Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th. Reverb10

December 16 – Friendship How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

I saw my buds a lot less this year- when Todd and I decided that it was time to start procreating it was bitter sweet. I'm a beer sneak at heart (order three for myself at 1:50am and slam two of them while TBone is visiting the loo.) I loved having cocktails, bull shit with buds and stay up all night. How would this lifestyle EVER fit in to being a mom?

Things have changed but one thing that hasn't was chillin' with my homies. Some of us have traded in our home girl cards for nursing bras and instead of swapping hangover cures for we gab about our BBs (no girls!?!) to make sure we're still in the running for mother of the year awards.

The natural progress of things is good. And even though I had a nasty 30 hour headache from drinking 5ish beers on Saturday night it was well worth yuckin' it up with my buds. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th:

December 15 – "5 Minutes" Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Too easy.

Maksim Walter.

(And all those other birds.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reverb10: rockin' party

As far as 2010 went, parties were a little different.

Our 30th jort party was over by 7, we swung by the Wellie's for a bap and some hoagie slices, tea cooler and cup cakes and Halloween? Home by 10. I was planning on getting tore up from the floor up for Lisa's nups- three beers. Guinesses at that- didn't even really catch a buzz.

The only kind we've had this year frogs, are bottle parties where only breast milk is served (note: a bottle party is when a newb watches the baby and feeds him/her any time the he/she peeps, thus depleting this working mom's reserve milk supply. Mom = pissed at bottle parties. I can only imagine how I'm going to feel when I come home to find Maks, Cait and Jake passed out drunk in my living room with all my Coors Light missing. Digression.)

So these new parties are good. I like the reason our curfew has changed.

And I'm really looking forward to a new kind of party- ones where moon bounces or pony rides start happening.

ps- check out and start reflecting on your year with your frogs.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

reverb10: beautifully different.

I can't remember the quote exactly- it went something along the lines of "that's why they make 31...not everyone likes vanilla."

I've been scouring over Maksi's perfect little angel skin since day 1- searching for those first signs of freckles. I'm fair skinned (which is why working at a tanning salon was HILARIOUS to me) with a pretty obvious "mole" (what the dermatologist calls it.) I hate that word. It has such a negative connotation.

Ya see, frogs (blog friends? No? Work in progress) I have freckles on half my face. I correct people when they tell me what a beautiful birthmark I have. Not a birthmark. Wasn't there when I was a birthed. They developed over time, starting around age 3, on half of my face.

I was tortured by other kids growing up. I was called half freck. People asked if I had ink or mud on my face. When I wasn't dressed up for Halloween as a waitress patrons thought I was a cat. My "favorite" will always be on Christmas when some woman (still drunk from the night before) came in the Wawa where I was working the register and asked if I had herpes.

Nice. Real nice.

So having these frecks, I suppose they're part of my charm. Maybe I wouldn't have learned to be so patient in the face of idiocy without them.

I know one thing's for sure- I hope they aren't genetic.

Amazon Wish List

How about them Blackberry Apps, eh? I love me my Blackberry.

I have to say though, it's getting me into some serious trouble...

I don't know about how long ago it was but I downloaded the Amazon App for my BB and that, combined with 1-click shopping has gotten me into some trouble. When we went to Florida a few weeks back, we came home to a screen door full of all of the VERY IMPORTANT things I needed from Amazon.

Here's a snapshot of the last few things I purchased:

Yup. I need that fanny pack...and I don't like to clean so...slipper sweeper it is! And the phone was to keep BB from stealing my remote during Wendy. 

It's not too bad- those items are FUN-ctional. 

But now me and Todd, nothing if not a little now our Amazon Wish Lists are starting to reflect these sentiments. 


Yup. Diving Helmet a Hunting Knife and I'm not sure...

What's killing me now is that I think Todd used my Wish list to buy Christmas gifts. 

So now I'm staring at this page: 

See that tiny blue text? Amazon is nice enough to hide what's been purchased on your wish list...but they give you an case you want to ruin the surprise. So far, I haven't looked.

