Friday, June 26, 2009

Noooooobody puts baaaaaby in the corner.

I'm getting Todd this for his birthday.

Also, I can't string together enough thoughts for a longer blog today.

I LOVE craigslist

This is the best thing I've seen all day. Whay are people such creeps?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I clean up real nice...

I was conducting interviews yesterday for an open position at work. I decided it was an important day to dress the part of the senior most female administrator. High waisted skirt, hot belt, smart heels and button down did the trick. Although I was running a little late for my morning meetings, I still managed to throw on some makeup and straighten my hair. My motto for my team when I coached a seventh grade basketball used to be "look good, feel good, play good"...and this was how I felt yesterday.

Coworkers weren't really surprised- I've been stepping up my game for the last few weeks since I've been out of season. I have a closet full of teacher clothes...use 'em or lose 'em, right?

I had a rough afternoon at work so Shannon kindly met me down the hill for a pre-class soda and she said I looked cute- and she looks cute as a rule with cool/quirky accessories-so I was still feeling pretty good about my frock.

But then I got to class...and some bird commented, "Oh my God- you actually look like a girl!"

Ok. I get it. I'm a coach by trade so most times when I get to class, it's right after practice...and I don't look my hotest. However, I took some word syntax and Etymology classes in college as an English major so I really disceted this one...My head was racing (and I caught a decent buzz from earlier so it was compounded...) but I was thinking, "oh yea? what do I usually ACTUALLY look like? Go poop in your hat, lady."

I suppose this statement was a backhanded way to complement me. But I have to say, I'm sick of backhands. Seriously.

Shannon asked that I post the spinach/collard green/mushroom/ricotta cheese pie I made. I've had it for breakfast the past two days.

It was really good------------------>

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

blog in two mintues

This was written Monday...

So- full days of meetings = no real computer time.

This past weekend I was in Lancaster for work all the while shopping for a decent father's day gift. My dad is eternally difficult to shop for and although I think they're his favorite gift, I don't like getting gift certificates for people. I think it's not as personal. My step-mom recommended that I get him a high-end chocolate bar along with the gift card. Guess what? Chocolate stores
aren't open on the weekend and most candy stores are out of business.

So...I made my own fudge. Pics: the first is the condensed milk, sugar and water boiling with a digital thermometer. It has to reach a ridiculous temperature of 235 degrees before it's cooled for 15 minutes and the chocolate's added. I thought for a few minutes that Ashton Kutcher wrote the recipe because 15 minutes went by and I was sitting at 213 degrees.

It finally hit the point about 25 minutes for 15 minutes and then I folded in the chocolate chips. They were 100% Ghirardelli cocoa chips...and I forgot how awful they taste by themselves so I reminded myself my popping a fistfull in my mouth. Yuck.

mmmmm. Fudge.

B/c I couldn't just make one batch, I made the regular version for Dad for dad's day...and made a sugar free version for me and Todd (half was mint.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

down the barrel of a gun

I have meetings all week. New building design meetings from 9:30-2 and then department retreat from 2:00-5:30. No doubt it'll be a long week.

Todd introduced me to I highly recommend it to everyone. Basically, it's a combo of twitter and blogger- except you can email pics, voice notes and a few lines of text that post right from your phone. Awesome. Since I'll have limited access to a computer this week (I'm typing from my phone as we speak) tumblr is where I'll be hanging out.

Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Ps- happy belated Shan- I'm jealous I didn't get to the Lagoon with y'all to celebrate. The pics made the event look fun. Let's start a business so I don't have to travel for work. It can be a scrapping, one step dress making, child care, yoga teaching service that doesn't operate on Fridays or weekends and has three months off in the summer. And siestas every day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lebron James Kurpel

Ug. I knew it. When we were in high school- we used to joke all the time
about how our kids would not be cute as a direct result of all of the shit talking we did.

Michelle sent us a pic of her beautiful soon to be baby so I went to the site and made one for myself.

On the side of the page when you're uploading a picture it states for the image
requirements, "no hair on the face, no glasses, no hats, no open mouth, etc." I just got back from a conference last week and in one of the sessions our instructor menionted that the human brain doesn't recognize the words "no" and "not" most times. I, however, take them as a challange so here's what I added:

...I came up with a mutant. and I suppose I deserve it.

I played around with it all
until finally coming up

Not too bad. I like the hint of a smirk on the little bugger's face.

Putting a little more thought into this whole process, I don't think I'll be able to play around with how our brood actually looks when the time comes... I'm pretty sure that sort of thing is a crap shoot.

The site allows you to name your baby and then email it out to all of your friends and relatives aftarward so you can start to register for gifts. I decided that our little boy's name would be inspired by a cat Todd had when he was younger: Ricky Henderson. I named him Lebron James Kurpel.

In other baby news, Todd got a new car on Monday. We went to dad's for dinner and farm share sharing with Grace on Tuesday and were giving my dad the tour. The FIRST thing he said was, "Why did you get a bigger car? Are you anticipating needing more space?" Then he looked at me. Oh, being near thirty, married and childless.

At least I got to report to him that we got a fourth cat!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

time to catch up.

As it turns out...I've acheived a bit of a goal (sort of.)

I've always wanted to be that kind of person who would hold down a bunch of jobs/tasks, keep the house clean, the bills paid, participate in fun/exciting hobbies, have an amazing marriage/love life and flawless hair. AND make it look easy.

As it also turns out...I can do all of those things (minus the hair part- sorry haircuttery- you stink)...but I can't get by without bitching about every last one. Poor Todd.

I've been away and would love to write about all of the fun and exciting things I've been up to...but I can't get away from hand writing thank you notes to the conference professors at the seminar I attended last week for very long. So here's a few notes in email exchanges for now:

To Grace:

I made a salad with all of the greens from the farm share- it was like a party in my mouth. Every once in a while I got to play, "oh! what flavor is this? yep, that's parsley, no wait, swiss parsley!"

To Tursi:

{I'm so freakin' busy that...} I had to schedule two nice beers before class tonight...

I like your blog. Please keep up. I'll try to get mine going once I get my head out of my ass.

To my friends in a group email:

and btw- my job is getting so bad this summer that I actually had "check in with peeps so they don't hate me b/c i disappeared" on my TO DO list. FML.

To Todd on paying for the farm share:

Sweetie!: the nuns will probably give u t he money back
if u ask nice
they're nuns!
i have a meeting from 2-3:30 now x-(
love you
2:00 PM me: sweetie- have you ever had a nun as a teacher?
they can be NOT NICE