Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's Go Phillies!

Todd and I had our 12 week appointment this morning. I didn't want to be too excited for it because I understand it's tough to hear the heartbeat until the baby really pushed his/her way up to be more visible.

We got there and they did the normals- pee test for glucose, listen to my heart and lungs and was time for the doppler.

The first lady in the room, Sarah B., is in training. So when she got in there with the doppler, she was very gentle and wasn't able to find the little beat...but then Jamesmina stepped in and Fancy clippity-clopped away.

She recommended that we get an ultrasound because they like to have a better idea about the due date. But get this- when doctors and such predict a due date, she was telling me it's more like a due month...they come up with the date and then they figure give or take two weeks either way.

I hope I make lacrosse playoffs this year, we win the championship and then I have to be carted off to the Center where Fancy will make an appearance.

Here's me belly- week 12/13. As you can see, I've grown a Phanatic snoot in the front in honor of the World Series. Also, although my belly is growing, the baby is still tucked around my belt- so the growing belly is still the cheese burgers I've enjoyed over the past 29 years...but just getting pushed up and out while baby makes his/her own space.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

When it rains it pours.

I got home last night with my PRO Caulk and got to work. Although Dr. Dieter didn't quiet finish removing all of the left over junk, he took care of most of it and left a mess for me to clean up.

The application process is pretty
simple- cut the top off of the DAB caulk, trace a line around the tub and then use the little tools they give you to squish it in the creases. If you use too much it makes a little bit of a mess BUT since it takes 24 hours to set, you've got some time to clean it up.

I would've taken more pictures...but as it turns out, my downstairs bathtub is a little dirty and stained. Anyone know how to make this not happen? Do I need to buy as seen on TV CLR? Usually Comet works but I'm not in the position to be spending too much time in the bathroom with these kind of fumes. I'd much rather replace the ish.

Anyone know anything about BathFitter?

In other news, Fancy woke me up this morning to use the potty around 4am which is pretty normal but then I couldn't get back to sleep because that Lady Gaga song Paparazzi was stuck in my head and I could stop thinking about breakfast meats.

I was telling my sister that I don't know if it's a craving or normal...I ALWAYS crave breakfast meats.

Poor Todd (my husband from New York, a Yankees and Giants fan) has to sit through work today getting jabbed and teased that his team didn't do much last night except get an unearned run in the ninth and help Clifton look like a superstar with behind the back catches, ten strikeouts and a nonchalant in-field pop up catch. If we had to make a decision today, if it's a boy we'll have a son named Clifton.

Yea. Apparently Cliff Lee can win Connect Four in three moves.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BS and Busywork

It’s inevitable: Philadelphia sports fans do not like change. Another Philadelphia sports truth, Philadelphians are not shy about sharing their feelings. Just as when Donovan McNabb was tabbed as the Eagles quarterback in the first round of the 1999 draft, Charlie Manuel was greeted with boos and jeers when he was slotted as the skipper of the Phillies in 2005 (Goldsmith, 2009). Although he is not the most well-spoken man leading a major league baseball team, and despite all of the pressure put on Manuel under the Philadelphia microscope, he and his supporting staff have managed to produce arguably the most consistent, thrilling and certainly one of the most likeable (not that this is a factor in the wins and loss columns) Philadelphia teams since the 1993 or 1980 teams came through town.

When considering Charlie’s success, it is import to call his leadership style into question. He’s been called by many, as both a point of praise and as well as criticism, a true players’ manager. For those not familiar with the term, a players’ manager is one who draws their own playing experience as well as the nature of the game and often many other factors, such as personalities of the members, when making important decisions. Baseball players are creatures of habit, routine and superstition and Charlie is careful to take this into account.

The best displays of this trait is the way he has handled both Brad Lidge and Jimmy Rollins with their struggles this season. With eleven blown saves in the regular season, Lidge’s confidence was shaky at best. Charlie took any opportunity toward the end of the season to get the pitcher back in the game- whether it was for two non-save innings or one final out to finish a game for a save. Similarly, Jimmy Rollins was fielding the ball tremendously but was slumping majorly at the plate. Todd Zolecki of notes that Charlie made the decision to the short-stop out of the line up for two games and allowed him to miss batting practice so he can “just to get away for a couple days and sit and watch and hopefully just relax" (¶ 5, 2009).