I'm bad at surprises. Bad. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Watch him stop and smile- he thinks I'm just taking a picture. Little ham...

Separation Anxiety

Maski is right on developmentally. Unless me, Todd or Mom-mom are within eye shot, he wells up, starts to grunt and/or gets crocodile tears until someone is back in his field of vision. We can't even be in the next room. Little Scootie needs his community. As far as I'm concerned, this is GOOD. Stranger = Danger. have someone telling you your baby is being tortured; that he's suffering.

I'm even reluctant to post this because I'm so traumatized about the whole thing...but writing is therapeutic, no?

BB was the Baby J in Neumann University's Greccio and Live Nativity this past Sunday. 

I was nervous from the beginning...why didn't they ask me or TBone to be an angel? Mary or Joseph? A SHEEP even?! 

Once again, go with your parental instinct, people, if it doesn't feel right, it isn't.

BB getting dressed in his warm winter suit. Left, swaddling clothes. 

Still happy!

This kid is a long as he's with Mommy.

Hand off- he's screaming here. I'm cringing, feeling sick...

Not sure if you can see St. Francis's face...he's cringing too. 

Doing their best...

This hurts to even think about it...

Trying the pacifier...

And right then it happened -(while I was doing the mommy sway repeating over and over and over and over to myself, "his basic needs are met: he's fed, he's warm, clean dipe...he's just with strangers, thisisalmostover he's fine...) some man approached me and said, "they should really get that baby's mother to stop this."

Me: I'm his mother.

Jerk: well don't you think you should do something about this? That baby is suffering!!! He's being tortured!

Me: Thanks, but this is hard enough for me, sir, you don't have to tell me.

Him- pointing and yelling in my face about how bad this is- in jumps Todd and other people who physically remove this dude. I speed walk up on stage to get BB and as soon as I do he stops crying and sit with him.

I've been tortured about it since. Seriously. 

I keep thinking- if it wasn't for this man, would I even been upset? I don't know- we might've all had a good laugh that Maks was an unhappy Baby J and that's that...but instead I am still SICK over it- I get nauseous anytime I think about it. 

Ug. Mommy guilt sucks. That man made me feel like a stage mom who was forcing her kid to wear false teeth like those idiots on that pageant show. 

Hey friends, let's be nice to each other AND STRANGERS about children. 
A few minutes later, everyone is just fine. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Man, this is working today.

You know when you're just in the zone- and things are just working?

There today.

Normally at recruiting showcases I'm disorganized, annoyed, flustered, aware that these kids would just settle for a small division iii liberal arts school.

Today though- I feel good. Seeing good kids, I have a nice set up for senior night tomorrow and this might work.

Forgetting diapers didn't even ruin the mood aaaaaaand BB has a cold but he and TBone are self sufficient so I google mapped a drug store so Maks and Daddy could go on a diaper adventure (not unlike the nose plunger adventure earlier this morning.)

And now I'm nursing Snuffalupagus in a car with a view.

Not too shabby.

In case I don't tell you enough boys, Sweetie (Mommy) loves you. Like whoa.

This baby is a turkey!

I have to agree with my bud ShanBot. Thanksgiving is different this year. I have a family.

Sure, I had one before but I didn't ask for that one.

This time, I chose a husband and we decided to have a baby. So we had our first Turkey day plus one.


Getting up at 4:45am to stuff everyone in Madge's car and getting on the the Philadelphia International Airport.

Maks the super baby and his Turkey suit.

Dinner in Phoenix at Mimi's cafe (Um, $55 total- tip included and it was AWESOME.


Maks is stuffy- and since we're in a hotel he's sleeping in between us in a king bed so we heard his every toss and turn. Todd made a 3am run to Walmart on Black Friday for baby Tylenol and a nose suction jawn.

Being away from my at-home family.

I'm out here to work- at least it's outdoors- and it'll be 60degrees.

my little Turkey

@Mimi's Cafe- dude this place is unreal.

Sweet Pea, Turkey and Wild Rice baby food. He LOVED.

