Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Personal Chef

I've been giving Todd a hard time for the last two weeks. I keep telling him that I want to be romanced and a nice start would be a candlelight dinner. I was informed via gchat that last night would be the night. I got done practice a little early and came in to a straightened up living room and two candles lit on the side tables. (see one below.) They smelled like fresh fruit.

He took my coat and showed me to my seat on the couch while I waited for him to finish preparing our feast. While I waited, he brought me a chilled lemonade in a martini glass.

Often while we're at work, if I don't have anything to talk about on gchat...I'll tell Todd that I want some certain kind of snack. Yesterday it was lemonade. And a Hershey bar.

While I waited for dinner, I watched House on DVR. Todd didn't really know what to do with himself while the oven did it's job so he took turns either standing over the pot of simmering rice or sitting in the arm chair in the back of the living room with Dr. Dieter (get it- he's got a white coat- that's why he's a doctor.)

About 40 minutes into House, I was presented with chicken stuffed with stuffing and a side of rice.

It was a super supper.

Hershey bar intact.

I love Todd.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I went to Irish Weekend and alls I got was a freshly squeeze lemonade

But it was SO good.

I had a busy little Saturday. Neumann played Cedar Crest. Those chicks gave us a run for our money. We still won but we're going to need some serious focus if we want to stand a chance in our upcoming conference games. After a little scouting on Saturday afternoon, I headed to Wildwood to check out Irish weekend. My plan was to meet up with the college friends but when I got there, I ran into Meg Doc and it turned out to be an all Prendie night.

We tent-hopped for a majority of the night. Normally I'm annoyed when I'm stone cold sober around a bunch of day-long drinkers but it actually was fun for me. Being of the not-drinking crowd did make the Irish music a little more difficult to endure- everyone was dancing and I don't know how to act when live music is being played and I wasn't up for percolating in my hoodie...but it was still fun. (Aside: I can't believe 'hoodie' still doesn't pass spell check yet.)

I had a scary moment when walking through the (wasted) crowd when some bitch thought I was pushing her... but I was really being pushed by someone in the group we were hanging out with...so I knocked into this chick a little and she looked at me like I spit on her mother. I was about to rip both of their heads off when I was reminded...I was sober. And they were not. Their beer muscles prevailed.

Highlights of the night (aside from all of the friend conversations): 1. Pulled pork sammy. 2. Fresh-squeezed boardwalk lemonade. 3. Sleeping in my own bed making snow angels out of the sheets.

Around 11:45pm I hopped in the car and decided it was time to bounce. I really hate driving in the rain but I hate sleeping on the floor even more and Audrey had reviewed with me what she found behind the dresser at the Carideon.

I easily navigated 47-347-55-322, crossed the Commodore Barry and was home in just under an hour and forty five minutes.

I didn't get any Mack's (which really was the motivation for the whole trip) but I think I'm off pizza for a bit.

I've been teasing Todd recently. He can't fight his way around a kitchen. He can load one heck of a dishwasher...but has a tough time following the directions on the Mama Celeste box if they include more steps than "place in microwave for 3 minutes." From what I gathered from our GChat, he's making me dinner tonight.

Sweetie!: what time is ur practice tonight?
me: 7-830
11:54 AM Sweetie!: ok
dinner @ 8:30-9:00?
@ living room
w/ head waiter scamp (NOTE: Scamp is a cat)
bus boys mahalo and dieter (NOTE: also cats)
me: oh!
Sweetie!: and restaurant manager picklestien (NOTE: Cookie, another cat)
me: sweetie's doing it!
11:55 AM oh!
Sweetie!: yeah
and scary me the chef
me: ha

Another side note- I had a crush-type dream about Hugh Laurie last night. Weird.

I think I can open a business

I've got plenty of cats. Now alls I need are a basket of slippers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just another manic Monday...oh wait...it's Tuesday.

I'm so busy I didn't even realize at 3pm yesterday that I didn't use the bathroom all day. Someone "in my condition" needs to use the loo. And I overlooked it. Whoops.

I gained two pounds. I'm pretty sure it's because I ate like major crap last week and didn't work out since two Monday's ago. And I really like to eat snacks. A lot. Snacks from Thai with Shannon and John, snacks from the dollar menu, pizza all the time, etc.

Doesn't look much different...maybe a little more belly but I think I'm not sticking my butt out in this one as I was in the last two since I was trying to make sure the other things didn't stick out. Whatever, I'm making a person (an excuse Todd hasn't tired of just yet...but I'm sure he might.)

(I'm not wearing a shirt here...shhhh.)

We had a bird's eye view (hilarious) of the game on Sundee. Great seats and a decent price. I had to work Sunday night so I was able to avoid "why don't you want a beer" comments in the lot.