When considering all of the facts about the Phillies, there is no doubt that Manuel is a strategic leader. Many problems on various teams can be traced back to poor or lackluster communication, when a team runs into adversity and is faced with conflict, they need to reach beyond their comfort zones and all become participative players. (Biech, 2001). There is no one right way or ways to get teams to operate at their fullest potential and some methods will work better for some than others, however, it is the job of the leader to assess the needs of each group and move ahead according to their team’s needs. Manuel relies on his instincts and is no doubt successful with his players. Bloom (2009) refers to Manuel’s few simple themes, or mantras of managing though positivity, passion, salesmanship, communication, the conscientious supervision of his players and finally the belief of being able to execute plays and win games are what ties the team together and are his simple recipe for success.

Whatever is in store for the Phillies in this post season there is one thing that two truths: Charlie Manuel is, in fact, a players’ manager but maybe the more important fact is that he cultivates a great relationship with his players by putting his trust in them, following his instincts and drawing from his uncanny knowledge of the game. In turn, they put their trust in him to lead them to the Fall Classic.


Bloom, A. (2009, October). From the WIP program director’s desk. Retrieved from

Goldsmith, P. (2009, October 27). Charlie manuel's mvp in leadership. Retrieved from

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Dr. Dieter.

Regan: yes please
me: I was talking with
Todd/Dieter last night (white

me: saying the Dieter needed to pull his weight around the house and that he should start making the bed for us
SO- I wake up this morning to Todd freaking out a little "Sweetie, one of the cats pulled out all of the sealer/caulk around the edge of the shower. What do I do?"
Me: "take a bath up stairs"
Him: "how do I wash my face though?"
Me (ignoring and rolling over going back to sleep):
Later on, I go down to see the shower and see Dr. Dieter rolling around in the tub with the sealant 50% pulled off
being all "OH! Hai!!
I'm Dieter!
Me? I plumber?

So, I just decided to take off all of the shampoo off of the ledges so he could finish the job all day.
It's really funny too, b/c I've been meaning to do it for WEEKS
so when I said, "start making the bed" he knew I really meant, "I'm knocked up so I shouldn't be handling the mildew-y caulk so could you peel it out?"
What a good little boy.

So, I went to RiteAid to buy
this stuff this morning:

Full report tomorrow hopefully with pictures and a not dead cat from eating the old mildew/caulk.

(insert funny joke about my cat (or other derogatory name for one) eating caulk. thnx.)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love the Phillies...but I HATE busy work.

I missed class last night because of my game in Scranton. No big deal- they understand. I woke up to an email this morning from one of my classmates giving me the lowdown on what happened. We did introductions (for the eighth time- the class has had the SAME people in it since we began...this is even a repeat teacher) talked about what we've gotten out of the courses in the last year and then watched a brief movie.

The title of this course is Social and Ethical Responsibility and it's the last installation of my coursework in my master's degree in Strategic Leadership (MBA minus all of the finance.) I was happy to hear that the prof let us out early to watch the Phils game...until I saw this from the classmate:

"we got to leave a little early with a “special project”. so we could see the game. Here’s our topic…ready..ready…wait for it…….Write a short (1or 2 pages) informal paper on the leadership qualities of Charley Manuel. Seriously..true."

SO. I emailed th prof to mention my absence and inquired about the paper to which he replied:

"Yes, I also asked the class to write a very brief paper – about 2 pages or so – on Charlie Manuel’s leadership style, based on what you’ve learned about the principles of strategic leadership and your observations of how he manages his players, and the strategy he uses based on the dynamics of the game. Thinking of Manuel in the role of a leader, does he respect his players (his “staff”), does he trust them, does he have faith in their skills, does he allow them to take ownership of the process, is he clear in his expectations, do they share his vision, is he enlightened and proactive, is he a rigid or a flexible leader, etc. Students can focus on that, or compare Manuel’s style with Andy Reid’s. Does that make sense? I just thought it would be a fun exercise, but one that is timely and can be addressed in terms of our leadership studies."

I'm kind of alright with the topic- as a coach, I'll get to look at things I'm interested in...but as a student and former teacher...I HATE busy work.

Anyone have any suggestions? Kelly? Tursi? Todd? Go.

In a mood today.