Little turkey (and mommy with airport hair and makeup.)  

me and the Turkey in front of the Rocky Mountains.

Shane Hudson Madrak- born to Eddie and Angie 11/24/2010 7 pounds, 12 ounces 19".

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting on the Thanksgiving Shane Gravy Train!

Big bro had a baby boy!

Shane Hudson- 11/24, 7lbs 12oz, 19 inches.

Pops went from 1 grand baby to five 5 in 9 months.


Monday, November 22, 2010


@skurp bought some new shades. My dad, a walking WebMD, has been telling us for as long as we've had ears that if you don't buy the right sunglasses, ones that have 100% UVA,B and C blocks, you're basically making it easier for those sun rays to get into your eyes... dilating your pupils and letting those UV rays right in. See, dad, I DO listen to you. Big girl sun glasses. Check.

Maks and mommy going down the plane shoot. Maks is more interested in my boarding pass than he is with his first flight.

Snakes on a plane.

Maks RIIIIIIGHT before he puts the emergency card in his mouth.

Yay, planes.

So, I have a great (with a capital G) story to share with his first girl friend, every girl friend after that and then his wife.

I smelled a turd on the way home. We had the window seat (score! thank you "parents of young children preboarding!!") so I thought I would just change him on my lap. Todd held all of my tools and I got this bugger in and out of his suit and dipe in under two minutes. 

Traveler and Mom of the year.

If there's anything I've learned about being a mom, it's DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE NO HITTER...aka, pat yourself on the back too soon and your kid will shit on you on a plane when you have the window seat with a stranger on the end.

And that's what happened. 

I got cocky. I smelled another poo a few minutes later so, Babe Ruth style pointing to the fences, I tore that dipe off, wiped and then...pfffffffthsssshssss. He farted.

WHEW! Just the thunder, no lighting. 

And then...a rumble in Maksi's belly later...a GUSH of shit came cascading out of my son's 
hind quarters. 

Lucky for me, I was wearing a sarong- but it got covered. So did his cloth book, as did the diaper he was wearing, the diaper we were going to put on him and my shirt. Thank goodness layering is in.

I cleaned that bugger up in about three minutes- quickly and quietly- barking orders to Todd- he held open the Au Bon Pain bag, I rolled up my skirt so the fecal matter wasn't touching anyone, wiped and subsequently threw about twenty wipes in the trash bag,  and stripped myself of any offending clothing. 

A few minutes later the attendants were collecting garbage and we asked for a few garbage bags. They're nosy Bs those attendants..."I can take any trash you have!"

Us: "haaaaahahaha (uncomfortable laugh), no, he just had an accident! Two bags will do just fine!"

Near the end of the flight, Todd was up using the loo and the lady next to Todd leaned over and looked at me...I got nervous...and said, "He was SO GOOD this whole flight! What a good baby."

Me (smug): Lady, you have no idea. 

Otherwise, he was awesome- fell right asleep as soon as we started nursing for both take off and landing. He played with his books and Paula otherwise. 

Maks the super baby.

Baby necessities on a plane:
back up clothes for EVERYONE
trash bags
the aisle seat
layered clothes

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ten minute post.

You know when you feel like you really have your shit together? Feels great, right? And then you go back and seen an error and are all like, "SHIIIIIIIIIIT!" and get embarrassed?

Just happened.

I'm ABUSING technology to help me do my job better. In my line of work, it's not about the Xs and Os...(I'm a coach) it's really about the Bros and Joes...aka, it really doesn't matter what kind of coach I matters who I get in here.

SO...I was given an excel spreadsheet of 1097 kids and their email addresses. The holy grail of recruiting. I threw together a spiffy email with color and pictures- it was really pretty impressive.... and then mail merged that B in about twenty seconds.

As soon as I hit Finish and Merge...I saw that the salutation line was in the second paragraph. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

If there's one thing that I know about 12th and 11th graders, it's that they CAN be tricked...but they don't like it.

