Friday, August 21, 2009

The Aston Parade

"Many motorcyclists think that the sound of their bikes can be a good thing, Zdziera said. Pedestrians who might not see the motorcycles will hear them. The sound can act as a warning." (taken from today's Philadelphia Inquirer.)

The article discusses the motorcycle problem in New Hope, PA in Bucks County near Trenton. If you've never been there, it's a quaint little town- think Manayunk...except smaller with older yuppies.

Todd and I bought a house in Aston last year. We live in a humble (REALLY small) home on a very steep hill (I sweat when I walk to my car) with a ton of character (spiral stair cases) that's very old. Basically...we live on the hillbilly side of Aston. (NOTE: hillbilly passed spell check.) Everything was going GREAT until we were there for more than five minutes and a motorcycle BLAZED up the hill. My china rattled. The house rumbled. My ear drums recoiled back into themselves like turtle heads.

Now, after living there for a year, we've found that this happens at least twice a day or four to five times on the weekend. Awesome.

I think I'm turning into the old lady on the porch shaking her broom at her neighbors in my old age. Either way, note the Inquirer quote again: "Many motorcyclists think that the sound of their bikes can be a good thing, Zdziera said. Pedestrians who might not see the motorcycles will hear them. The sound can act as a warning." He's kidding, right?

Most motorcyclists aren't noticed for just the loud noise that their bikes create. I can't believe that's an argument. Anyway, Shannon uses this site to make a list of must haves and it looks WAY fun. SO, I'm going to make a list of Aston, PA must haves.

Things the township provides on move in day:

1. Reminder notice that the Confederate flag hangs on a few people's porches.
2. A can of Bud.
3. Ear plugs
4. Fire crackers (see #3)
5. Motorcycle (see #3)
6. Burn your shit Saturday (BYSS)- first Saturday of every month Astonians can go outside and burn things.

Please note: missing from picture: BB guns fired at various times throughout the day (please see #3.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I got a Bumpit. Two actually. And I got the mini ones because of the short hair.

I do yoga every morning DVR'd from the Veria channel. It's pretty funny because usually Kurt, the instructor, asks you to continue in cat/cow or breathing and grounding poses like tree during the commercial break...and many times, the Bumpit commercial comes on.

If you're familiar with Yoga, then you know that it's usually done for stretching, relaxation or any of its' other calming effects. Go listen to the Bumpit commercial. Imagine that two or three times while you're trying to harness your Chi.

So there it is in the front. I tried my hardest not to look like a creep in the picture. I took it at the office and I have a window that looks over the weight I was trying to be swift. The back has a little lift to it from the pomade and straightening and it's pretty short but no other help.

Anyway- they baby Bumpits are small but that's OK because with short hair it works. I keep trying to get some kind of faux hawk kind of look going and without the Bumpits it was a pretty lame attempt each time.

Monday, August 17, 2009


While stopping for gas on our way for crabs, Dewee and I hopped out of the car to hit up a produce stand while the boys got gas at the Citron. I love fresh produce. Especially since I've spilt a CSA with my step mom and a few coworkers I've been challenged to create different dishes to use all of our crops each week.

It's really encouraged me to consider becoming a vegetarian. I feel better after I eat a meal 1. that's lighter and/or 2. that's fresh. For a second, I even considered becoming a vegan. True vegans who really care about the food they eat are fit people. They take care of themselves and their surroundings (not all vegans- my sister tried this in college and she just ate french fries for a month..not the same imho.) Although some dishes are strange (tofu), they eat some really interesting and unique things. They really have to be conscious of what they're putting into their bodies and they seem to really enjoy what they eat. How bad/hard could it be?

But then I thought about it...I have a love affair with french onion soup. I can smell it now, as a matter of fact. I love everything about it. The scorching heat of the crock when it comes out, the slightly burnt rim of cheese stuck the sides of the dish...the stale french bread sopping up all the medium brown broth with mounds and mounds of onions...ahhhhhh, soup.