I just realized Todd's going away this weekend. I'm home alone. And it's Irish weekend. I think I may finally get my Macks and birch beer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.

Eagle Fishing. Get it?

I feel like I cheated the system somehow. I can't believe I got Eagles tickets for this weekend at face value. I heard this rumor that the NFL releases tickets at 10am the Friday before a home game of unused player's tickets. This morning I raced to the post office and Wawa before work (and I was starting to get ancy when I was in the Wa b/c I ran into a friend and we chatted for about fifteen minutes) flew into work, ripped open the laptop and BAM! Two Eagles tickets.

And I don't even have to name my first born Donovan, Brian or Andy to get them! (translated, they're usually really 'spensive.)

Because I couldn't believe my eyes, I tried my luck at getting two more...and BAM! I had them reserved for 5 minutes while I frantically called around to see if anyone wanted them...(sorry if I missed you) but had to throw my catch back.

Paying face value for Eagles tickets is something I thought I'd never experience. I think I'll play the lottery this weekend.

Sunday now looks like this: Todd's running a half marathon (13.2 miles) on Sunday at 7am while I try and find hot wings in the city that early (please text me if you know of a place or want to come) and then we're going to tailgate, then the game, then I have to go to work for a dinner and a mass. I don't think I've ever been happier that I won't be tempted to drink (since I can't) since I have to go to work.

Super pumped.

(btw, my boobs are starting to get HUGE (for me) and they hurt. This post gives you permission to gawk, friends.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Get Yer Bitch On.

I'm six weeks. Fortunately I've been mostly symptom free- although it makes me a little paranoid so I've taken about six tests to make sure Fancy is still there. He/she still is- and I have cold hard evidence starting mid last week: I've been really grumpy and now ultra moody.

My dad has been running around telling whomever will listen that I'm with child so naturally, I'm a little overwhelmed with the attention- it's still early. Like real early. I was bitching about it back and forth with my sister via blackberry chat with gratuitous use of the F word wishing my dad would "shut his fat mouth" among other things... when she called me out:

I told her to eff off and mind her business.
I like it when I know I'm being irrational- after that point, I get a kick out of going overboard- for example, I deleted my other sister from my blackberry chat (so she had to use regular texting- it's a big deal, trust me) because she wasn't answering in a timely enough fashion. So I deleted her. She sent a second request. I deleted that one too. I didn't tell her about it. I'm enjoying being passive aggressive.

Earlier in the day yesterday I was a little emotional too, but I think for all the right reasons. I hadn't been experience any nausea to date and all of the mommy-to-be emails are pitying the women who are- these emails are tailored for the week of development that you're in so I'm "supposed" to be feeling something. But I'm not. I woke up yesterday to this: "Women who experience some nausea are significantly less likely to miscarry than those who don’t."
Uh, WHAT? Why on EARTH would you write that? Now, with a little research, I found that only half of all women experience mourning sickness- and some argue that if you don't experience it, it's because your baby may be genetically challenged. Or you're just lucky and there's nothing wrong. However, depending on what wives tail you read the absence of nausea might also point to carrying a baby boy.

Either way, 'What to Expect Blanket E mail'- what are you thinking? I'm know you're trying to quell the nerves of half of the women who are reading particular email on that particular day, but uh...what about the other half?! That percentage is HUGE! I mean, even car companies who have formulas about the cost of the loss of human life vs. the cost of a recall are more sensitive than you- half of the population is a HUGE percentage.

Non-Fancy related news: Saturday Snaggletoe and I saw Taking Woodstock I had a slice of pizza the size of my head from Lorenzos (all I want to eat as of late is pizza) and SundaySnaggletoe and I went to Amada for Restaurant Week. Cell pics to share:

@Lorenzo's on South Street. We went on a date. Walked around South and then saw a movie.

I think the people at Amada thought I was being a creep (what else if new) so I didn't take any pictures of the food (but it was awesome.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Move in day!

I moved to my new office today. It's spectacular. I only tripped up the stairs once. And it only sort-of hurt.

Oh wells.

Here are the new digs pre and post move:

I got a bookshelf!

...and a window!

I'm gonna put a ficus by the pole.

Bookshelf filled- please note the most obnoxious pitcure I could choose to put on top (see below.) Also, note Rick (he's realllllly small but next to the pic.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My entire office is packing up and getting ready to move across the driveway to our new $30-ish million dollar building. I get an office. And a door to close. And a nice little desk. I'm so excited that I could throw up (especially because someone just knocked on my fishbowl of and office window, scared the crap out of me and looked at my computer screen.)

In a similar story, I'm so annoyed that I could throw up. Also work related. I keep hearing about all of those idiots out there who air work grievances on their public blog so I digress. Nothing too exciting to hoot and hollar about...just annoying.