Reminds me of my 7th grade science teacher, Mrs. Hart. She crept up on me at my desk after I turned in and presented my Science Fair project in the school fair, leaned in over my right shoulder (I was at least warned by the cloud of Chantilly that preceded her) and she growled in my ear, "Sarah, that was a beautiful project you completed (it was pretty impressive...I MADE a replica of the human lung and it "smoked" 3 packs of cigs). BUT, you spelled DOES wrong 27 times." I'm nothing if not consistent.  "Maybe you should proofread before you turn things in."

Thanks for the GODDAMN reminder, Mrs. Hart. Evvvvvverybody's a Monday morning quarterback. ;-)

So now...I'm waiting for 1097 emails to be opened.

But you know what, if those kids have a problem about a small oversigt, then I don't want em anyways, ya heard? I have three full time jobs....sheesh.

PS (and in a semi-related note)- fave new song if you're annoyed: F*UCK YOU by Cee-Lo Green. Nice, snappy tune.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why can't we be friends?

I've had blog ideas in my head all week- I think this means that things are slowing down at work enough for me to think although I don't have enough time to actually execute these ideas.

I was thinking about how virtually "connected" I am to all of my internet buddies via facebooks, blogger, twitter, foursquare, yelp and the like. It's bizarre- I feel a strange connection to the people who I interact with online because I'm reading their thoughts on all of these places. But when I see them in person, sometimes the first few minutes are like an awkward first date.

I was reading facebook updates the other day. My buddy HomeValley, who I haven't actually seen in person since high school twelve years ago lamented the need for babysitting. I wondered if it would be a far-out idea to volunteer. I still fondly remember the time spent in Fat Chuck's and Gert's classes (not that I remember what we talked about) but, she'll think I'm a wack...or will she be relieved and comforted because she "knows" me pretty well? (Don't feel obligated to answer, HV- I've had too much time to think these days...)

The need for high school reunions are becoming fewer and farther between because I know what my classmate are up to- playing Farmville.

I LOVE the internet. I met my husband there (Thanks, Tom from Myspace.) My brother's best man in his wedding was a dude he met online playing WOW. (I'm not into happens! )

I feel like if I ran into the Koos, HV and Shea crowd at a bar we would pick up like we did in our APHS days and giggle for a few. I could run into Amanda BullW and her newly intended at the Starbucks in Upper Darby and congratulate them on their recent engagement- I didn't skip a beat and that weirded her out- don't post pics you don't want people to comment on in real life... like being 39 weeks pregnant in your underpants, ya  heard?

So I don't know people...are we friends or are we just "friends"?



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moles and trolls.

This is my ode to a certain someone who LOVES giraffes. 

Maks had two Halloween costumes. Apparently everyone in the free world thought it was a good idea to be Mario and Luigi this year. At least our mustaches are authentic. 

Next, since it was $9 at Babies R Us we were also a dragon.

Yoda, Drag-on and Leia. He's totally my kid...see that picture glare? (also seen below among a sea of Coors Lights.)

The giraffe costume came from Old Navy- it was $9.99 last Thursday and is a 6-12 monther- so guess who's going to wear a GIRAFFFFFE coat all winter?

NEWSFLASH: I'm officially an old lady. 

I was coming out of my house Monday night and saw a small baggie...upon further was a bag of the pot. I called Todd to see what I should do- after a few "ahhh, uhmms, I don't knows...." I saw they stereotypical fat bully kid from every bad movie I've ever seen walking down the street. 

He looked like this 

except meaner, older, fatter and dressed from hoodies from Hot Topic.

So I'm on the phone with Todd in my car with it running about to drive to work to teach yoga. He picks the bag 'o gange up. I tell Todd to hold. 

ME: Um, is that yours?
Kid: (scared to death) IS WHAT MINE?!?!?!?
Me: That bag you picked up
Kid: WHAT?!?! NO!?!?! I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS?!?!
Me: Oh, really? Well, you better leave it there, I just called the cops. 
Kid: I was going to turn it into my dad!?!?!?
Me: Why would you do that? I thought you didn't know what it was.
Kid: I don't! Here!!! I'm going to leave it here!!! See! There! 

