Monday, September 18, 2017

More and more money is coming into my life

Day 80 in the Manifest 10k journey and more and more money is coming into my life in awesome and unexpected ways.

I love living like I'm on vacation- we did it again this past weekend by getting out early to the skatepark and then heading to the local music and art fest. It was another awesome day for my family.

So many more days are spent like this. I'm getting great sleep. I'm working out early in the morning and getting stronger every day. I'm eating delicious food. I'm having so much fun.

I love the mentality that I'm bringing to work as a result; I'm happy to dig in and complete tasks and not to take it personally if things don't go my way- because it's often not personal. The relaxation that I'm bringing to work then spreads out into my organization and projects and they're just naturally successful.

When I act  like the woman who's on a life long vacation, the universe responds and it's amazing.

More money, coming from more places, in more ways. It's always awesome.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New School Year!

Two kiddos are going back to school today- I'm so glad for them and the prospect of a new year! We love getting up early and having so much time to relax before heading to school. It allows us to get into the car or on the bus in a relaxed state and kick off the day ready to learn.

Setting up the day for my kids like that allows me to continue living like we're on vacation! We have so much time, we are able to make informed decisions, and with a life like that, amazing opportunities present themselves to us. We have so many wonderful things in our lives- people love to give us assistance, gifts, and help. We love it.

Since we're relaxed when we start our day, we can be relaxed throughout the day. I love getting to work and scripting (like I am now!) I'm able to flow through the day and give our students the kind of collegiate experience they deserve! People want to support our department and they want to support our students.

I love being relaxed, I love paying in cash, I love having time. I love saving. I love having the flexibility to work when I need to and relax when I need to. New year. On track. Always on vacation.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Scripting- my morning routine.

I love waking up early in the morning and heading to the gym. It helps me get in a solid morning routine and then come home and have a load of down time before I start my day- it's like a minivacation in the morning! I get to use my muscle roller, watch the news, drink coffee and check my feeds. Love how relaxing it is!

After I sufficiently roll out my muscles I get up for a shower and get going for the day- since I have our house on auto pilot, the Hue lights are already on upstairs and the kids wake themselves and get dressed- it's the BEST. We get downstairs and have so much time to get them ready for the day- breakfast, school lunches, and even some time to relax before I get them where they need to be.

Because I've given myself time to relax in the morning I get to live like I'm on vacation.

I love my mornings- and feeling like I'm living that vacation life. It helps me feel wealthy and is some evidence of living a life of space, freedom and relaxation. It also helps me go to bed early- I make better health choices going to bed early since it's important to me to get up and get moving. I really, really love that part of my life. 

Monday, August 14, 2017


Day 45 of the Manifest 10k course with Cassie Parks was exactly what I needed. I spent the weekend living like my future self- my life is a vacation. We went to the pool two days in a row, played tennis in the morning, went on a walk, really enjoyed our leisure time! My oldest son and I kept saying like it felt like we were away- but we were mostly just one town over from our house.

I had a sinking feeling all weekend though. And no coach to ask (I paid for 10k with $100 up front and that does not include the coaching...which I manifested later...more to come). And today the day 45 lesson is....forgive yourself for your past money sins. This manifesting stuff works because this was exactly what asked the universe for- to address that feeling. I needed help. I'm normal.

I have a load of debt. It's because I paid for stuff, some we needed, some we didn't, with credit. I also stress shop and it goes back to the feeling about money the my old self dealt with- not enough, hoarding, feeling greedy, etc. Most times I didn't have the money and I love fancy things so I would buy something expensive because I deserved it!! I would rationalize that buying it with a card with points was a deal!!

I forgive myself my future self for my old self's money challenges. The new me handles things differently: I...

1. invest in things with cash.
2. level up by looking for opportunities where we can get a reduced or free price.
3. invest what we need on a sale and in person.
4. deposit money monthly into savings so when larger expenses come up, I have money to draw from.

I am smart with my investment.

I appreciate the chance to see my journey and know that I'm on a track to be abundant and wealthy!

I choose to create a life that enjoys space. Enjoys being generous. I enjoy being relaxed with money.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Getting clear on what I want!

This week's assignment in the Manifest 10k course is to live as if, put something into our lives that our future self would have. Last week was to come up with our super hero name. 

I've been living at the beach by wearing my beach clothes- loose, comfortable, islandy. I've been living as my super hero manifestor Expert Exeriencer- I CONSTANTLY find opportunities that my family and I get to enjoy for free. Meals, vacations, discounts, freebies, I love it all.  