I'm in a mood today. Tough loss yesterday after I made a big stink about the dimensions of the field. I don't think it's too much to ask that we measure the lines. Whatever.

I got to thinking. Had a difficult situation come up with a close friend. We were out celebrating Courtney's bachelorette...when the stomach touching started. I completely understand that people have MAJOR boundary issues when it comes to pregnant ladies. They want to poke and prod and feel a kick or something- everyone is happy about a baby- who wouldn't be?

But I've dealt with touching issues all my whole life. I don't really like to be touched when it's uninvited. There's often an awkward pause when I meet someone or see them for a second or third time- no need to shake hands or to hug, buddy- no offense, pal, but I don't know you. (I also didn't follow you into the bathroom the last time you used it- how do I know you washed your paws?)

Hand holding is difficult for me because I'm self-conscious of my SUPER sweaty hands.

Hugging is an extremely intimate thing for me- two bodies pressing against each other? It can lead to other things. I save my touching for special occasions. Also- I don't give dead fish hugs. I like to wrap it up when the time calls for it and that's a special gesture for me- I don't like to throw my hugs around. It cheapens them.

I never used to hug my college friends- didn't need to- I used to see them every day. Now when I see them, it's special- we live in four different states and probably only get to see each other twice a year so we hug (and it surprises them every time I reach out.)

I like to hug my husband. He knows about my touching issues so it even weirds him out when I lay in for a two minute kitchen slow dance.

I'm 12 weeks today and I'm slowly starting to feel the effects of a growing mid section. To the unaware and untrained eye though, I'm just putting on a few pounds- three to be exact. But despite the weight gain, anything visible in the stomach region is not baby. It's cheeseburgers...or the extra desserts I've been eating in place of the case of beer I'd drink in a week. Baby is still safely resting in my pelvis.

When Fancy is doing the backstroke on a regular basis and I actually look pregnant, I promise- I'll let bystanders -and maybe even strangers when the mood strikes- touch.

Until then, a word to the wise: please don't touch my belly- and certainly not until permission is granted. It makes me really uncomfortable. And not very sexy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspired by Shannon

Sunday I was driving home from the Klotz wedding and I was REALLY thirsty. It lead me to swing by Wolf's for some fresh, local produce. I picked up some orange cauliflower but had to wait until last night to make a little feast.

Left over from last week's CSA share and inspired by Shannon I decided I needed to find something to do with my left over turnips and newly purchased orange cauliflower. A quick trip to Google on the bberry brought me to's recipe for turnip soup. I had most of the ingredients on hand- except the white wine so I subbed the very thing that ruined it...white wine vinegar. To make up for the sourness of it all, I thought adding SOUR cream would help calm it this case, two negatives do not equal a positive. (sour + sour = more sour.)

The plate looks pretty (and the chicken, garlic bread and salad were deeelish) but the soup was not great. If I had to do it again (and I might) I'd take out the wine all together and just do skim milk after they're all cooked and drained.

Lastly- according to the baby emails, I'm going to pack on between 12-14 pounds in the next twelve weeks, aka the second trimester. I'm looking forward to this since I'll actually look pregnant. Here's a shot of me and Fancy. Please note the Wonder Woman underoos and the lasso. I didn't want to expose my underpants. Belly's coming in a little...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chinese Gender Calendar

After and young couples get to graduate to

Cute, eh?

So today I find out that my little passenger is the size of a prune. That's pretty big, considering s/he came from the size of the period at the end of this sentence just 8 weeks ago (ahhh, pregnancy calendars...I'm actually 10 weeks.)

In my email blast from today, they boasted the Chinese Gender Calendar. The site takes you to this screen:

You plug in your info- your age at conception, the month you conceived, click GO and Voila!

Hi Mom!

And if there's anything cuter than (quiet) little, tiny babies, it's (quiet) little tiny baby drawings.

Best lunch ever today: Left over (not quite) Thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, cran sauce, stuffing and mayo on a multigrain awesome bread.)


Anyone know where I can get free/cheap mats?

To Whom it May Concern,

I am about to begin my community service for my level 1 certification. I am working with James Swiggett, the activities director at The Juvenile Detention Center in Lima, PA. I'd like to offer two, one hour
classes per week to the residents there for my community service time and then weekly classes after I've completed my eight hours.