It's a ritual- when Todd and I go out to eat and it's on the menu- we order. He gets really excited and eats all the cheese first and then gawks at me for the next twenty minuets while I dissect my bowl. I like to push the cheese aside and eat all of the onions and broth and bread first...and save the GIANT heap of melted cheese for the end. At some places (Cavanaugh's on 39th) the cheese chunk is so big that it almost gets stuck in my throat. I have to slice that one up in a few pieces to get through it.

I bought trader joe's frozen FO's what's for dinner.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think I really like Wendy Williams

Wendy-ism of the day (on being 24): Stay away from the bbq chips and the grape soda and moisturize more.

Signed up to get tickets for a live taping in NYC for Monday, November, 23rd.

Fingers crossed.

I don't usually curse on the Intraweb...

But what the heck are you wearing?

Ugh- ever since you got bounced from the OC you've looked a mess.

Really. Stop it.

Like, really? This is for a movie, right?

You are going to get a UTI in this. I'm getting a UTI looking at it.

Very cute Pocahontas.

Ug. You look like Pete Wentz.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is sewious!

This is more ridiculous...and less sewious. We got our rings today. I can't believe this nonsense. I originally asked for it to be a pinky ring...but they won't make them that small. So I'm stuck (good problem to have, I guess) with this monster of a ring. I'm going to go out and pick a fight at happy hour. You know what else is ridiculous? Grown adults who don't put paragraph breaks in their online posts in my class. I don't know what it is...the GenX/Millennial cusper that I am who hates it when olds don't understand how the Inter Web works or the former English teacher in me who gets more P-O'd. Their posts are an EYESORE. An absolute NIGHTMARE. When it's over forty words...I don't read it. I open it...let it sit open on my desktop for about twenty seconds so I get "credit" for reading it and then close it. If people pay close attention to my online styling in my masters cohort (and I'm sure hundreds of people do) they'd realize that I don't comment on long posts. and that's because I don't read them. Let's see...what else is ridiculous is national sewing machine day. I'll celebrate by going to class and then figuring out how Todd and I are going to fill our Wednesday nights now that SYTYCD is over. Bones is on so we won't watch that...hmmmm...maybe well DVR some more Wonder Pets. More importantly though, tomorrow is national left handers' day. I'll celebrate by only using my left hand so instead of pouring coffee down my shirt because I'm a slob, it'll be because I'm trying to use the right side of my brain. On that note- I spilled peach juice (which was red) down my white shirt and dyed it purple (?!) Thankfully Denise had a Tide Stick and that ish came right out after it sat for a while and thought about what it did. It's KILLING ME not to put a paragraph break in here somewhere. Tmoney and I were in Berwoot yesterday and Jackie and I were talking about how Ava called her BGPs her panties. WHAT? She's two. How on EARTH does she know that word? Disgusting. It's as bad as saying pixtures, fushtrated or Toosedee. Anyhoot, I reminded Jackie I called them little pants which is WAY FUNNIER. And now I will go have a beer soda before class.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good fences make good neighbors.

Todd said I wasn't being neighborly.

The wife half of my neighbors was outside yesterday washing off a pot.

Sarah: (casually) Hi there, how are you?
Elderly Wife: Hi, Sarah!
Sarah (thinking): Shit! She knows my name...I STILL don't know hers.
EW: Do you like tomatoes?
S: I do!
EW: Do you want some from our garden?
S: I'm sorry, I have SO MANY tomatoes from my farm share up the street (thinking: and you had an out house in your backyard fewer than 40 years ago.)
EW: Oh, OK. Have a nice day.
S: Thanks! You too!
End scene.

Todd suggested that I should've taken the tomatoes and then throw them out so she thinks I like her. I think she might be more angry if she found out that I took and tossed her poop-matoes pretending to be nice. I think she should respect my honesty.

August 8th was Sneak Some Zucchini on your Neighbors Porch Night. I'm very sorry I missed it
but I'm about to go pick up my veggies and zucchini certainly has been abundant. Hopefully I can share one or two with the poop farmers next door and she'll forget all about the tomatoes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 7th.