I've been working too hard to figure out the how of my super hero name- trying to get clear on what it is and what I want. Through journaling and meditating on it- I had an epiphany! It's been another level of getting clear- what I'm able to to currently vs. what my future self is. I was putting off this assignment because I'm currently only able manifest coffee and lunch. What a limiting belief!! Those things are awesome and expensive- but I also do it so much more. 

So right now, my super hero power is a Creative Culinary Manifestor but I'm becoming my future self and I'm the Astonishing Abundance Architect! I see opportunities in my life all over and I'm able to build the life that I love. I love the freedom and flexibility of my life! I build money and experiences that are AMAZING- and most of these just plop right in my lap! It's so fun!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Living as if.

I'm getting clear on what I want. I want freedom, flexibility, relaxation, abundance.

I have been working getting clear for a few months and looking inward. The best piece of advice that I've found is from a Money Manifestor, Cassie Parks, and it's telling her clients to not only get clear on what we really want, but then forget the how and live as if.

I want my life to feel like it's a vacation
...all the time. People on vacation wear different things. They act differently. They take walks for treats in the middle of the day- or any time. That lifestyle is what I want. I want to enjoy what I'm eating (calories don't count on vacation!!) I want to invest in a little souvenir here and there that reminds me of this trip.

I'm so thankful to have so much of this in my life already- supervisors who see my vision and let me execute it, a supportive family, kind people in my life who appreciate what I do.

I'd love to work with you to help you see all of the good in your life too. Come find me on social media- and let's find out more about you. We can start with a text or phone call to see if what I'm able to do is right for you.

Friday, August 5, 2016

A new skin venture! Rodan and Fields

We all love to feel pretty, right? I know I do. I started really feeling down about bags under eyes, smile lines, thinking lines (the angry 11 between the brows), and crow's feet. I want to do something about it.

I'm feeling empowered by Rodan and Fields products and I want to learn more about them and build a business so I can help my family enjoy life more. (You're aware we're a family of five sleeping in one bedroom, right?)

Here's how we're trying to go about this- email if you're interested in finding out more about Rodan and Fields- no BS, no pressure- sarah at kurpel dot com. I got you. Let's do this.

Acne? Rosacea? Wrinkles? Fair, sunburn-prone skin? Sensitive skin? There's a little helper for that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wow me, Wednesday: Try Something New!


You know how you see something (maybe food, a style of shirt, an artist) and it isn't something you'll think you like? You're intrigued. But hesitant. You might even curl your lip and scoff, "heh. I won't like that!" But it keeps surfacing and resurfacing in your life...trrryyyy meeeee. TRRRYYYYMEEEEEEE!

This is cabbage for me. It's one of those weird, so-called super foods that, unless smothered in mayo and sugar in slaw, or wrapped into a Chinese roll, I never figured out on my own. This scene from Willy Wonka probably ruined cabbage for me too...


I love, and I mean LOVE, to try new things. So when I saw this recipe for cabbage eggs, purple ones, no less, I was all, YES. Finally. Someone who wants cabbage to be a success in my life.

I was skeptical. And it STUNK up the kitchen.

Finished product, with a side of bruschetta. 
And the purple cabbage turned my eggs navy blue.


and I love saying umami flavoring. 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday: South Park begins

If you were born on today's date in 1997, you be 18. You ALSO would've been born on the very first day South Park was aired. Think about that! South Park is old enough to buy cigarettes and vote in the US. Unreal.

I haven't watched South Park since the second or maybe the third season- but it's surely make it's mark on society. They push boundaries. They get away with stuff others won't try.

There are plenty of things that wouldn't exist without South Park, in fact.

Cheers to those guys. Let's celebrate them by listening to some of the songs featured in the series, mostly in season 2.

If you're at work, please remember to turn it down when Chocolate Salty Balls comes on. kthanks

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wow me Wednesday: Hero Dog Award given to a Cat!

This is a dog in a diaper.
He is not a hero. 
This is a neat story- this little cat Tara is the family pet and close personal friend to the family's son Jeremy. Jeremy is autistic and was playing outside- and was attacked by a dog. The cat races and mollywops the dog- thank goodness for home security footage.

Aside from the heroics of a beloved pet and the good natured humor of the organization who gives the award. I also want to give a shout out to the comments board- Tony had this to say, "You've got hero dogs saving lives every day, they are employed to do so, and yet one cat in the history of the earth steps up, and people lose their minds."

Classic Tony. 

Here's the vid! Wow!