While on my orientation and tour, James showed me their equipment closet and most of their exercise mats are made of Styrofoam and not really suitable to practice yoga on. These students have never
practiced yoga so I would like to make this as good of an experience as possible. I am looking for either donations or suggestions where to
solicit for donations for yoga mats and/or other equipment.

The residents in this facility are children, ages 12-17 who need
opportunities to experience positive events in their lives. When I spoke with James he explained to me his motto of creating the opportunity for these students to "make a U turn" in their lives.

As mentioned, if YogaFit is interested in this chance to help Lima Juvenile Detention Center, I would be greatly appreciated and very honored to help introduce yoga to this population.

Thank you in advance,

Sarah Kurpel

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tired, tired and more tired.

I found the key to feeling pregnant: being TIRED. My sytomless past two months has now come to an end.
I'm tired. Which amplifies the slight nausea to mild nausea. Little things are bothering me. My UnderArmor cold gear shirt has a mock turtleneck and it's choking me (and therefore making me more nauseous.)

The tired isn't coming out of nowhere- Friday night, Todd and I trecked up to North Jersey where Todd was in the most extravagant wedding I've been to since my cousin's last year. Things were going pretty well (aside from not being able to turn left anywhere in New Jersey) until I look down at my phone around 8pm and I see two missed calls and a load of text messages. My assistant coach was taking the team for a run, turned around to check on the people brining up the rear, turned back around and while doing so, BROKE HER ANKLE over the speed bumps all over the neighborhoods in Aston.

While she was in the ER, I got the word that practice on Saturday would either be cancelled, my AD would run it or I would come home. I got all of about two hours of sleep Friday night tossing and turning about the 5am wake up call I had ahead of me. Todd and I drove home (oh yea, he had to come too since he hasn't let me relearn how to drive stick...and we took his car), I got out of the car, he stayed in the car to drive back, I had practice and then drove the two hours back.

When I got back to the hotel at 1:00pm (I made FANTASTIC time) Todd and I had lunch (he looked very handsome in his Calvin Klein tuxedo) and I spend FOUR HOURS at three malls trying to up my game. I forgot this squad of chicks at the wedding were all shoe and awesome dress wearing peeps. So my Target number was not giving me all the confidence I needed.

Has anyone been to the mall in New Jersey on a Saturday? Don't go. Many malls in No.Jerz aren't open on Sunday b/c of blue laws so everyone, their mother, their rude cousins and their friends were ALL AT THE MALL. No parking. Accidents a plenty on the parking lot. And no clothes for tall girls.

I finally found one and fell in LOVE with it a JCrew. And then I looked at the tag. $235 was too much. I wore the Target jawn and stomped off to the wedding.

As stated, it was lavish- amazing cocktail hour and a 14 piece band. Although my shoes were too tight, I managed to keep them on while Todd and I danced away...until I was too tired to hold my head up and my eyes open anymore (around 11pm.)

We drove home after the brunch. I calculated we spent 8 hours each in our respective vehicles. On the way home, I stopped in Spring City, PA to pick up 18 yoga blocks for $15- my craigslist find of the week. I start teaching classes on the 26th so I'm trying to gather equipment on the cheap.

If all goes well, I'm going to start having classes at the Aston Library asap.

Finally, Shannon was kind enough to bestow a One Lovely Blog Award upon me. Makes a girl feel special. We're supposed to share it with 15 other blog writers who we follow...

My awardees are: Kate, Todd, Robby IV and of course, Shannon and Tursi even though those two already have them. I check to make sure they've posted everyday and when they do... it's a nice mini vacation.

I also give one to Mee-shell who doesn't have a blog. Yet. But still reads mine.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9 weeks.

I can't tell. But there's Fancy! I think there's a bigger bump in the back ;-)

During my yoga fit training this weekend I was walking around the city (a favorite pass time) and I walked passed the Godiva shop in Liberty 1. I took a trip in not thinking I was going to get anything, but I asked the woman behind the counter what marzipan was and she offered me the sample of the month- a pecan pie truffle. I asked her the price of single truffles (since I didn't want to eat too many) and she asked me if I was a Rewards Club member. At last count, I have 16 rewards club tags on my key chain- and I was about to turn her down, too...

And then she told me about the free piece every month. Normally, I'd scoff at ONE free piece of chocolate- but have you ever had a truffle from Godiva? You really don't need to have more than one. So, that day I had my pecan pie sample, I bought some sort of chocolate truffle and my free truffle of the month was a pumpkin patch truffle (pictured above with Billy Penn.)