In another similar story, I keep going back and forth about saying anything about this...but there are only about five readers of my blog and four of them already know that I'm 5 or 6 weeks pregnant...so what the heck. You people are all going to find out anyway. I just ask if you find out via blogger, that you keep it to yourself for now. Or don't. Whatever. People can't seem to keep baby secrets anyway (thanks Dad for writing it on your cousin's wall on Facebook.) The rule of two...I tell one person, they tell two people and they tell two people and so on...and so on...

I do not want to be obnoxious about this. As Katie suggested, I don't want to say "we're
pregnant." As Kelly suggested, I don't want to sit at staff meetings and rub my belly. And as my sister reminded me, I'll do my best to keep my cool when unsolicited advice comes my way even though I'm sure I'll want to kick a bitch. I'd like to have more fun with this experience and be more like what the anti-bride is to weddings but google the anti-mom and get ready for the abortion pop-ups. This chick already has the name taken...but I'm not very green and I bet I'm a little more unconventional. I prefer avant-garde. Or just plain weird.

Shannon said some time ago, she likes to use her blog almost as a journal at times...to check back on other happy times (and also, I think it's proof that we actually did fun things.) So, let's keep track of little Fancy's in utero journey.

First, the name: Fancy. I was at preseason field hockey practice and my team was talking about matching spandex shorts and bras. I kept calling them fancy shorts and such and I commented on how 'fancy' is one of my favorite words. Fancy is more eye-catching than "pretty" but less obnoxious than "tacky." So another player suggested I name my first child Fancy. Little did she know that I was going to find out just three days after that conversation that I was knocked up. Also, we're not going to find out the gender of the baby so Fancy is fine for now (even though it's a little girl-ish and there's a 50/50 chance we're not having one of those.)

The Fancy idea came about after a getaway weekend with my high school buds and their significants. We got away for Shannon's pre-baby-bucket list and Todd and I decided a few months back that this would be our time to give the 'ol baby makin' process a shot. August + nine months = May. And May is after lacrosse is over and when summer begins-ish. Hopefully, I'll have enough time with the new addition to get ready in just enough time to take a trip to Sea Isle City with Big Jeff and Grace.

I feel like this is starting to get a little scattered. So here are two obnoxious pictures of my tummy:
Fancy at 4 or 5 weeks (depending on what website you read.)

Fancy on 9/9/09 at 5 or 6 weeks (again, depending on the site...)

That's enough of this.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday when I wish it was Friday.

Earlier this week I had our yearly oil heater cleaning. While the guy was there, Cookie decided to help out and crawl behind the heater. Thanks, Cooks!

While he was draining and cleaning and such, I had a little time on my hands. Every once in a while I get physically ill from the lack of order in my house. Todd and I aren't slobs per se (I have to look up that spelling EVERY time I use it) but we're certainly a little lazy as the day carries on: flip flops, a pair of work pants or a bra on our living room floor aren't uncommon decorations. I decided to take advantage of this time and tidy up the kitchen a bit...and by the kitchen, I mean the espresso/coffee maker. I'm cutting back on caffeine these days so I've been making half caf coffee (so that side is clean) but I wanted a latte....and I didn't want to pay for it. And try ordering a half caf latte from Dunkin Donuts, by the way. There's little to no chance you'll get what you ordered.

Three rounds of hot water and vinegar later, the espresso side was all cleaned up. So I made me a latte. And it was good. I decided to keep the trend going so I made another today. Since I saved about $3.50 making a latte at home I figured pancakes and bacon from Wawa was in order for breakfast. And it was good.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I don't have much to talk about...

...but I've been slacking on the posting front.

My team came back last Sunday and I've never been happier with my freshmen recruiting class. I hope this is going to be good. First game this weekend.

Todd and I made a trip to Warwick to see MIL's new house. They have five acres. And a breakfast nook. AND back stairs like the Huxtables' had. Jeaslous. She got us two presents. She's a mess.

20 tons of sand and rubber fibers have to be dumped on our new turf field before it's ready to be played on early next week. Can't wait.

I bought $31 shoes at the Nike Factory Store on the way to Warwick this weekend and the seam is busted in one of them. Get what you pay for, I suppose. There are three stores in this area but all are one hour away. So...Sunday Todd and I are going to make a trip to Havre De Grace and explore and return my kicks. I think I might get me some FiveFingers because I like being weird and I need new sneakers.

I'm wearing an outfit fully furnished my KMart today (read: I'm broke. Again.) These shoes and this little dress. Are cute though. I'm riding down Route 66 at a hundred miles an hour.

I'm hungry. Todd and I scheduled dinner at Amada for restaurant week. 4pm on a Sunday. Early birds.

OK. Time for practice.