HANGING TO GET UP THERE FOR A BETTER VIEW OF THINGS. (I had a dream she repeated this move as I was stirring to get up this morning- rather than the door, she was on the exposed beams of our boudoir.)

Normally we do not let the cats upstairs when we sleep- I don't like the animules (pronounced anna-myools) sleeping on top of the covers so my thrashing about throughout the night is restricted or hogging up the whole bed which they tend to do. Last night, Todd suggested to "make the cats feel better about losing Cookie" (ha) we should let Scamp and Mahalo stay upstairs. I knew by "cats" he meant "him" feel better so I let it slide.

Scamp took a spot on top of the dresser next to Todd's side of the bed. TBone placed his glasses on the dresser next to the cat, flopped down into bed, we turned out the lights. Not fifteen seconds goes by and I hear the familiar sound of glasses hitting the hardwood floor.

"Oh thanks, Scamp!" Todd chirped.

Todd places glasses on the other dresser. Another ten seconds goes by. I hear another object hit the hard wood (it was the back massager thing.)

"Ohhhhhkaaaay, thanks, Scamp. No cats upstairs," laughs Todd.

We both smiled. Thought of Mrs. Cookie. Todd returned to bed and we dozed off.

Today is my 36 week Fancy check up. I keep telling Fancy Pants that any time after s/he feels cooked and ready to come out that I'm game. Although I know that babies are still considered premature at 36 weeks...but I can't seem to find anything about babes being born between those magical 36th and 37th weeks. I know, I know, babies are easier to take care of when they're in their mom's bellies...but I want this little bugger to come out and play (more importantly I want to take off for 8-12 weeks.)

Also- all preg friends (and not preg friends who might have a babe one day) check out this little read:

It's really good- talks about pain management and our association with pain but more interestingly how views of women and the birthing experience have changed over the years and back in the 16th century when the Bible was re-translated the connotation of the word labor changed for women. Interesting stuff. I'm starting to get excited for Fancy to come the way I did during the hours leading up to when we would go out to Bootleggers in college...those were NEVER bad nights.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Lessons.

We had to put Cookie down today. Although I could tell you all the whole story of her disorder and the heartache we've been put through since, I've had more of an adult revelation about it all.

The beginning:
In May 2006 I moved in with Todd. At the brink of 26 I was so excited to get going with my life- we were moving in with each other having discussed that we liked where the relationship was going. We wanted to be together. We were a perfect match- we liked sporting events, hot dogs and beer, he has a way with words that makes the English major in me melt- all things that would make a solid foundation for any relationship. Easier said though- (and as Shannon has put it) we're both weird beards which was good enough for me (and oh, those Kurpel calves!!)

I had a week-long class later that June- the last day of class was June 30th. We hadn't killed each other while we were acclimating to cohabitation so we decided it was time for a pet. Coincidentally, June 30th was the last day the Delaware County SPCA was offering a buy one, get one cat for a $1 special-so it was meant to be.

After the class ended at noon that day, I raced over to the pet store, bought a litter pan, litter sifter, litter, and a few toys. My mom met me back at my apartment and we were off to the SPCA. I told the man at the counter my business there, I provided my lease, he showed me the cats.

I saw the boy right away. I have a thing for little boy cats. They're sweet. Most times, they can't really meow- it's more of a squeak. His sister looked pretty cute too so I was just about ready to place my SPCA order...until I walked around the joint and I saw her: a teeeeny little kitten with a two toned face- split right down the center. I had to have her- we matched, after all. She had her two-tones; I had my freckles. Also, I didn't want to leave the boy's other sister with just her full grown mother- not a good pair to leave at the SPCA.

Todd came home later and was thrilled with my choice. Their names: Scamp, after my favorite children's book, Scamp to the Rescue and Cookie after, well, a cookie (I hate to admit it, but it was a euphemism for the female genitalia...creative, aren't we?)

I'll always remember that day- it was the one where we started our little family.

So no real need to go into the heartache this cat caused us with the battery of tests after having seizures, stumbling all over the place, needing meds twice a day, not being able to leave town without a plan since our little friend had special needs, falling down the steps, falling up the steps, miraculous 5 feet vertical jumps- bottom line- we knew we were on borrowed time- but we found comfort knowing that without us, she would've been put down on July 5th, 2006 when she had the seizures in the first place- cost to find out what was wrong: $1,000- fee for us was waived- Todd's sister is a cat vet.

So the life lesson. At 25 I knew I was pretty much signing a lease to an apartment but really I was singing over my single life to start my life with the man I love. We would eventually marry, buy a house have our children and live happily ever after and watch the sunset every night on our roof deck before we go to be in our 12 room mansion, right?

"Ha!" said the 29-year-old Sarah, laughing at the 25-year-old Sarah.

Life, so far, has been sweet for us. When I signed up for a husband and cats four years ago, a house two years ago, our child eight months ago, inevitably and without thinking about it, I also signed up up for whatever heartache that comes along with all of it. There is so much joy to be had and I'm glad that I'm mostly an optimist and I don't necessarily fear death and the unknown.

I'm glad that we tend to jump into situations with our feet first and figure it out as we go along the way. If this teaches me anything- it's that I can't waste borrowed time. As long as our choices and decisions don't hurt people- we need to go for them and figure things out when it doesn't go "our way" because sometimes, we'll find A WAY and that might be enough.

I'm very sad about Mrs. Cookie Picklestein but it reinforces my idea that I need a pool in my backyard and I might abuse my lunch hour to do so.