I'm feeling a little greedy. I think I want to Go get thirty more cards and just have a Godiva key ring so I can get a free piece everyday (I'm certain they won't recognize me.)

No misspellings found! Woot!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yoga Fit level 2 training was this past weekend. I spend 18 hours learning 20+ new positions to teach in class as well as working on communication and self talk. I was apprehensive going into the weekend knowing I'm 9 weeks pregnant since some poses are off limits for women who are with child. Since I'm in my first trimester, Taj, our instructor really didn't limit me from doing anything. In fact, I even did my first headstand, albeit up against a wall. It's SO much easier than I thought.

We spent a majority of the weekend talking about self-talk and how destructive it can be. We had to make a list of things we didn't like about ourselves and very early in the weekend tell a complete stranger that "my legs and butt are so much bigger than I want them to be" and "although I know I'm developing strength in my arms, I can't really see it through the layer of fat I've piled on after 12 years of drinking beer and eating chips and dip" and "I can't wait until I'm "allowed" to have a big, fat belly and not be worried about it because it's a baby." The list went on.

I felt like such a jerk saying it out loud. It seemed trivial.

Taj reminded us how poorly we treat ourselves. If a friend came to us and said those same things how differently we'd react by saying something along the lines of, "You're nuts! I love your arms/thighs/butt! You look awesome in that dress." etc.

I'm taking it as an opportunity to try and treat myself better. I like treats.

Fast forward to today. I was doing some yoga this morning in my bedroom before I got ready for work. I'm careful to take care of my newly-pregnant body and although I can still get up into a wheel, it probably isn't the safest thing to do unsupervised. I did it anyway. But then my thoughts started to eat away at my brain and all day (it's 1:28pm now) I've been upset about having relatively few pregnancy side effects. Did the wheel or headstand disrupt Fancy's growth? Where is Fancy? Why haven't I felt ANYTHING?

I've been considered a "lucky one." No morning sickness- only slight nausea when I'm hungry. My breasts aren't huge, just a little fuller. I've been obsessing over it all day. Texting Jackie. Being mad at Lauren (probably unbeknownst to her) for not accepting my blackberry messenger request. I didn't want to scare Todd because I've been the cool and collected one for the most part so I down played my feelings...and then I started crying at my desk because I haven't heard a peep from my baby (which is now a fetus, no longer an embryo and the size of a medium sized green olive, by the way.)

Regan walked me off the ledge a little:

Regan: get used to it
everyones body responds differently
your baby is probably too awesome to have time for sickness
or too nice to make you sickly
me: or maybe my body felt the effects of so many hangovers in the past that pregnancy is a treat

And then the tears really started to get out of control. No ugly cry face, no sobbing, just tears. And a lot of them.

And then it hit me...crying at my most CERTAINLY a symptom.

I'd still like a Fancy kick or sympathy barf or something of course.

Todd's favorite baby name this week: Pele.
Mine: Taj or something cute and hip like that (please check that lady's abs. Killer.)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Olive Juice

This is a great week to be an aunt! Robby pulled himself up on the beer box, Lauren's having twins and Ava his HILARIOUS.

Robby IV

Todd and I had our first prenatal appointment this week. Of course, I was late (traffic going to the main line in the morning STINKS) but it was good. We spent about an hour asking questions and learning about things that made Todd blush a little. We're going with the Bryn Mawr Birthing Center. So far so good.

I was a little disappointed to find out that we wouldn't get to hear Fancy's heartbeat until the next visit on October 30th but by then it should be beating loud enough to pick up on the Doppler.

I don't have anything interesting to report really. I joined the gym yesterday. And last night after my game I met my friend Carolyn at Academy Park high school to watch them face off against Interboro in field hockey and then we snuck over to Barnaby's for a snack. We decided to eat at the bar and I forgot how packed Barnaby's gets on Thursday nights. Redeeming quality of a packed bar: french O soup = yum.

Madge and I are going out for lunch in a few. I like her being retired. It doesn't limit our outings.

Taking the FH team to see Old Dominion play at U. of DE. YogaFit training all weekend in the city and Katie's bach on Saturday night.

Mom's here. Nom. Nom. Nom.