Today is International Beer Day. Is it a bad idea to celebrate it with Coors Lights?

Today is also National Underware Day.

Should we drink Coors Lights in our underware or wear Coors Light underware?

This guy has it down.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I don't have ANY money...

...but I needed new shoes for work. I saw these on one of my college kids two years ago...I couldn't make myself pay for them but mostly because I wasn't sure I'd wear them all the time. I've been on a mission since.

A month ago I ran into these little babies (but in yellow) at Walmart- $9?? Sweet. I wore them out to Todd's birthday and my sister and Tursi mentioned how small they made my feet look. I am blessed with a size 9.5 feet- a nice sturdy base. After the compliment, I decided to surf again and found them here. Wait...does that say $3? It does. Do they have them in my size? They do...well, I'm finding that I'm closer to a 9 now...less swollen from fewer sodas? Who cares, they fit!

Order up! I got three pairs (pink, lime green and blue and white polka dot design) delivered to my front door in two days for $12.91. Holy smokes.

Although I'm not in love with Walmart after seeing this movie I just don't have any money...and I needed shoes. And I love deals.

I'm not what you'd call a crunchy hippie.

About two months ago I was at a convention for women athletic administrators and within that program we had a half hour session of YogaFit. The conference was VERY intense so they brought this teacher in as a little treat. I've practiced yoga on and off since I was sixteen or so. First with a book that my sister and I found in our mom's attic, then through Gaiam DVDs. A few years ago Amy and I took classes at Matri Yoga in Media after we both were going through ridiculous breakups (Tina was my favorite teacher!!) and most recently on the Veria cable channel with my DVR every morning (mostly b/c I can't afford to $12+ cost of sessions in good studios.) I'm certainly not what I would refer to as a "crunchy hippie" so when we practiced YogaFit and I discovered that it was hatha yoga...geared for athletes, I was in.

Although I don't have any money, Todd and I talked it over. I'd really like to bring some of the techniques to my teams and since my grad class tuition is waived because I work at a University hopefully this will work out. Also, training to become a yoga teacher was something that I've always been interested in. Being any kind of teacher is an interest, really, just not one on the outskirts of West this. My grandmom lives close by. This makes me want to buy a gun and become a vigilante.

I digress.

So I signed up for the Level 1 YogaFit training this past weekend (which is another thing I like about YogaFit- you don't have to go to a week or two week long submersion program to become a teacher.) I was pretty nervous. In the past I've read that a person is "ready" to become a yoga instructor after they're able to do a headstand unassisted for a minute or over. I can't do that just yet... or at all, really- so I was pretty nervous that the class was going to be filled with your stereotypical yoga people. Instead, I was greeted with people of all ages, shapes and sizes- some where practicing for ten years, some for ten months- either way, they have an interest to take their practice further. Long story short, after this weekend (and after I complete eight hours of community service teaching free yoga classes) I'll be able to teach a basic yoga class and I'm signed up for level 2 training in October.

The best parts of the weekend other than the yoga and hopefully making a little money:spending time in Center City Philadelphia. I love this city. I had lunch in the Comcast building market place and I spent lunch on Sunday at the Gallery Mall. I know it's just the Gallery...but I like to call it the Gallery Mall.

The classes were at the Phila Sports Club at 1735 Market- right on the Market Frankford Line. About ten minutes into the first class, we heard the El go by and at first, I was a little pissed because of the noise and the frequency of the passing trains. But, with each passing of the El, it actually was soothing and I couldn't put my finger on exactly why. And then I remembered...

Growing up, we lived on the 101 trolley line (my mom still lives there.) When friends would come over to spend the night, they would have a tough time sleeping since the trolley ran until 1am- and that last train went BLAZING by the house nearly peeling the paint off the outside with it. SEPTA fired service up again at 5am so if a person wasn't used to it- they didn't get the best night sleep. It was a nice, cozy feeling in class this weekend.

I forget about that sound from time to time but it was nice to be reminded of the happy memory of the past while being trained in something I'd like to use in the future.