Me: dying on the inside

Him: scurrying up the street with his tail between his legs.

He probably wasn't more than 14 or so. So I go to yoga and an hour and a half later come home only to find: a little bag of weeds where it was left. 

And I threw it in the trash.

I don't know if I scared him straight or whatever but I know the marijuana is still sitting in my garbage can. 

Poor dumb idiot. 

There's nothing I hate more than a sloppy pot smoker. Get your drugs in order, kid. And zippers on your pockets. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I suppose if I have to neglect something, it has to be the blog.

The extra attention from my boss has made me do a little more recruiting- not a bad thing- it should help me enjoy better seasons. The extra member to my family and his eating habits has made me do a little less screwing around on the internet.

I do have plenty of cell phone pics to upload...

The end of a 12 hour nap (with two snack breaks, of course)

Gap Casting call pic...except the site was down for three days so we missed it. I protested by spending WAY too much money at Old, the and I'm an ass.

New booties on a bus trip to Scranton. This man is a ham. Smiling plug face. Presh.

Maks and Daddy.

Shirt from Mrs. Kelly.

Rainbow over my field last night. Makes me really miss Hawai'i.

Finally...I'm running out of milk. Well, I'm not making as much as my babe's caregivers are feeding him. I'm not sure who's throwing the bottle party for Maks but I bet he's loving it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

No news is good news.

I've had a tough time using Blogger to pass the time at work. But I just stopped by to see Shannon's most recent BB update and I had to get back on the horse.

BB is a sitter.

And has his first toof- which he pokes with his tongue.

and is real cute and makes me want to be at home all the time with him.

"Ahhhhhh, mom! I have a toof! You can look from there! Don't get too close to my mouth or I won't show you."

This week's faves: Banana guacamole, squash and bananas, organic brown rice (which is a REAL pain in the ass to make) and Paula as usual. Funny thing about that Paula...scene:

3:30 pm, I'm in Bethlehem, PA with my field hockey team at Moravian College getting ready to start a game. 

I look to my phone before I put it away for the game and see a missed call from my mom. I think panicky thoughts, "How am I going to get home?!? I'm all the way in Bethlehem and the game hasn't started... What. Am. I. Going. To Do!?!"

I call my voice mail, (Madge, in an urgent voice)"Hi Sweetie, I'm just calling because I can't find Paula ANYWHERE. We've looked at Lauren's, at my house and I'm worried Maks won't have her for his ride home with Todd. blah, blah, blah..." I pressed 7 to delete the rest because I didn't care.

Here's Paula: 
I know, I know, her name is Sophie. We call her Paula so we can tell her apart from all of the other Sophies...we call Paula in a crowd, she turns around...we call out Sophie everyone else turns and we all have a good laugh.

So I get this message from Madge- which was only out of the ordinary because she DOES NOT call me with updates. No news is good news with our day care situation. And Paula is funnier to me than the degree of Maks needing her. 

And great news. These are on the way to my house: 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've been really missing Hawai'i recently. Seriously.

Enter iHeartRadio and my blackberry and YarisMP3 jack. I downloaded the app to my phone and now on the trips back and forth to mom-mom's in the morning, I've been listening to Hawaiian radio... or New York radio. Or Arkansas radio (not really, but you get the idea.)

You know the funny thing about Honolulu's station? At 9am when I'm heading to drop of Maksi BB it's 3am there so sometimes I'm catching the 3am club-letting-out music. At noon, it's the 6am traffic and their (seriously crappy) morning radio show- that's when NY, NY's KTU get's turned on.

Good news- you can check out and listen at work too. AND IT'S FREE.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday!


Left, 1998, Right, 2010

Snake and Cake in their matching marsh mellow suits

Maksi and Grandma Donkey

Scamp's bff

Daddy and Maks at work with Mommy

Snake, Cake and Maks

Jake's Grandma Diane


Maks the Sitter

This lady's on the move and rearranging furniture

Daddy killing a bug

Don't tase me Daddy, I lost my sock.

HATES bananas. Classic Maks.

Where's my milk?!