Also, sorry boys waiting at home... the all-you-can-eat kitty buffet has come to an end. We've kept the food down for the past four years for your little house mother Mrs. Cookie P... and sadly, those days are over. Celebrity Cat Fit Club begins.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slimming Hair Styles!!

What to Expect had the nerve to use this as their email subject line. Who are they kidding?

Slimming hair styles. Pffft!

I made a comment about my mom reading my last post- and a few of you commented about that. I forgot to tell you all that although my 91 year old grandmother has a laptop, email account AND now a facebook account my mother just set her computer up that we got her at Christmas (107 days ago.) She likes to take things one step at a time. One hundred and seven days to set it up so according to my calculations, it'll be August before her Internet is up and working. 

So- more about mom- after the long weekend with the Toni Braxton contractions and my belly feeling like it weighs a thousand pounds, my cat Cookie was acting up something fierce. She has a portosystemic liver shunt. Recently she has been having a tough time tolerating her meds- she's been barfing quiet a bit- so he held up with them for a while. Unfortunately, without her meds, she can't tolerate food and she acts like one of those drunks who's head looks like it weighs a thousand pounds. Poor kitty. 

So I'm looking up to the sky asking why the good Lord has forsaken me...(all the while not letting my problems be my crutch) talking to mom on the phone while I'm trying to find a Phillies shirt that fits me in Walmart (again, I'm tired after the long weekend of contractions, Easter, not be "allowed" to be as active as I like, basically just super drained) and telling her about my new woes with Cookie. The woman has the NERVE to ask me, "Well Sweetie, have you thought that maybe it's time to put her down?" 

Insert record screeeeeching to a hault here. 

Rather than curse her out (because she's my mother and I love her and she deserves better than that) I started to cry and hurried her off the phone. What I was thinking was, "Oh, put her down? Of course not! I've only seen the cat fall down the stairs 2+/- times a day for her ENTIRE life. I've seen her have countless seizures. She walks around the house misjudging jumps on counters, beds, the couch. On good days, she looks like she has advanced Parkinsons. And today, my husband had to HOLD HER UP IN THE LITTER BOX SO SHE COULD PISS. But put her down? Wow, I'm glad you said something! The thought NEVER crossed my mind."


We took her to the vet (my sister in law) and she had an enulose enema and it was suggested that she not be allowed upstairs and DEFINITELY not in the crib since for the next few days she'll be suffering from anal leakage. Awesome.

The cat leads a decent life. Sure, moving to a house with spiral stairs was probably the meanest thing we could do to her but without us (and my sister-in-law) she would've been dead four years ago after the inception of the seizures. 

She's pretty f'cute.

When her time comes (life expectancy was put at about 6 years) the boys will be in for a RUDE awakening. We keep food down all the time so she can pick at it at her leisure...this will NOT happen after she passes. 

Hmm. Anything else? Idk. 7pm game tonight. After yesterday's practice, I'm not terribly optimistic but whatever. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oy vey.

What a freggin' weekend.

I was really looking for a much needed break from my squad. God bless them, they're trying hard but this season is not what I expected at all.

I got to spend Thursee with Lauren and her little birds:
I want to steal these little monkeys.

Then breastfeeding class- which is pretty much a repeat of the breast feeding part of the birthing classes but whatever...and then 35 week appointment. 

Not a ton of new stuff to report except that after finding there was no cervical change after getting checked Saturday, I'm on modified activities- so I can't act like and animal at practices/games, no exercising and no crazy house cleaning. It could be worse, I suppose. There's a consideration to move my due date up 3 days to what the ultrasound predicted (5/5) which is entirely possible considering the method we used to get knocked up- lots of relations lots of days before and after alleged ovulation date. I sure hope my mom reads this post.

Oh yea, and get this- they think Fancy is between 6-7 pounds right now. I make big babies, I guess.

35ish week:

Christopher Wallace's first Phillies onsies:

...and me on the beach last Friday:

Hot, no?

Finally, in my quest to help Gram with her computer and using email she saw my Facebook page and basically drooled all over the pictures. Guess who has a FB page now? GRAM DO. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toni Braxton Hicks

And can't take credit for it- Katie coined the name. I've noticed that there are so many terms and names associated with women parts and processes both with and without pregnancy that I HATE saying the name of. Thanks to Dwetzel for call BH contractions something else so I don't have to say it.

So TBone and I are heading to the Birthing Center for the fourth time in under 48 hours. Thursday night was breast feeding class, Friday morning our 35 week appointment (at which I spontaneously broke out into tears) and then after getting to the beach yesterday to enjoy my first seasonal leg sunburn and some pizza I realized I was having about 8 Toni Braxton contractions an hour. Gazelle the midwife said to chug some aqua and take a nap on the beach. Done.

An hour later and seven+/- contractions later (and two slices each from the boardwalk) we were back in the car for our third trip to get checked out.

Gazelle hooked us up to the monitor where we were able to watch a printout of Fancy's heart rate (his/her first art work!) And my contractions come and go. Everything was intact for my first internal (it's as fun as it sounds and I'm pretty sure she needs a manicure) and while we were at it, we took my strep B test (same as a throat culture 'cept on the other end...and not exactly the same kind of gagging.) She sent us packing with some fun instructions: 3-4oz of wine and laying on the couch. Oh yea, and now they're not sure about my due date. BHa!

So...another 12 hours later and countless Toni Braxtons- we're heading back for another internal to make sure nothing has changed.

Maybe Fancy is just rearranging furniture.
This Spring has been the perfect storm so why wouldn't I have preterm labor symptoms...

I think I'll name Fancy Funky Bunch as a tribute.
Email secured by Check Point